Portland Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Portland and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Portland area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Portland concert calendar:

10/18/17MutemathMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/18/17Bob SchneiderDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/18/17Knuckle PuckHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/18/17Frederick The YoungerWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/19/17HansonAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/19/17PapadosioStar Theater PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
10/19/17GrizRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/19/17Ariel PinkRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/19/17SeshollowaterboyzMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/19/17ElettrodomesticoWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/20/17Courtney Barnett & Kurt VileArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
10/20/17Bob MouldDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/20/17RezzRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/20/17AquabatsWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/20/17Zola JesusThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
10/20/17FianWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/20/17Powerman 5000Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/21/17Black AngelsRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/21/17Oh WonderMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/21/17LostboycrowHawthorne Theatre LoungePortland, OR 
10/22/17Milky ChanceMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/22/17Alice GlassStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/22/17Wednesday 13Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/23/17Depeche ModeModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/23/17HudsonNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
10/23/17Greta Van FleetHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/23/17Said The WhaleLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/24/17BrujeriaHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/24/17Broken Social SceneMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/24/17The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To DieMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/24/17Hoodie AllenRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/24/17Mosley WottaWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/25/17Koo Koo Kanga RooPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/25/17Denzel Curry & Trash TalkHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/25/17The Jesus and Mary ChainMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/25/17The Steel WheelsMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
10/26/17Tegan and SaraRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/26/17YelawolfRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/26/17FrenshipMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/26/17SnakehipsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/26/17AlvvaysDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/26/17Mic CheckWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/26/17Authority ZeroHawthorne Theatre LoungePortland, OR 
10/27/17AlvvaysDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/27/17ASAP MobModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, OR 
10/27/17SlushiiRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/27/17Jon KoonceMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
10/27/17Mexican GunfightWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/28/17KeshaRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/28/17Cousin StizzHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/28/17EMAMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/28/17Soul DeceptionWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/29/17Haley ReinhartLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/29/17ColleenMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/29/17Tone BrothersWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
10/30/17NeedtobreatheMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/30/17Hollywood Undead & Butcher BabiesRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/30/17The UnderachieversWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/31/17Nothing MoreMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/31/17MorrisseyArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/01/17Chelsea WolfeWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/01/17CultsStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
11/01/17Silversun Pickups & Minus The BearMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/01/17KelelaHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/02/17Kali UchisWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/02/17MadeinTYOHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/02/17OdeszaPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
11/02/176LACKMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/02/17Frankie BallardAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/03/17Tedeschi Trucks BandKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
11/03/17The FlooziesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/03/17The Front BottomsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/04/17Crystal CastlesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/04/17Horseshoes And Hand GrenadesMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/04/17King KruleWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/04/17ShoffyHawthorne Theatre LoungePortland, OR 
11/05/17Hiss Golden MessengerAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/05/17Deer TickWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/05/17Jess & Gabriel ConteMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
11/05/17Tyler The CreatorMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/06/17LanyMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/06/17Jacob BanksDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/06/17GoblinWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/06/17SuicideboysRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/07/17Alex ClareDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/07/17NahkoMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/07/17Mandolin OrangeRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/07/17The New MastersoundsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/07/17GhostemanePeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/08/17Daniel JohnstonRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/08/17Roger Clyne and The PeacemakersMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
11/09/17Ani DiFrancoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/09/17Fu ManchuDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
11/09/17SonrealDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/09/17Dead KennedysBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
11/09/17Roger Clyne and The PeacemakersMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
11/10/17Vintage TroubleWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/10/17The Devil Makes ThreeMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/10/17Phoebe RyanHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/11/17ElbowRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/11/17Blues TravelerMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/11/17Hot SnakesStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
11/11/17Suicide Silence, Upon A Burning Body & Slaughter To PrevailThe Analog Cafe and DRD Records Little TheaterPortland, OR 
11/12/17Chad VanGaalenDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/12/17Beach SlangHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/12/17LizzoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/12/17Gin BlossomsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/13/17LizzoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/14/17SilversteinHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/14/17Trevor HallWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/14/17GWARRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/14/17FoxtraxLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/15/17SpaffordDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/16/17Hamilton LeithauserWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/16/17IbeyiRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/16/17Aaron West and The Roaring TwentiesLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/16/17GetterRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/16/17Hotel Garuda45 EastPortland, OR 
11/17/17Chicano BatmanWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/17/17Donna The BuffaloMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/17/17OriginMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/17/17Kishi BashiAlberta Rose TheatrePortland, OR 
11/17/17Liquid Stranger & Manic Focus45 EastPortland, OR 
11/18/17Cannibal CorpseHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/18/17GiraffageWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/18/17CitizenThe Analog Cafe and DRD Records Little TheaterPortland, OR 
11/18/17Death From Above 1979Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/18/17Cash Cash45 EastPortland, OR 
11/19/17Julia JacklinDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/19/17Asleep At The WheelAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/19/17Amy Grant & Michael W. SmithModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/20/17New Found GloryWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/20/17The Rural Alberta AdvantageHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/21/17Gary NumanWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/22/17Tori AmosArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/22/17Party FavorMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/22/17Flying LotusRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/24/17Mannheim Steamroller ChristmasArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
11/24/17Matisyahu & Common KingsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/24/17MozzyHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/25/17IlleniumMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/25/17Trophy Eyes, Free Throw & Head NorthThe Analog Cafe and DRD Records Little TheaterPortland, OR 
11/27/17Bela Fleck & Abigail WashburnNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
11/27/17The NationalArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/27/17Animals As Leaders & PeripheryMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/28/17The UsedRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/28/17DispatchRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
11/28/17The Dear HunterDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/29/17PixiesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/29/17Hayden JamesHolocenePortland, OR 
11/30/17PixiesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/30/17Louis The ChildMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/30/17Tennis - The BandWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/01/17Angus & Julia StoneWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
12/01/17Jeff Austin BandMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
12/01/17Azizi GibsonHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/02/17Chris Robinson BrotherhoodRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
12/02/17A Perfect Circle & The Beta MachinePortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
12/02/17Slow MagicWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/02/17The English BeatAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
12/04/17AnuheaDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/05/17Dianne ReevesRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/06/17John McLaughlinRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/06/17Jack & JackWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/07/17San HoloRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
12/07/17The KillersModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/07/17Big Head Todd and the MonstersRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
12/08/17Billy JoelModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/08/17Valerie JuneAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
12/08/17The California HoneydropsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/08/17Big GiganticRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/09/17Grizzly BearRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
12/09/17Valerie JuneAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
12/09/17Emily HainesRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/09/17Jake ClemonsWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
12/09/17In Hearts Wake & Fit For A KingHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/09/17Shook TwinsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/10/17Julien BakerAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
12/11/17Alex LaheyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
12/12/17SustoMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
12/13/17The Spill CanvasHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/14/17Jay-ZModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/14/17EkaliWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/14/17FlobotsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/15/17The Barr BrothersWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/15/17BadBadNotGoodRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/15/17Poor Man's WhiskeyHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/16/17Josh GarrelsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
12/16/17Big Bad Voodoo DaddyArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
12/16/17CamHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/16/17Pedro The LionMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
12/17/17Collie BuddzWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/17/17Pedro The LionMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
12/18/17Lindsey StirlingArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
12/19/17EvanescenceArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
12/27/17Brian Setzer OrchestraArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
12/30/17FruitionMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
12/30/17StrfkrWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/30/17The MotetRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
12/31/17FruitionMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
12/31/17StrfkrWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/31/17The MotetRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
01/14/18Wolf ParadeMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
01/20/18Portland Folk Festival: Worth, Pretty Gritty, Fox and Bones & Papa Bear and The Easy LoveWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
01/20/18Hippo Campus & Sure SureMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
01/21/18Yung Lean And Sad BoysHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
01/21/18August Burns RedRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
01/24/18Josh RitterMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
01/27/18White BuffaloWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
01/30/18Bruce CockburnAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
02/02/18Katy PerryModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/02/18John Hiatt & The GonersRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
02/03/18Beth HartRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
02/12/18Walk The MoonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
02/13/18Johnny MathisArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
02/13/18Walk The MoonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
02/15/18Dua LipaRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/16/18Ron PopeWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
02/16/18Jacob SartoriusAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/17/18TobyMacModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/18/18Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
02/19/18Judah & The LionRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/22/18Grace VanderWaalHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
02/23/18Black Veil Brides & Asking AlexandriaRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/26/18Margo PriceRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/03/18The ArchitectsWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/05/18Machine HeadRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/09/18David RawlingsRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/10/18LordeModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/12/18CoinWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/20/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/21/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/22/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/23/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/24/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/24/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/25/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/25/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/25/18OmdWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/27/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/28/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/29/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/30/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/31/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/31/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/01/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/01/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/02/18The DarknessMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/03/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/04/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/05/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/06/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/06/18EchosmithWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/07/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/07/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/08/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/08/18HamiltonKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
05/09/18Steven WilsonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/15/18PinkModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/01/18Celtic WomanArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
06/11/18Hammerfall & Flotsam and JetsamHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 

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