Portland Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Portland and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-down to view concerts scheduled in other cities and states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Portland area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Portland concert calendar:

08/21/19The BlastersDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/21/19Lionel RichieModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
08/21/19Hank Von Hell & SpidersDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/21/19Bill ChamplinThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
08/21/19Daniel CaesarRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/21/19Kulululu & NasalrodMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/22/19Demons and Wizards, Lizzy Borden & TyrRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/22/19The BlastersDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/22/19Josh GrobanMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, OR 
08/22/19Godspeed You! Black EmperorRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
08/22/19Seth WalkerMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/22/19Mel Brown B-3 Organ GroupJack London RevuePortland, OR 
08/23/19Napoleon Dynamite - Film and ConversationAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
08/23/19Robbie FulksDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/23/19Calexico & Iron and WineKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
08/23/19Brandi CarlileMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/23/19Makaya McCravenMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/23/19Cool Breeze BandJack London RevuePortland, OR 
08/23/19Lucas Brown & Elaine ColeHawthorne Lounge at Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
08/24/19Brandi CarlileMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/24/19KadavarStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
08/24/19Eyelids & Jay GonzalezMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/24/19Leading PsychicsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/25/19Brandi CarlileMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/25/19Amos LeeOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
08/25/19Ian SweetDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/25/19Scott StappRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
08/25/19Cafe TacvbaKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
08/25/19The'sStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
08/25/19Rikkha: French Sensual Garage PunkDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/26/19GenerationalsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/26/19QuasiMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/27/19Molly BurchMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/28/19Ballyhoo!, Passafire & Kash'd OutStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
08/28/19Rebecca KilgoreJack London RevuePortland, OR 
08/28/19Martha StaxMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/28/19Drab MajestyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
08/29/19The MidnightWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
08/29/19Xavier RuddMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
08/30/19The NationalMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/30/19Sponge, Purusa & Stereo EmbersDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/30/19Jeffrey Denson, Brian Blade & Romain PilonJack London RevuePortland, OR 
08/30/19Travis Barker45 EastPortland, OR 
08/30/19Stephen MarleyRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/31/19Crash Test DummiesAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
08/31/19Shonen Knife & Me Like BeesDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/31/19Sister Nancy & Gavinchi BrownJack London RevuePortland, OR 
09/01/19David CrosbyAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/01/19SeratonesBunk BarPortland, OR 
09/01/19QuanticDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/03/19Alex LaheyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/03/19Free Throw, Chris Farren, Youth Fountain & MacsealParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/03/19EmpathMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/04/19Stoney LaRue & Wade BowenMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/04/19Black Flag & The LinecuttersBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
09/05/19Morgan HeritageStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/05/19Flor De ToloacheNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
09/05/19RaveenaHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/05/19JuanesKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/05/19Hair PullerMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/06/19Iron MaidenModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/06/19Death Cab For CutieOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
09/06/19The Get Up KidsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/06/19ScarlxrdHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/06/19Big BoiRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/06/19Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown BandJack London RevuePortland, OR 
09/06/19Sonny and The SunsetsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/07/19Ben Folds & CakeMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, OR 
09/07/19TychoArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/07/19Slaughter Beach & DogMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/07/19Ferenc Nemeth TrioJack London RevuePortland, OR 
09/08/19Massive Scar EraHawthorne Lounge at Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/09/19The Mountain GoatsMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/09/19Hartyga & Arrington de DionysoMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/10/19The Mountain GoatsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/10/19Ziggy AlbertsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/10/19Deep PurpleKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/10/19Bon IverModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/10/19Oso Oso, The Sidekicks & Future TeensParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/10/19ReptaliensMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/11/19George WinstonAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/11/19Warbringer & EnforcerHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/11/19The MelvinsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/11/19Kataklysm, Exhorder, Krisiun & HatchetBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
09/11/19The Hip AbductionMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/12/19Maggie RogersArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/12/19Sunn ORevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/13/19Oregon Symphony: Star Wars' The Empire Strikes Back In ConcertArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/13/19Mark KnopflerKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/13/19Gary Clark Jr.McMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/13/19Die AntwoordPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/13/19K. FlayMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/13/19TWRPDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/13/19Why? & BarrieRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/13/19YungbludRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/13/19Katchafire & EarthkryStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/13/19Black MountainWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/13/19TorcheMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/13/19Abney ParkDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/14/19Oregon Symphony: Star Wars' The Empire Strikes Back In ConcertArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/14/19School of Rock Showcase: Cowbell Classics & Tribute To Devo vs. The B-52sMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/14/19Hot TunaRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/14/19Elder IslandDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/14/19ZeddPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, OR 
09/14/19Jamie FloydPonderosa Lounge & GrillPortland, OR 
09/14/19Arkona, Metsatoll & Wind RoseBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
09/14/19Witt LowryHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/14/19The Lonesome BilliesMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/15/19Oregon Symphony: Star Wars' The Empire Strikes Back In ConcertArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/15/19Bloodletting North America XIII Tour: Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, Signs of The Swarm & ContinuumBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
09/15/19Charlie CunninghamMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/15/19Purple MountainsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/15/19Oliver TreeMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/15/19Avril LavigneKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
09/15/19Phum ViphuritHolocenePortland, OR 
09/16/19Ghost - The BandModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/16/19Greg LaswellDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/16/19Muna - BandWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/16/19Rachael Yamagata & Zach DjanikianThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
09/17/19The Paper KitesRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/17/19Brian Wilson & The ZombiesArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/17/19Russian CirclesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/17/19Post MaloneModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/18/19Titus AndronicusPolaris HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/18/19Zara LarssonWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/19/19Bryan AdamsModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/19/19Northwest Heshfest Opening Party: Red Fang, Black Elk & American SharksBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
09/19/19mxmtoonHolocenePortland, OR 
09/19/19Tropa MagicaMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/20/19Adrian BelewAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/20/19Social Distortion, Flogging Molly & The Devil Makes ThreePortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/20/19IncubusKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/20/19Hayden JamesDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/20/19Acid King & Witch MountainStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/20/19Said the WhalePolaris HallPortland, OR 
09/20/19GrayscaleParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/21/19John PrineOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
09/21/19Guster & The Oregon SymphonyArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/21/19Fontaines D.C.Mississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/21/19Fat TonyDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/21/19Tobi LouHolocenePortland, OR 
09/22/19Pink Turns BlueStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/22/19A Night of Symphonic Hip Hop: Wyclef Jean & Oregon SymphonyArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/22/19Pokey LaFargeDoug Fir LoungePortland, ORView Tickets
09/22/19Girl In RedHolocenePortland, OR 
09/22/19NellyRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/22/19Vein, Higher Power & Modern ColorHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/22/19Andrew DuhonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/23/19Mike Watt & The MissingmenMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/24/19Marc Broussard & Samantha FishRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/24/19BorisDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/24/19Revocation & VoivodHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/24/19Mizmor & HellDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/24/19Blue Cranes & Methods BodyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/24/19BJ The Chicago KidStar Theater PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
09/25/19Glen HansardArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/25/19Polo & PanWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/25/19Despised IconBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
09/25/19Benjamin Francis LeftwichThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
09/25/19Ross From FriendsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/25/19Sama DamsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/26/19Nitzer EbbWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/26/19BanksMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/26/19Plague Vendor & No ParentsBunk BarPortland, OR 
09/26/19Hot Club Of CowtownJack London RevuePortland, OR 
09/26/19Billy StringsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/26/19MersivJade Room At 45 EastPortland, OR 
09/27/19Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy & At The GatesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/27/19Casting CrownsPortland State's Viking PavilionPortland, ORView Tickets
09/27/19Puddle of MuddBossanova BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/27/19Of Monsters and MenMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/27/19HatchieMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/27/19Kate TempestWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/27/19Billy StringsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/27/19Trio Subtonic & Dan BalmerJack London RevuePortland, OR 
09/27/19Having Issues, Thee Deception, Vicious Cycle & Hostile MakeoverHawthorne Lounge at Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/27/19Dominic FikeHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/28/19Dave Mason & Steve CropperRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/28/19ShuraDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/28/19Vampire WeekendMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/28/19Angels and AirwavesRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/28/19Wax Tailor - DJ SetStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/28/19Periphery, Veil Of Maya & CovetHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
09/28/19Summer CannibalsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/28/19The CommonheartJack London RevuePortland, OR 
09/29/19Christian FrenchDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/29/19Eluveitie & KorpiklaaniBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
09/29/19Nilufer YanyaMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/29/19CorneliusRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/29/19Cigarettes After SexMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/29/19Mahalia & Jvck JamesHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/30/19Morrissey & InterpolModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, OR 
09/30/19Barns CourtneyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/30/19Marc RebilletWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/30/19(!!!) Chk Chk ChkMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/30/19Sabrina ClaudioMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/01/19AJRModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/01/19SG LewisStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/01/19CrumbWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/01/19Beyond Creation, Fallujah, Arkaik & EquipoiseHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/01/19Al Di MeolaAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/02/19Band of SkullsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/02/19Boy HarsherDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/02/19Boy HarsherDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/02/19Jon McLaughlinMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/02/19Taylor McFerrinJack London RevuePortland, OR 
10/02/19Claudio Simonetti's GoblinHollywood Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/02/19The Early November, Have Mercy & OwelHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/03/19Keb MoRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
10/03/19Don BrocoParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/03/19The Band CaminoWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/03/19Tegan and SaraAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/03/19Bailen - BandDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/04/19Dodie ClarkRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/04/19Keb MoRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
10/04/19Carbon LeafDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/04/19Ruston KellyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/04/19Wilder Woods - BandHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/04/19North Mississippi All-StarsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/05/19The New MastersoundsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/05/19Crooked ColoursStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/05/19Boy and BearAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/05/19Rising AppalachiaMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/05/19Jerry PaperMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/05/19The Main SqueezeDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/05/19Mallrat & AlldayHolocenePortland, OR 
10/05/19Riot TenRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/06/19Bars and MelodyBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
10/06/19LogicModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/06/19This Wild Life & The Happy FitsParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
10/06/19Charli XCXRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/06/19Sofi TukkerMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/06/19Dragonforce, Dance With The Dead & StarkillHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/06/19Scotty Sire, Toddy Smith, Bruce Wiegner & Chris BloomWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/07/19MarinaArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
10/07/19BastilleModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/07/19The WaterboysWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/07/19Damien JuradoThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
10/07/19Ashe & Charlie BurgHolocenePortland, OR 
10/07/19Knocked Loose, Rotting Out, Candy & SeeYouSpaceCowboyHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/07/19Mercury Rev & Beth OrtonAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/08/19Flor - BandWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/08/19Tom RussellAlberta Rose TheatrePortland, OR 
10/08/19Nick CaveRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/08/19NF - Nate FeuersteinModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/08/19Kishi BashiRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/08/19The Long RydersAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/08/19GrievesHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/08/19Psyclon Nine, Striplicker & Justin SymbolDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/09/19TinariwenMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/09/19BleachedStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/09/19Ride - BandWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/09/19Stiff Little FingersHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/09/19Cosmo SheldrakeDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/10/19Gus DappertonWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/10/19SalivaBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
10/10/19Geoff Tate's Operation: MindcrimeStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/10/19Joan ShelleyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/10/19Loud LuxuryRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/10/19Black Joe Lewis And The HoneybearsPolaris HallPortland, OR 
10/11/19Julian Lage TrioMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/11/19Gaelic StormRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
10/11/19Ingrid MichaelsonRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/11/19Hail The Sun, Strawberry Girls, Royal Coda & VISHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/11/19Big K.R.I.T.Wonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/11/19Hobo Johnson & The LovemakersMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/11/19JJ GreyAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/12/19Steve HackettRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/12/19Maribou StateWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/12/19Crystal MethodDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/12/19Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi QawwaliThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
10/12/19Senses Fail, Hot Mulligan & Yours TrulyHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/12/19Grandson & Nothing,nowhere.McMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/12/19Tubby Love & Amber LillyJack London RevuePortland, OR 
10/13/19StereolabWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/13/19Mike DoughtyAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/13/19Jonas BrothersModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/13/19ImmolationDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/13/19White Reaper, The Dirty Nil & Criminal HygieneDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/13/19Alejandro ArandaMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/14/19LuceroHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/14/19Tyler The CreatorPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
10/14/19CavetownWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/14/19The Rocket SummerLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/14/19KazuPolaris HallPortland, OR 
10/14/19The Black LipsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/15/19BabymetalRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/15/19Son VoltAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/15/19Being As An Ocean. De'Wayne Jackson & Holding AbsenceHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/16/19Delta RaeDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/16/19LithicsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/16/19The RegrettesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/17/19HozierModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/17/19Mating RitualDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/17/19Rick WakemanRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/17/19YelawolfRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/17/19Circles Around The SunWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/18/19Andrew Bird & Meshell NdegeocelloArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
10/18/19Luke CombsModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/18/19Devendra BanhartMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/18/19GWARRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/18/19Todd Snider & Ramblin' Jack ElliottRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/18/19The KVBStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/19/19Boo BombModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, OR 
10/19/19Black PumasDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/19/19Abhi The NomadHolocenePortland, OR 
10/20/19Leo KottkeAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/20/19Gloria Trevi & Karol GModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/20/19Jade BirdWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/20/19Josh A & Jake HillParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/21/19Judah And The LionRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/22/19Thom YorkeArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
10/22/19Wage War, Like Moths to Flames, Polaris & DayseekerHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
10/22/19Kris AllenThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
10/23/19Lukas GrahamMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/23/19CAAMPWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/23/19Lucy Dacus & Liza AnneAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/23/19Sunset RollercoasterDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/24/19Big ThiefMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/24/19Sara BareillesPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
10/24/19Mumiy TrollWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/24/19Eyehategod, Negative Approach, Sheer Terror & Final ConflictDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/25/19Noah KahanWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/25/19D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)Dante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/25/19Legendary Pink DotsPolaris HallPortland, OR 
10/25/19Collie BuddzStage 722Portland, OR 
10/25/19Com TruiseStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/26/19Last Dinosaurs & Born RuffiansDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/26/19Dinosaur Jr.Wonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/27/19WhitneyRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/27/19Kero Kero BonitoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/27/19Chris Pureka & Laura GibsonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/27/19Shovels and Rope & John Paul WhiteMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/28/19Tiffany YoungWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/28/19Penelope IslesDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/28/19Reverend Peyton's Big Damn BandDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/29/19Built To SpillWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/29/19Cat PowerRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/29/19Mat Kerekes, Motherfolk & TeamonadeParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/30/19Built to SpillDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/31/19Built to SpillDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/31/19Strung Out & The CasualtiesHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/31/19HTRKMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/31/19Frankie CosmosWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/01/19Built to SpillDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/01/19Lost Ox & AmoramoraStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
11/01/19Chris LakeRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/01/19Matt and KimMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/01/19Jason Mraz & Raining JaneArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/01/19Max Ribner & Saeeda WrightJack London RevuePortland, OR 
11/01/19Brent CobbMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/01/19(Sandy) Alex GWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/02/19JinjerHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/02/19Built to SpillDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/02/19Two Door Cinema ClubLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/02/19Marika HackmanPolaris HallPortland, OR 
11/02/19MadeonRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/02/19Miami HorrorMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/03/19Reckless KellyAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/03/19Built To SpillDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/03/19San FerminMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/03/19Tiny Moving PartsBossanova BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/03/19Smooth Hound SmithWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
11/03/19Justin Townes EarleRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/03/19Skizzy MarsHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/05/19The Midnight Hour, Loren Oden, Angela Munoz & Jack WatersonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/05/19Bishop BriggsMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/06/19Mt. JoyMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/06/19GramatikRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/06/19The MenzingersHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/06/19Alessia CaraArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/07/19Peter Hook And The LightWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/07/19Chick CoreaArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/08/19Tom PaxtonAlberta Rose TheatrePortland, OR 
11/08/19Little HurricaneDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/08/19Michael W. SmithEast Hill Church - ORGresham, ORView Tickets
11/08/19Jaymes YoungHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/08/19Twin PeaksWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/08/19Young Thug & Machine Gun KellyModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/09/19Robert ForsterMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/09/19Keller WilliamsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/09/19Yung BaeHolocenePortland, OR 
11/09/19Dune RatsBunk BarPortland, OR 
11/10/19Yung BaeHolocenePortland, OR 
11/10/19Maxo KreamHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/10/19Sun Seeker & Duncan FellowsBunk BarPortland, OR 
11/12/19Our Last NightRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/12/19Noah GundersenWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/12/19Penny and SparrowAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/13/19Rick Estrin and The NightcatsJack London RevuePortland, OR 
11/13/19Sean HayesDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/13/19Bea MillerWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/13/19KindnessMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/14/19Rodney CrowellAlberta Rose TheatrePortland, OR 
11/15/19Julia MichaelsWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/15/19Ray LaMontagneArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
11/15/19Drew Holcomb And The NeighborsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/15/19X AmbassadorsMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/15/19Buku & Secret Recipe45 EastPortland, OR 
11/15/19Eduardo MendoncaThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
11/16/19Icon For HireParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/16/19HelmetDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
11/16/19ElephanteRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/17/19Tyrone Wells & Dan RodriguezAlberta Rose TheatrePortland, OR 
11/17/19Preservation Hall Jazz BandRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/17/19Hirie, RDGLDGRN & Tunnel VisionHolocenePortland, OR 
11/18/19Chelsea WolfeWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/18/19Cat ClydeBunk BarPortland, OR 
11/18/19Rat BoyHolocenePortland, OR 
11/19/19CherModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/19/19Sleater-KinneyMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/19/19Hilltop HoodsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/20/19The Cinematic OrchestraWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/20/19Sleater-KinneyMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/21/19Jesse CookAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/21/19DaxParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/22/19The Black Keys, Modest Mouse & Shannon and the ClamsModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/22/19That 1 GuyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/22/19Yak AttackWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/23/19Jenny and the MexicatsStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
11/23/19The Chris Mitchell ExperienceThe Dolores Winningstad TheatrePortland, OR 
11/23/19Dan Balmer & Dan FaehnleJack London RevuePortland, OR 
11/25/19Moon DuoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/26/19Cautious ClayWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/27/19The Yummy Fur & Future PunxMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/30/19Thievery CorporationRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/30/19Kikagaku MoyoMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
12/01/19IlleniumPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
12/03/19Kenny GArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
12/04/19She Past AwayStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
12/04/19BedouineDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/04/19High On Fire & Power TripWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/05/19Charlie Hunter & Lucy WoodwardMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
12/05/19The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of SummerModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/06/19A John Waters ChristmasAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
12/06/19A John Waters ChristmasAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
12/06/19SYMLWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/06/19Mannheim Steamroller ChristmasArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
12/06/19Kiran AhluwaliaJack London RevuePortland, OR 
12/06/19Celtic Christmas: Gothard SistersThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
12/07/19Allah-Las & Tim HillWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/08/19Conan GrayRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/09/19Angel OlsenRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/10/19Lee Fields & The ExpressionsRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
12/10/19As I Lay DyingWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
12/10/19From Indian Lakes & Queen Of JeansHolocenePortland, OR 
12/11/19Mat KearneyAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
12/11/19DIIVRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/12/19Pineapple ThiefHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/12/19Mary Chapin Carpenter & Shawn ColvinRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/12/19Magic SwordDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/12/19Alex CameronWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/13/19Static X & Wednesday 13Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/13/19Anandi - Nancy Wilson TributeJack London RevuePortland, OR 
12/13/19LadytronWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/16/19The Storm Large Holiday OrdealArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
12/16/19The Storm Large Holiday OrdealArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
12/16/19BatushkaWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/31/19Straight No ChaserKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
01/11/20Portland Folk FestivalMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
01/19/20King PrincessRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
01/27/20Motion City SoundtrackRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
01/28/20Ron PopeAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
02/20/20Bela Fleck & Abigail WashburnNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
03/19/20Nas & Oregon SymphonyArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
04/13/20Celine DionModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
07/15/20Ozzy Osbourne & MegadethModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets

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