Portland Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Portland and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Portland area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Portland concert calendar:

03/16/18Y&TAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/16/18The ExpendablesHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/16/18Umphrey's McGeeMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/16/18The SuffersMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/16/18John Hiatt and The GonersRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/16/18Red BaraatDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/16/18Drezo45 EastPortland, OR 
03/16/18Girl Fest: She Divine & Spring EditionWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/16/18InfestDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/17/18Umphrey's McGeeMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/17/18FuturisticWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/17/18Red - The Band & Lacey SturmHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/17/18Mexican GunfightWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/17/18Giants In The TreesDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/17/18Sorority NoiseThe Analog Cafe and DRD Records Little TheaterPortland, OR 
03/18/18Martin SextonAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/18/18Phillip PhillipsWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/18/18The Night GameDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/18/18XRAY.FM's Birthday Bash: Maarquii & JVNITORMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/19/18Andy GrammerWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/19/18Mary GauthierWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/19/18Joanne Shaw TaylorAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/19/18The Mowgli'sDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/20/18L.A. SalamiMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/20/18FataiWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/21/18Brett DennenAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/21/18George Clinton & Parliament FunkadelicRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/21/18Pussy RiotDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/21/18DumbfoundeadHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/21/18The Brothers BillygoatMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/21/18The Damn TruthDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/22/18OughtMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/22/18ASAP FergRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/22/18JJ Thames & The Violet RevoltWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/22/18Rhett MillerAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/22/18Graves45 EastPortland, OR 
03/22/18Dio DisciplesDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/23/18Leftover Salmon & Keller WilliamsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/23/18AJRRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/23/18Ella VosHolocenePortland, OR 
03/23/18VundabarMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/23/18This Will Destroy YouWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/23/18Casey Neill & The Norway RatsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/23/18Soul VibratorWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/23/18MetalachiDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/24/18GalacticMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/24/18The Oh HellosRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/24/18Jurassic Park In ConcertArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
03/24/18Titus AndronicusMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/24/18Mother HipsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/24/18JosephRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/24/18The AdarnaWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/24/18Derrick Carter45 EastPortland, OR 
03/24/18The Dickies & The QueersDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/24/18Rend CollectiveEast Hill ChurchGresham, OR 
03/25/18OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/25/18Milk & BoneDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/25/18Lindi OrtegaMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/25/18Current JoysHolocenePortland, OR 
03/26/18Public Access TVLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
03/26/18Lucy DacusDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/26/18KolarsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/26/18Taylor BennettPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/27/18Dermot KennedyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/27/18Senses Fail, Reggie and The Full Effect, Have Mercy & HouseholdHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
03/27/18U.S. GirlsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/27/18Beth DittoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/27/18Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred BeckeyRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/28/18Clean BanditMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/28/18Liza AnneMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/28/18The Hunna & CoastsHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/28/18MinistryRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/28/18Austin Basham & Hollow CovesDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/28/18EldrenDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/29/18The Go! TeamDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/29/18BathsHolocenePortland, OR 
03/29/18Sonny SmithMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/29/18Pale WavesHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/29/18Moon HoochWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/29/18Mount EerieRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/29/18Mic CheckWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/29/18Mac LethalDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/29/18Bleep Bloop45 EastPortland, OR 
03/30/18Jake BuggWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/30/18Dr. Fresch45 EastPortland, OR 
03/30/18Common Starling, Adam Gabriel & Eric ClampittWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/30/18Low Cut ConnieDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/30/18Luke TempleMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/30/18YaejiStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
03/31/18Emancipator EnsembleMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/31/18SoMoHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
03/31/18Ten GrandsArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
03/31/18TreepeopleDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/31/18Michelle Decourcy and The RocktartsWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/31/18Russian CirclesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/31/18The BronxMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/31/18Party Thieves45 EastPortland, OR 
03/31/18MitisRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/31/18SadGirlDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/01/18Marlon WilliamsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/01/18EdisonWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/02/18The DarknessMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/02/18Durand Jones & The IndicationsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/02/18MissioHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/02/18Kevin MorbyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/03/18Kevin MorbyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/03/18Todrick HallRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/03/18Protest The HeroHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/03/18HaimArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
04/03/18Scenic Route to AlaskaWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/03/18Acid Mothers TempleDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/04/18Jon BatisteWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/04/18KulululuMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/05/18Soccer MommyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/05/18The MaineHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
04/05/18Sama DamsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/05/18JungleWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/06/18EchosmithWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/06/18The Soft MoonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/06/18Moose BloodHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
04/06/18ChromeoRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/06/18Jonathan DavisMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/06/18Tracy Bonham & Blake MorganWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/07/18I'm With Her: Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O'DonovanRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/07/18Amanda Palmer & Jason WebleyMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/07/18AlvvaysWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/07/18Will Sparks45 EastPortland, OR 
04/07/18Wasted WordsWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/07/18GeographerDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/07/18Kate NashHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/07/18Thor - BandDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/08/18Nina DiazMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/08/18NightwishRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/08/18Wimpy Rutherford and The CrypticsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/09/18Yamantaka & Sonic TitanDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/09/18Marc E. BassyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/10/18Brian FallonHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
04/10/18The ResidentsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/10/18The BreedersMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/10/18Prism TatsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/11/18Whiskey MyersHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/11/18The NeighbourhoodMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/11/18Camila CabelloArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
04/11/18Jesse Dayton & Scott BiramDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/11/18Marty OReilly and The Old Soul OrchestraMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/12/18Rick SpringfieldArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
04/12/18Albert Hammond Jr.Doug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/12/18Blackwater HolylightMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/12/18Swamp DevilDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/12/18Jaden SmithHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/13/18Dashboard ConfessionalRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/13/18LOMAMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/13/18The Lil SmokiesAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/13/18Banff Mountain Film FestivalRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/13/18Lagoon SquadWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/13/18Monstercat Uncaged: Dirtyphonics, Delta Heavy & Tokyo Machine45 EastPortland, OR 
04/13/18The Goddamn GallowsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/14/18Cry Cry CryAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/14/18Ural Thomas and The PainDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/14/18Chrome Sparks & MachinedrumStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
04/14/18Red Sun RisingDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/14/18Banff Mountain Film FestivalRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/14/18Tritonal45 EastPortland, OR 
04/14/18Sons Of An Illustrious FatherMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/15/18Y La Bamba & Kera And The LesbiansMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/15/18Gill LandryDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/15/18Banff Mountain Film FestivalRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/15/18Rules Of MotionWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/16/18Lo MoonDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/17/18Judas PriestPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/17/18Luke CombsRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/17/18Marian HillMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/17/18Hayley KiyokoWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/18/18Carpenter BrutWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/18/18Coast ModernDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/18/18The MoondoggiesMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/18/18KnowerDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/18/18Turnstile & Touche AmoreHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/19/18Jesse Colin YoungAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/19/18Kelsea Ballerini & Walker HayesMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/19/18WhoresMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/19/18Tyler ChildersWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/19/18The Brothers ComatoseRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/19/18The BrevetDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/19/18Reverend Beat-ManDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/19/18R+R = NOWRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/20/18Frankie CosmosWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/20/18WindhandMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/20/18TipperArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
04/20/18Noname & BJ The Chicago KidMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/20/18Rebirth Brass BandRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/20/18VacilandoWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/20/18FijiRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/20/18The Cave SingersDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/20/18CrowderPortland State's Viking PavilionPortland, OR 
04/21/18Dead MeadowMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/21/18SloanDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/21/18Band Of ComeradosWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/21/18HuntertonesDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/22/18The SherlocksDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/22/18Wyclef JeanWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/22/18De La SoulRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/22/18Bettye LaVetteAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/22/18BirdcloudDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/24/18Cigarettes After SexWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/24/18Paul Barrere & Fred TackettAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/25/18Phoebe BridgersDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/25/18Django DjangoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/25/18Flatbush ZombiesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/25/18Sam RiggsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/25/18Uriah HeepAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/26/18Jorja SmithHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/26/18Slow Corpse & The HugsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/26/18Mic CheckWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/26/18Post Malone & 21 SavagePortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/27/183LAURoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/27/18Skizzy MarsHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/27/18Charlie OverbeyDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/28/18The FratellisRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/28/18Wild ChildMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/28/18KhruangbinRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/28/18The Hot SardinesArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
04/28/18Deorro45 EastPortland, OR 
04/28/18Mexican GunfightWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
04/28/18Sunny Sweeney & Ward DavisDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/28/18DessaWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/29/18Bishop BriggsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/29/18Charlotte CardinDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/29/18The Hot SardinesArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
04/29/18Pete International AirportMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/29/18Sons Of ApolloHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/30/18Jukebox the GhostWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/30/18Injury ReservePeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/01/18KhalidModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/01/18Penguin PrisonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/01/18Less Than Jake & Face To FaceWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/01/18Zola JesusAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
05/02/18Of MontrealWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/02/18Pink MexicoDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/02/18Electric WizardRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/03/18Opiuo45 EastPortland, OR 
05/03/18FuturebirdsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/04/18Colter WallWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/04/18Yung GravyHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/04/18Smoking PopesDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
05/04/18Shook TwinsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
05/05/18Papa Roach & Nothing MoreRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/05/18IamxAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
05/05/18The EaglesModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/05/18Rainbow Kitten SurpriseWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/05/18Chris BottiArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
05/05/18FrenshipDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/05/18SabaHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
05/06/18George EzraRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/06/18Stephen Stills & Judy CollinsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
05/06/18Mike LoveWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/06/18LissieDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/06/18YFN LucciHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/07/18X AmbassadorsRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/07/18The Native HowlWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
05/08/18Born RuffiansDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/09/18Steven WilsonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/09/18Pedro the LionRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
05/09/18Ezra FurmanMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/09/18EditorsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/09/18Unknown Mortal OrchestraRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/10/18Nada SurfWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/11/18Peter Hook and The LightWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/11/18Joey Bada$$Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/12/18Stephen AshbrookMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/13/18Chris Robinson's As the Crow FliesMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/13/18Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival: The Offspring, Pennywise & Against MePortland MeadowsPortland, OR 
05/14/18Soulfly & NileHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/14/18Pokey LaFargeDoug Fir LoungePortland, ORView Tickets
05/14/18Built To Spill & Afghan WhigsRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/15/18PinkModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/15/18SatyriconBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
05/15/18Pokey LaFargeDoug Fir LoungePortland, ORView Tickets
05/15/18Al StewartAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/16/18The WeepiesMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/16/18Brent CobbDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/17/18Gorgon City45 EastPortland, OR 
05/18/18Rogue WaveWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/18/18The Main SqueezeDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/19/18Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness & Zac ClarkHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/19/18Alela DianeHolocenePortland, OR 
05/19/18Laura VeirsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/19/18Mark Farina & Doc Martin45 EastPortland, OR 
05/19/18Paul SimonModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/20/18Tyrone WellsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
05/20/18The Glitch MobRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/21/18Sofi TukkerWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/22/18Brian Jonestown MassacreMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/23/18Fever RayRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/23/18HindsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/23/18The StrutsHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/24/18Gang of YouthsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/24/18The Wonder YearsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/25/18D.R.I.Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/25/18Hyper Future Tour: Must Die!45 EastPortland, OR 
05/26/18James HunterAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
05/27/18David ByrneKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
05/29/18Power TripHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/31/18Godspeed You! Black EmperorWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/31/18Josh RouseMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
06/01/18Celtic WomanArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
06/01/18EelsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
06/01/18Godspeed You! Black EmperorWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/01/18Damien JuradoDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
06/01/18Bhad BhabiePeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
06/02/18Yo La TengoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/02/18The KooksRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
06/02/18Todd Rundgren's UtopiaRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
06/03/18Yo La TengoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/03/18UfomammutMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
06/04/18InsomniumHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
06/04/18Steely Dan & The Doobie BrothersModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/04/18King Gizzard and The Lizard WizardMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
06/05/18James Taylor and His All Star Band & Bonnie RaittModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/05/18Lord HuronMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
06/05/18Okkervil RiverWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/05/18Greg LaswellDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
06/06/18Lord HuronMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
06/06/18SleepRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/06/18Xavier RuddWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/07/18CalexicoRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
06/08/18Barenaked Ladies, Better Than Ezra & KT TunstallMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
06/08/18Dr. Dog & (Sandy) Alex GArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
06/08/18Nightmares on WaxWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/09/18Jethro TullMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
06/09/18Sugarland, Brandy Clark & Clare BowenModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/11/18Hammerfall & Flotsam and JetsamHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
06/11/18IceageMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
06/12/18New Found GloryMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
06/12/18Minus The BearHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
06/12/18A Place to Bury StrangersMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
06/13/18Caroline RoseDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
06/15/18Justin Townes EarleAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
06/17/18Gogo PenguinRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
06/19/18Dirty ProjectorsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/21/18John Butler TrioMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
06/22/18The DecemberistsMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
06/22/18Blue OctoberRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/22/18John Butler TrioMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
06/22/18Chon - BandWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
06/23/18The DecemberistsMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
06/23/18Dave BarnesDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
06/23/18Indigo GirlsOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
06/25/18Primus & MastodonMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
06/26/18BrownoutDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
06/26/18GomezRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
06/26/18Robert Plant & Lucinda WilliamsMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, OR 
06/28/18HauxMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
06/29/18Middle KidsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
06/29/18Trampled By TurtlesOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
06/30/18Belle and SebastianOregon ZooPortland, OR 
07/03/18Quintron And Miss PussycatMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
07/03/18Vance Joy, Scott Helman & Mondo CozmoMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, OR 
07/05/18The Avett BrothersMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
07/06/18The Avett BrothersMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
07/07/18The Avett BrothersMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
07/07/18DJ Jonathan ToubinMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
07/13/18Sylvan EssoMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, OR 
07/13/18Wye OakRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
07/15/18Car Seat HeadrestMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
07/17/18Ry CooderRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
07/19/18Northwest String Summit - 4 Day PassHorning's HideoutNorth Plains, OR 
07/20/18Northwest String Summit - 3 Day PassHorning's HideoutNorth Plains, OR 
07/20/18The MelvinsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
07/22/18Jackson BrowneMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
07/24/18Sheryl CrowMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, OR 
07/27/18The Psychedelic FursOregon ZooPortland, OR 
07/28/18TajMo: Taj Mahal & Keb Mo BandOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/01/18Reckless KellyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/01/18TotoRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
08/05/18Stephen Malkmus and The JicksStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
08/09/18Hall and Oates & TrainModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
08/10/18Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night SweatsMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/10/18Beach HouseKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
08/11/18Jack WhitePortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
08/11/18Belly - The BandRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
08/18/18Punch BrothersOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/23/18Steve Miller Band & Peter FramptonMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/24/18Portugal. The ManMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/24/18DispatchOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
08/25/18Portugal. The ManMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/25/18Smashing PumpkinsModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/06/18Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls, Lucero - The Band & The MenzingersMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/07/18Sam SmithModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/07/18Jason MrazMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/08/18Trombone Shorty and Orleans AvenueMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/10/18Foo FightersModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/11/18LuciusAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/16/18O.A.R. & Matt NathansonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/21/18John PrineArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/28/18Journey & Def LeppardModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/05/18Thee Oh SeesMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/06/18The DescendentsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/16/18Justin TimberlakeModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/05/18MetallicaModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
01/12/19Elton JohnModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets

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