Cleveland Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Cleveland and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Cleveland area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Cleveland concert calendar:

09/26/18The ButtertonesGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
09/26/18Yayoi Kusama: Infinity MirrorsCleveland Museum of Art - Gartner AuditoriumCleveland, OH 
09/26/18Alina BarazHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
09/27/18Yayoi Kusama: Infinity MirrorsCleveland Museum of Art - Gartner AuditoriumCleveland, OH 
09/27/18Counterparts & Being As An OceanGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
09/28/18Brett Eldredge & Devin DawsonJacobs PavilionCleveland, OHView Tickets
09/28/18Yayoi Kusama: Infinity MirrorsCleveland Museum of Art - Gartner AuditoriumCleveland, OH 
09/28/18UB40Agora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
09/28/18West Side Punk Connect: Primitive Teeth, Chiller & Drug List - Day 1Now That's ClassCleveland, OH 
09/29/18Neck DeepAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
09/29/18Yayoi Kusama: Infinity MirrorsCleveland Museum of Art - Gartner AuditoriumCleveland, OH 
09/29/18Iration, Common Kings & KatastroHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
09/29/18West Side Punk Connect: Mati, Gluebag & Shapeshifter - Day 2Now That's ClassCleveland, OH 
09/30/18Yayoi Kusama: Infinity MirrorsCleveland Museum of Art - Gartner AuditoriumCleveland, OH 
09/30/18After The Burial & The Acacia StrainAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/01/18King Khan and The ShrinesBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/01/18Frankie CosmosGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/02/18Justin TimberlakeQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/02/18Hed PeAgora BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/02/18Bullet For My ValentineHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/02/18The ScoreCambridge Room At The House Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
10/03/18Joan BaezKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/03/18SupersuckersBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/03/18ReignwolfGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/04/18Andy GrammerHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/04/18TwiddleBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/05/18Mod SunHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
10/05/18Black Joe LewisGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/06/18Like Pacific & RoamThe Foundry Concert ClubLakewood, OHView Tickets
10/06/18Junkie KidBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/07/18Shoreline MafiaGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/07/18Emily KinneyBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/09/18Celtic ThunderKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/09/18Rainbow Kitten SurpriseHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/09/18The HunnaGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/09/18NF - Nate FeuersteinJacobs PavilionCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/09/18Paradise LostAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/09/18VeinThe Foundry Concert ClubLakewood, OH 
10/10/18ThriceHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/10/18Satan - Band, Midnight & DesctructorGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/10/18AJJ - Andrew Jackson JihadBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/10/18TwiztidAgora BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/11/18Lucia MicarelliOhio Theatre at Playhouse SquareCleveland, OH 
10/11/18Dark Star OrchestraHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/11/18Cat PowerAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/12/18Lil XanHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/12/18BlockheadThe Winchester Music TavernLakewood, OH 
10/12/18American WerewolvesAgora BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/13/18Thee Oh SeesBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/13/18Ninja Sex PartyAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/13/18RadioactivityNow That's ClassCleveland, OH 
10/14/18AngraAgora BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/14/18Tigers JawGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/15/18Captured By RobotsNow That's ClassCleveland, OH 
10/16/18TriviumHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/16/18Hoodie AllenBeachland BallroomCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/16/18Titus AndronicusNow That's ClassCleveland, OH 
10/17/18Wheeler Walker Jr.Agora BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/17/18Joyce ManorBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/17/18Plain White T'sHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
10/18/18Soft MachineBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/18/18Phil CollinsQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/18/18WatskyHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
10/18/18Lauren DaigleKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/18/18Lil PumpAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/19/18Minus The BearAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/19/18AstronoidThe Foundry Concert ClubLakewood, OH 
10/19/18Reel Big FishHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
10/19/18Big DataCambridge Room At The House Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
10/20/18The EaglesQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/20/18The Barr BrothersBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/21/18Cleveland Jazz Orchestra: Johnny Parker - Dreams From 1968Ohio Theatre at Playhouse SquareCleveland, OH 
10/21/18AtmosphereHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/21/18Billy GibbonsAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/22/18Hair Nation: Jack Russell's Great White, The Bulletboys & Enuff ZnuffHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/22/18Machine HeadAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/23/18Twenty One PilotsQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/23/18Kevin GatesAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/24/18ScarlxrdGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/25/18Mystery Science Theater 3000: DeathstalkerAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/25/18Francesca BattistelliGrace Church - OHCleveland, OH 
10/25/18Jonathan Richman & Tommy LarkinsGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/26/18Fleetwood MacQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
10/26/18Cleveland Orchestra: Todd Wilson - At The Movies - The Lodger: A Story Of The London FogSeverance HallCleveland, OH 
10/26/18Disco of the DeadAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/26/18SayWeCanFly & A Summer HighMahall'sLakewood, OH 
10/26/18Low Cut ConnieBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
10/27/18RocktopiaKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/27/18Max FrostGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
10/28/18Good CharlotteAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
10/30/18GWARHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
10/31/18DevildriverAgora BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/01/18The BreedersMasonic AuditoriumCleveland, OH 
11/01/18Circa SurviveAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/02/18Why? Plays AlopeciaBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/02/18Colony HouseGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/02/18HoundmouthAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/03/18Elton JohnQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/03/18The ChoirBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/03/18Black Moth Super RainbowMahall'sLakewood, OH 
11/03/18Justin Courtney PierreGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/03/18Mayday Parade, This Wild Life & William Ryan KeyAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/03/18Wavves & Beach FossilsThe Foundry Concert ClubLakewood, OH 
11/03/18Gov't MuleMasonic AuditoriumCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/04/18The ChoirBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/04/18Amigo the DevilGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/04/18Hobo Johnson & The LovemakersHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
11/05/18Lil YachtyAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/06/18Young The GiantHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/06/18Deafheaven & DIIVGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/06/18ˇMayday!The Winchester Music TavernLakewood, OH 
11/07/18Mom JeansMahall'sLakewood, OHView Tickets
11/07/18Big GiganticHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/07/18Whitey MorganBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/08/18Hanson String TheoryMasonic AuditoriumCleveland, OH 
11/08/18At The GatesAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/08/18Single MothersGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/09/18MC Lars & I Fight DragonsMahall'sLakewood, OH 
11/09/18Blue OctoberAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/09/18KT TunstallBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/09/18Antarctigo VespucciThe Foundry Concert ClubLakewood, OH 
11/10/18Jim JamesAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/10/18SpongeOdeonCleveland, OH 
11/10/18All Get OutMahall'sLakewood, OH 
11/10/18The WailersBeachland BallroomCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/11/18Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights & As Cities BurnHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/11/18The Story So FarAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/11/18MinnesotaBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/11/18Cute Is What We Aim ForGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/13/18CursiveGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/13/18The DodosBeachland TavernCleveland, OH 
11/14/18LowGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/14/18Four FistsBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/15/18WaterparksAgora BallroomCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/15/18Stray From The Path & Silent PlanetThe Foundry Concert ClubLakewood, OH 
11/16/18Seven LionsHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/16/18TAUKBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/16/186LACKAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/17/18Boney JamesOhio Theatre at Playhouse SquareCleveland, OH 
11/17/18Cloud NothingsGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
11/17/18Palaye RoyaleBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/18/18Streetlight ManifestoAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/18/18Lanco & Travis DenningHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
11/23/18Real FriendsBeachland BallroomCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/24/18Welshly ArmsHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
11/24/18G Herbo, Southside & Queen KeyOdeonCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/25/18Tech N9neAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/26/18Halestorm & In This MomentMasonic AuditoriumCleveland, OHView Tickets
11/28/18Killswitch Engage, Born of Osiris, Crowbar & Death Ray VisionAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/28/18RubblebucketBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
11/29/183OH!3 & Emo NiteHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
11/30/18MinistryAgora TheatreCleveland, OH 
11/30/18Allen StoneHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OH 
11/30/18HakenBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
12/01/18UnderoathAgora TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/01/18Reverend Horton HeatBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
12/01/18Thom YorkeKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OH 
12/01/18BaysideGrog ShopCleveland, OH 
12/02/18Parquet CourtsBeachland BallroomCleveland, OH 
12/04/18Travis ScottQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/05/18Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin ExperienceMasonic AuditoriumCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/07/18Lyfe JenningsHouse Of Blues - ClevelandCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/08/18Dave KozKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/16/18Straight No ChaserKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/16/18Straight No ChaserKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/22/18Mannheim SteamrollerKeyBank State TheatreCleveland, OHView Tickets
12/26/18Jim BrickmanSeverance HallCleveland, OHView Tickets
01/30/19Panic! At The DiscoQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
02/01/19MetallicaQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
02/06/19CherQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets
02/15/19Cleveland Jazz Orchestra: Jiggs Whigham & Evelyn Wright - Cupid In The CLEOhio Theatre at Playhouse SquareCleveland, OH 
03/01/19Cleveland Orchestra: Scott Dunn - Rebel Without A CauseSeverance HallCleveland, OH 
04/28/19Cleveland Orchestra: Vinay Parameswaran - Close Encounters Of The Third KindSeverance HallCleveland, OH 
05/18/19Cleveland Jazz Orchestra: Bernie Dresel - Bern Bern BernOhio Theatre at Playhouse SquareCleveland, OH 
05/30/19Cleveland Orchestra: Brett Mitchell - An American In Paris - Film With Live OrchestraSeverance HallCleveland, OH 
05/31/19Cleveland Orchestra: Brett Mitchell - An American In Paris - Film With Live OrchestraSeverance HallCleveland, OH 
06/01/19Cleveland Orchestra: Brett Mitchell - An American In Paris - Film With Live OrchestraSeverance HallCleveland, OH 
10/16/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JuneQuicken Loans ArenaCleveland, OHView Tickets

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