Portland Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Portland and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-down to view concerts scheduled in other cities and states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Portland area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Portland concert calendar:

02/22/19PoppyWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
02/22/19David AugustDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
02/22/19Mike KrolMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
02/22/19ZomboyRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/22/19Pedro The LionRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
02/22/19Not Exactly JazzWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
02/22/19MariselaArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
02/23/19Teenage FanclubWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
02/23/19Daniel RomanoMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
02/23/19Caroline RoseDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
02/23/19Patrice RushenRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
02/23/19HaywyreHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
02/23/19Not Exactly JazzWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
02/23/19Bone Thugs N HarmonyRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/24/19Maribou StateHolocenePortland, OR 
02/24/19OmWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
02/24/19Half WaifDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
02/24/19Men I TrustMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
02/24/19Kris Kristofferson & The StrangersNewmark TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
02/25/19Saves the DayDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
02/25/19WaxahatcheeAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
02/25/19Decibel Magazine Tour: Cannibal Corpse & Morbid AngelRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
02/25/19Tessa VioletHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
02/26/19Oh Pep!Mississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
02/26/19H.C. McEntirePolaris HallPortland, OR 
02/26/19Justin NozukaDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
02/26/19Lords of AcidDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
02/26/19Vanessa Silberman & Carissa JohnsonWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
02/27/19Joe JacksonAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/27/19The CoathangersMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
02/27/19Habib Koite & Bassekou KouyateRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
02/27/19Sam AmidonPolaris HallPortland, OR 
02/27/19Sleeping LessonsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
02/28/19BeirutArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
02/28/19Magic GiantLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
02/28/19Weeed & DreamdecayMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
02/28/19Terence BlanchardRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
02/28/19Freedy JohnstonAlberta Street PubPortland, OR 
03/01/19Sallie Ford And The Sound OutsideMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/02/19Albert Hammond Jr.Wonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/02/19RKCB & ShoffyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/02/19Sallie Ford And The Sound OutsideMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/02/19TokenHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/02/19Wasted WordsWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/03/19AtmosphereRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/03/19Joshua RadinAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/03/19Jack Maybe Project & Sam Chase and The UntraditionalDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/03/19Stanley ClarkeRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/04/19VHS CollectionHolocenePortland, OR 
03/04/19Marissa NadlerMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/04/19Joy WilliamsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/04/19Mandy HarveyNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
03/05/19Julia HolterDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/05/19Ladysmith Black MambazoAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/05/19Yung GravyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/05/19Mardi Gras Parade After-Party: Mysti Krewe of NimbusMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/05/19Sons Of Silver - BandWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/06/19The Monochrome SetDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/06/19Cherry GlazerrWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/06/19Micah McCaw, Alex C. Mills & Matthew Fountain and The WhereaboutsWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/06/19Empress OfStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
03/06/19Neal MorseHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
03/07/19JungleRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/07/19DarlingsideAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/07/19Charlotte LawrenceHolocenePortland, OR 
03/07/19ParcelsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/07/19Sidney GishMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/08/19Bryce VineHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/08/19James BlakeRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/08/19Jacob MillerDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/08/19Marshall House ProjectWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/08/19Terry RobbThe Secret SocietyPortland, OR 
03/08/19Christian NodalKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
03/08/19Laura VeirsPolaris HallPortland, OR 
03/09/19Donavon FrankenreiterRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/09/19Action Bronson & Meyhem LaurenRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/09/19MansionairMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/09/19Moon HoochWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/09/19The LonesomesWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/09/19XRAY.FM's 5th Birthday PartyPolaris HallPortland, OR 
03/10/19Jukebox The GhostWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/10/19Mariachi Sol de Mexico De Jose HernandezNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
03/10/19Herb Alpert & Lani HallRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
03/10/19The OK Chorale PDX: Jesus Christ Superstar SingalongMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/11/19LP - Laura PergolizziRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/11/19Conan GrayWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/11/19KatyaAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/11/19Cradle of FilthMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/11/19Adia VictoriaDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/11/19Tobe NwigweHolocenePortland, OR 
03/13/19NonameMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/13/19Mike StudWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/13/19Jeff CrosbyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/14/19TwiddleWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/14/19Within Temptation & In FlamesRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/14/19SoDownStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
03/14/19Mountainfilm on TourRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/14/19Boney MKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
03/14/19Sun of GoldfingerHolocenePortland, OR 
03/14/19Sister Sparrow & The Dirty BirdsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/15/19Sarah BrightmanKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/15/19MetricMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
03/15/19Big WildRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/15/19Animal Liberation OrchestraWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/15/19That 1 GuyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/15/19And The KidsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/16/19Rebirth Brass BandRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/16/19Andrew McMahon in the WildernessRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/16/19SpaffordWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/16/19Mike DoughtyAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/16/19Sasha SloanHolocenePortland, OR 
03/16/19Better Oblivion Community CenterDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/17/19The Okee Dokee BrothersMcMenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
03/17/19MijaHolocenePortland, OR 
03/17/19Tori KellyMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/17/19The SuffersMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/18/19Baroness & DeafheavenRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/19/19Morgan JamesMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/19/19FoalsRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/19/191 Young MicahDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/20/19Cypress Hill & Hollywood UndeadMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/20/19Matt NathansonAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/20/19Uncle Acid and The DeadbeatsRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/20/19Chelsea CutlerWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/20/19Amyl and The SniffersMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/20/19The AntlersThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
03/20/19Blaqk AudioStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
03/21/19The Cat EmpireWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/21/19Bad BunnyModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/21/19Maren MorrisMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/21/19Yves TumorDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/22/19MetalachiDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/22/19Methyl EthelMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/22/19Mandolin OrangeMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
03/22/19State Champs & Our Last NightHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
03/22/19Space JesusRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
03/22/19HaelosDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/22/19Wet & Kilo KishWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/22/19Lily & MadeleineWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/22/19Jeff Austin BandPolaris HallPortland, OR 
03/23/19Y&TAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/23/19Dave Mason & Steve CropperRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
03/23/19Nina NesbittHolocenePortland, OR 
03/23/19GalacticMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/23/19Viagra BoysMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/23/19Donna MissalHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/23/19Mt. JoyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/23/19Naked GiantsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/23/19Vince StaplesRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/23/19King BuffaloWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
03/23/19Ella VosStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
03/23/19MothershipHolocenePortland, OR 
03/24/19Bronze Radio ReturnDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/24/19Alice Phoebe LouThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
03/24/19Vince StaplesRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/24/19All That Remains & AttilaMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
03/24/19GibbzHolocenePortland, OR 
03/24/19Kodak BlackPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
03/25/19Prateek KuhadDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/25/19Hand HabitsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/25/19Veil of MayaHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/25/19Citizen CopeMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/25/19Catfish and the BottlemenRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/26/19Red Baraat & Vidya VoxDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/27/19Stephen KelloggWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/27/19Cass McCombsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
03/27/19Com TruiseDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/27/19Bright Light Social HourHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/27/19Dolphin MidwivesHolocenePortland, OR 
03/28/19Laura Jane GraceDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/28/19Revel In DimesMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/29/19ArkellsDoug Fir LoungePortland, ORView Tickets
03/29/19BombinoStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
03/29/19PliniHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
03/29/19Sweet SpiritMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/30/19James BayArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
03/30/19Aaron WatsonAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/30/19Chai - BandHolocenePortland, OR 
03/30/19Uli Jon RothBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
03/30/19LettuceRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/30/19TennysonWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
03/30/19Nocturnal HabitsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
03/30/19Children of BodomHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
03/31/19Jose Gonzalez & The String TheoryArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
03/31/19Quinn XCIIMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
03/31/19Acid Mothers TempleDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/01/19Ry XThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
04/01/19Durand Jones and The IndicationsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/01/19SpiritualizedMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/01/19Tommy GenesisHolocenePortland, OR 
04/01/19Ry XAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/02/19Queensryche & Fates WarningMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/02/19Against The CurrentHolocenePortland, OR 
04/03/19TenderLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/03/19John 5Star Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
04/03/19BroodsWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/03/19JD McPhersonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/03/19Brett YoungMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/03/19Pat LokHolocenePortland, OR 
04/04/19The RubensDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/04/19JD McPhersonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/04/19The Driver EraLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/05/19Bob MouldWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/05/19Michael BubleModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/06/19Weezer & PixiesModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/06/19Tannahill WeaversAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/06/19Howie DayDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/06/19J.S. OndaraThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
04/07/19Jack & JackHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
04/07/19Lennon StellaWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/07/19Dermot KennedyMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/08/19PinkModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/08/19FKJMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/08/19Dilly DallyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/08/19MissioHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/08/19The InterruptersWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/10/19SwitchfootMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/10/19Alan Parsons ProjectRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
04/10/19Al StewartAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/10/19Jane SiberryPolaris HallPortland, OR 
04/10/19Andy BlackHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/10/19Ruby BootsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/11/19GirlpoolWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/11/19SasamiDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/11/19Banff Mountain Film FestivalRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/11/19Shane Smith and The SaintsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/11/19Plantrae & CofresiHolocenePortland, OR 
04/12/19Kansas - The BandArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
04/12/19Boy HarsherWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/12/19Banff Mountain Film FestivalRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/12/19The MurlocsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/12/19Avey TareHolocenePortland, OR 
04/12/19Party FavorRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/13/19Ten FeDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/13/19Midnight TyrannosaurusRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/13/19Banff Mountain Film FestivalRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/13/19Shirley NanetteHolocenePortland, OR 
04/14/19HypocrisyBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
04/15/19Dan and ShayArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
04/15/19Maggie RogersMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/15/19Ben RectorRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/15/19Damo Suzuki's NetworkMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/16/19Earl SweatshirtMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/16/19Big BusinessMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/17/19Why Don't WeArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
04/17/19LovelythebandWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/17/19Swervedriver & FailureMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/17/19Buddy GuyRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/18/19Griffin HouseDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/18/19Jessie James DeckerMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/18/19Ex HexAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/18/19Stumpfest VIII: ElderMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/18/19Eric B. & RakimRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/19/19Taking Back SundayMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/19/19Lebanon HanoverBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
04/19/19Ural Thomas and The PainRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/19/19Hot Buttered RumDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/19/19HillstompAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/19/19Aldous HardingPolaris HallPortland, OR 
04/19/19Stumpfest VIII: EarthlessMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/19/19Old Sea BrigadeBunk BarPortland, OR 
04/19/19Budos BandRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/19/19MndsgnHolocenePortland, OR 
04/20/19Taking Back SundayMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
04/20/19Home Free Vocal BandKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/20/19White DenimDoug Fir LoungePortland, ORView Tickets
04/20/19Shy GirlsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/20/19Stumpfest VIII: Once & Future BandMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/21/19Michael Schenker FestRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/21/19White DenimDoug Fir LoungePortland, ORView Tickets
04/21/19Buke and GaseMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/21/19GramatikRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/22/19MovementsHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/22/19WallowsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/22/19Show Me the BodyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/23/19John MellencampKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/23/19Kero Kero BonitoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/23/19John VandersliceMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/23/19DMXRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/23/19Anomalie & Rob AraujoHolocenePortland, OR 
04/24/19King PrincessWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/24/19Rufus Du SolRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/24/19FataiThe Secret SocietyPortland, OR 
04/24/19Kimya Dawson & Your Heart BreaksPolaris HallPortland, OR 
04/25/19Lil SmokiesRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
04/25/19Turnover, Turnstile & ReptaliensWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
04/25/19IceageDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/26/19SoMoWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
04/26/19Ages and AgesDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/26/19Old Time RelijunMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/26/19AJ MitchellHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
04/26/19LizzoRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
04/26/19IntegrityDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
04/26/19Lauren Ruth WardBunk BarPortland, OR 
04/26/19EmancipatorStar Theater PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
04/27/19The 1975Portland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
04/27/19The End Of The World Tour: Gungor, The Brilliance & PropagandaAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/27/19Jessica PrattDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
04/29/19Nick WaterhouseMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
04/30/19Ariana GrandeModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
04/30/19Hayes CarllAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
04/30/19SWMRSWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/02/19TelekinesisMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/02/19Peter Bjorn and JohnDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/02/19MormorHolocenePortland, OR 
05/03/19Rival SonsWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
05/03/19Alec BenjaminHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/03/19Wild BelleRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
05/03/19Dan ManganMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/04/19Lady LambMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/04/19PerturbatorStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
05/04/19BayonneDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/05/19The DipDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/05/19Bad SunsRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/05/19LA DisputeHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/06/19LeonWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
05/07/19MonolordMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/07/19The Bouncing SoulsHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/07/19The Japanese HouseWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/09/19Dance Gavin DanceMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
05/09/19Patterson Hood & Mike CooleyRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
05/09/19Passion PitRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/09/19WandMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/09/19Manila KillaHolocenePortland, OR 
05/10/19Tom OdellWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/10/19Shannon ShawMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/10/19My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult & Curse MackeyDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
05/10/19Mac DemarcoArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
05/10/19Jai WolfRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/11/19Jesse RutherfordDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/12/19Betty WhoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/13/19Kevin MorbyMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/14/19Snow PatrolRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/14/19TR/STWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/15/19Jared and the MillDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/15/19American Football - BandWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/16/19Robin TrowerRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/17/19Picture This - BandDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/17/19Orville PeckMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/17/19The FaintStar Theater PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
05/17/19Neil YoungKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
05/17/19HatebreedMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/18/19Art GarfunkelAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
05/18/19Falling In ReverseHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
05/19/19Julia JacklinMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
05/19/19The LemonheadsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/20/19TunicDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/21/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JuneModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
05/21/19The StrumbellasRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
05/21/19SylarHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
05/22/19Boyz II MenArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
05/22/19Jenny LewisMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
05/23/19Elle KingMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/24/19The SpecialsMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
05/24/19Borgore45 EastPortland, OR 
05/25/19Xiu XiuHolocenePortland, OR 
05/27/19IdlesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/27/19The Twilight SadDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
05/30/19J.I.D.Wonder BallroomPortland, OR 
05/31/19RiversideHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
05/31/19Billie EilishModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/01/19The Record CompanyWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
06/01/19Rainbow Kitten SurpriseRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/02/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NatureModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/02/1998.7 The Bull Countryfest: LoCash & Uncle KrackerTom McCall Waterfront ParkPortland, OR 
06/04/19Black Joe Lewis & The HoneybearsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
06/05/19ParachuteStar Theater PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
06/07/19Long Beach Dub All-StarsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/08/19JohnnyswimRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/08/19Bear's DenAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
06/10/19Flotsam and JetsamHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
06/18/19John MayallAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
06/18/19Third Eye Blind & Jimmy Eat WorldModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/19/19LanyKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
06/20/19David GrayKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
06/21/19The MesstheticsPolaris HallPortland, OR 
06/22/19Judas Priest & Uriah HeepModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, OR 
06/22/19MC Magic & Lil RobWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/23/19Coheed and Cambria & MastodonModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/24/19PupDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
06/25/19Josh Ritter & The Royal City BandRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
06/26/19Jacob CollierWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
06/28/19DidoRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
06/29/19Jeff Lynne's Electric Light OrchestraModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/29/19Matthew Logan VasquezMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
07/01/19The PriestsPolaris HallPortland, OR 
07/10/19JawboxWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
07/16/19Ozzy Osbourne & MegadethModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
07/18/19Jon BellionModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
07/21/19Chicago - The BandOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
07/27/19Old DominionWashington County Fair ComplexHillsboro, ORView Tickets
07/28/19Michael McDonald & Chaka KhanOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
07/28/19I Draw SlowMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
07/30/19Backstreet BoysModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
08/01/19Walk Off The EarthKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
08/02/19John PrineOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
08/09/19Lord Huron, Shakey Graves & Julia JacklinOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/10/19George Clinton & Parliament FunkadelicOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/16/19King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/17/19JoJo SiwaModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
08/22/19Josh GrobanMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, OR 
08/23/19Brandi CarlileMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/24/19Brandi CarlileMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/06/19Iron MaidenModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/09/19The Mountain GoatsMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/10/19The Mountain GoatsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/13/19Mark KnopflerKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/13/19Gary Clark Jr.McMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/14/19Hot TunaRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/27/19Casting CrownsPortland State's Viking PavilionPortland, ORView Tickets
09/28/19Vampire WeekendMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
10/04/19Carbon LeafDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/04/19Dodie ClarkRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/07/19MarinaArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
10/12/19Steve HackettRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/20/19Gloria TreviModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/23/19Lukas GrahamMcMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/07/19Peter Hook And The LightWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/05/19The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of SummerModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets

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