Portland Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Portland and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Portland area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Portland concert calendar:

08/18/18Punch BrothersOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/18/18WeenMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/18/18JawbreakerMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
08/18/18ohGrHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
08/18/18HickoidsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/18/18Jeff Plankenhorn & Underwhelming FavoritesWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/18/18My Brothers and IHolocenePortland, OR 
08/18/18Victor WootenMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/18/18Victor WootenMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/19/18PowergloveHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
08/19/18CardioidDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/20/18Wheeler Walker Jr.Revolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
08/20/18YelawolfRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
08/20/18Dead Country Gentlemen & MindparadeWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/21/18Jason EadyWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/21/18BorisDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/22/18The Suitcase JunketMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/22/18De LuxMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
08/22/18RooneyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/22/18Ben RiceHawthorne Theatre LoungePortland, OR 
08/22/18The HugsHolocenePortland, OR 
08/23/18Steve Miller Band & Peter FramptonMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/23/18SalesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
08/23/18Liz LongleyWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/23/18The AtarisDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/23/18CandaceDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/23/18Andrew CombsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
08/24/18Portugal. The ManMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/24/18Dispatch & Nahko and Medicine For The PeopleOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/24/18Chad ValleyDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/24/18Geoff TateHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
08/24/18Anne-MarieWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
08/24/18Separation of SanityDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/24/18Black Plastic Clouds & White Knife StudyWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/25/18Portugal. The ManMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
08/25/18Smashing PumpkinsModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
08/25/18Pink MartiniOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/25/18Prophets of the RageRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/25/18Black JackDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/25/18Wallace & The EasyWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/25/18Pure Bathing CultureDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/26/18Pink MartiniOregon ZooPortland, OR 
08/26/18Midge Ure & Paul YoungAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
08/26/18Ski MaskRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/26/18FearWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
08/26/18Red Elvises International Rokenrol PartyDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/26/18James Lee StanleyWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/26/18The ShivasDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/26/18Remo DriveHolocenePortland, ORView Tickets
08/27/18Rico NastyPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/28/18Samantha FishDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/29/18Hobo JohnsonWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
08/29/18Youth & CanvasDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
08/29/18Dolphin MidwivesHolocenePortland, OR 
08/29/18Ragged Union & Benny GallowayWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
08/29/18Blind MelonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
08/30/18SuperorganismWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
08/30/18JpegmafiaPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
08/31/18Hot Tuna ElectricRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
08/31/18Audien45 EastPortland, OR 
08/31/18Jade BirdDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
08/31/18The RevolutionMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/01/18Let's Eat GrandmaDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/01/18Rusko & Wuki45 EastPortland, OR 
09/01/18The RegrettesHolocenePortland, OR 
09/01/18PoolsideWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/02/18Killing JokeStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/02/18George Clinton & Parliament FunkadelicMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/04/18Vicious RumorsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/04/18DaughtryRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/05/18Rodrigo y GabrielaArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/05/18Gov't MuleRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/05/18Amy HelmMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/05/18MushroomheadDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/05/18Freddy and FrancineWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
09/05/18Orchestra Becomes RadicalizedHolocenePortland, OR 
09/06/18Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls, Lucero - The Band & The MenzingersMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/06/18Joe PugThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
09/06/18The GrowlersRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/06/18Micky And The MotorcarsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/06/18CoastlandsHolocenePortland, OR 
09/06/18Robbie Fulks & Kory QuinnWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
09/07/18Sam SmithModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/07/18Jason MrazMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/07/18Jason Isbell & The 400 UnitOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
09/07/18Andrew W.K.Revolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/07/18The War on DrugsKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
09/07/18Ziggy AlbertsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/07/18Darkenside, Within Sight & Within The PyreHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/08/18Trombone Shorty and Orleans AvenueMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/08/18Arthur BuckDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/08/18Jeremih & Teyana TaylorMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/09/18Rayland BaxterDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/09/18Cut CopyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/09/18The VibratorsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/09/18O-TownStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/10/18Foo FightersModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/11/18LuciusAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/11/18Hed PeHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/11/18Florence and The MachineModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/11/18Lagoons, Tim Atlas & Harry ParadiseWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
09/12/18Lauryn HillPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/12/18Cafe TacvbaArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/12/18Angel OlsenNewmark TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
09/12/18Billy IdolOregon ZooPortland, ORView Tickets
09/12/18The DistillersRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/13/18Angel OlsenNewmark TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
09/13/18El Ten ElevenDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/13/18CloZeeWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/13/1813th ChimeDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/13/18Slaughter BeachLolas Room At The Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/13/18No Kind Of RiderHolocenePortland, OR 
09/14/18Mark KozelekAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/14/18Margaret GlaspyMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
09/14/18Needtobreathe, Johnnyswim & Forest BlakkPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/14/18Lake Street DiveRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
09/14/18HonneWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/14/18Greta Van FleetArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/14/18Kali UchisRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/14/18Tom OdellThe Old Church - ORPortland, OR 
09/15/18Boy George, Culture Club & The B-52sModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, OR 
09/15/18Island - BandMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
09/15/18Australian Pink FloydKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
09/15/18Murder By DeathWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/15/18Brent FaiyazParis Theatre - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/15/18Trevor HallRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/16/18O.A.R. & Matt NathansonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/16/18AlestormHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/16/18Blood OrangeRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/16/18Boz ScaggsArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/16/18Madeleine PeyrouxRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/16/18Royal CanoeMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/16/18The VampsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/17/18The ZombiesRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/17/18Hoodie AllenPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/18/18J Roddy Walston And The BusinessDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/19/18WardrunaRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/19/18Liz PhairMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/19/18Al Di Meola & Jordan RudessAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/19/18Deaf WishMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/19/18Air1 Positive Hits Tour: Zach Williams, We Are Messengers, Joshua Micah & Aaron ColeRolling Hills Community ChurchTualatin, OR 
09/19/18ToeWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/20/18Nothing But Thieves, Grandson & Demob HappyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/20/18E-40Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/20/18HoundmouthMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/20/18Dave Mason & Steve CropperRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/20/18Dave EllefsonDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/20/18The WailersAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/20/18The BlowDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/20/18Black Joe LewisMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/21/18John PrineArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/21/18Aaron Neville DuoRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/21/18Carbon LeafDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/21/18FoxingHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/21/18Hell's BellesDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/21/18The Avett BrothersMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/21/18Radney FosterMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
09/21/18DevotchkaWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/22/18Ben HowardMcMenamins Historic Edgefield AmphitheaterTroutdale, ORView Tickets
09/22/18Big ThiefWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/22/18Johnny MarrRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/22/18Chelsea CutlerHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/22/18STRFKRDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/22/18Bullets & OctaneDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/22/18Bloco Alegria 3rd Annual Equinox CarnivalStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/22/18Sims & Air CreditsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/23/18Richie KotzenHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/23/18Amy SharkWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/23/18STRFKRDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/23/18MustaschStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/24/18Jonathan WilsonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/24/18Ryley WalkerBunk BarPortland, OR 
09/24/18Bob MosesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/24/18STRFKRDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/24/18Denzel CurryHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/25/18Rise Against, AFI & Anti-FlagMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
09/25/18Death Cab for CutieKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
09/25/18Parquet CourtsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/25/18The PresetsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
09/25/18MiguelArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
09/25/18Never Shout NeverPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/25/18Donny McCaslin & KneebodyStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/26/18ChvrchesArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
09/26/18Natalie PrassMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/26/18CandleboxRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/26/18Chelsea Wolfe & Russian CirclesMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/27/18Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale GilmoreAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/27/18Mic Capes & FountaineWhite Eagle Saloon And HotelPortland, OR 
09/27/18Japanese BreakfastWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/28/18Journey & Def LeppardModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
09/28/18Eleanor FriedbergerDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/28/18MudhoneyDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
09/28/18Chief KeefHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
09/28/18Conrad SewellHolocenePortland, OR 
09/28/18Yungblud & Arrested YouthMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/28/18Hercules And Love AffairStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
09/29/18Dodie ClarkWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/29/18The Jesus LizardMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
09/29/18The Boxer RebellionDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/29/18Lucy SpragganBunk BarPortland, OR 
09/29/18Trevor PowersMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
09/29/18Adventure ClubRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/29/18Pallbearer & TribulationHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
09/30/18The CoronasDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
09/30/18GarbageRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
09/30/18DawesRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
09/30/18Agnes ObelWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
09/30/18David Bromberg QuintetAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
09/30/18LeCrae & Andy MineoMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/01/18ShigetoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/02/18Jeff TweedyNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
10/03/18Gary NumanRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/03/18EdenMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/03/18First Aid KitArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
10/03/18Saint SisterMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/03/18The ChurchAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/03/18Blessthefall, The Word Alive & DedHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/03/18Wild RiversMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
10/04/18ShellacMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/04/18HyukohDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/04/18Jessie JMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/04/18Tigers JawHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/04/18Black Tiger Sex MachineRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/04/18We Were Promised JetpacksWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/05/18Thee Oh SeesMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/05/18Owl CityHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
10/05/18The VaccinesDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/05/18Shannon and The ClamsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/05/18Michael ChristmasPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/05/18She Wants RevengeRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/06/18The DescendentsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/06/18Robyn Hitchcock & The Nashville FabsAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/06/18Screaming FemalesMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/06/18The ButtertonesMcmenamins Mission TheatrePortland, OR 
10/06/18Elliott BroodDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/06/18Flint EastwoodBunk BarPortland, OR 
10/06/18The LacsPonderosa Lounge & GrillPortland, OR 
10/06/18Too Many ZoozWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/06/18MAXHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/06/18Ty SegallRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/06/18The Crystal Method45 EastPortland, OR 
10/06/18The Stone Foxes & Tango Alpha TangoStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/06/18RevocationDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/07/18Alina BarazMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/07/18Dead SaraMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/07/18A Place to Bury StrangersHolocenePortland, OR 
10/07/18Fat NickPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/08/18Sons of KemetDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/08/18Alkaline TrioMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/08/18Ghostland ObservatoryWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/08/18GloriettaMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/08/18Monster MagnetHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/08/18BeakStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/09/18Jeremy ZuckerHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/09/18ClutchRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/09/18St. LuciaWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/09/18Nick Lowe’s Quality Rock & Roll Revue: Los StraitjacketsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/10/18Ulrika SpacekDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/10/18EarthWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/10/18moe.Mcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/11/18Luke Bryan, Jon Pardi & Carly PearceModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, OR 
10/11/18Allen StoneRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/11/18Shinedown & GodsmackPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
10/11/18Courtney BarnettMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/11/18Jay Rock & ReasonHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/11/18TennisDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/12/18Courtney BarnettMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/12/18Meg MyersDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, ORView Tickets
10/12/18Pigeons Playing Ping PongWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/13/18Max FrostHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/13/18OTTWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/13/18Boo BombModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, OR 
10/13/18Wayne Hancock & Dale WatsonDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/14/18SkerryvoreNewmark TheatrePortland, OR 
10/14/18Tom MischMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/14/18WhethanWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/14/18Michael Nau and The Mighty ThreadMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/15/18Kick Out The Jams: MC50Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/15/18Agent OrangeDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/15/18JainWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/15/18AlmaMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/16/18Esme PattersonMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/16/18KT TunstallStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/16/18GWARRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/16/18Matthew Sweet & The Dream SyndicateWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/17/18ZhuRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/17/18St. Paul and The Broken Bones & The Black PumasMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/17/18Alex Zhang HungtaiMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/18/18Kamasi WashingtonMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/18/18Mercury RevMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/18/18HillstompDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/18/18PondWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/19/18BornsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/19/18HozierRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/19/18King Khan and The ShrinesStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
10/19/18Tove StyrkeHolocenePortland, OR 
10/19/18Kuinka & The Ballroom ThievesMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/19/18HillstompDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/19/18Black Moth Super RainbowWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/19/18WindhandAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/20/18Borns & Twin ShadowMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/20/18DreamersHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/20/18HozierRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/21/18Gruff RhysDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/21/18Lykke LiRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/21/18Henry RollinsAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/21/18Shoreline MafiaMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/22/18Brian FallonRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
10/22/18YaejiWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/23/18SG LewisHolocenePortland, OR 
10/23/18Billie EilishRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/24/18Arctic MonkeysPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
10/24/18Ty SegallAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/24/18BannersHolocenePortland, OR 
10/24/18Noah CyrusWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/24/18DanzigRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/25/18PoppyWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/25/18ˇMayday!Hawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
10/26/18The Joy FormidableDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/26/18Captured By RobotsDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
10/26/18Gorgon CityRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/27/18Simple MindsRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
10/27/18SYMLWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/27/18Liz ViceAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/27/18Great Lake SwimmersDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/27/18Welshly ArmsMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
10/28/18Alex ClareDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
10/28/18Leo KottkeAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
10/28/18SOB x RBERoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/28/18Public Image LtdWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
10/28/18Years & YearsMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/30/18TriviumMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
10/30/18Wild NothingRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
10/30/18WatskyRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/30/18After The Burial & The Acacia StrainBossanova BallroomPortland, OR 
10/31/18FidlarMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
10/31/18Greensky Bluegrass & Lil SmokiesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
10/31/18The AlarmAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/01/18Mitski & Jessica Lea MayfieldMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/01/18Greensky Bluegrass & Lil SmokiesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/01/18Billy StringsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/01/18Joyce ManorWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/02/18Tokyo Police ClubDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/02/18PassengerMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/02/18Dance With The DeadStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
11/03/18Cash'd OutMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/03/18The Milk Carton KidsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/03/18ThriceRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/03/18Los Campesinos!Revolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/03/18TAUKStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
11/04/18SojaMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/05/18Joan BaezRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
11/05/18Troye SivanRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/05/18Eric Hutchinson & The BelieversAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/05/18Tyler ChildersMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/05/18Of MontrealWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/06/18The English Beat, The Selecter & Ranking RogerAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/06/18Lily AllenRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/06/18BeartoothMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/07/18Celtic ThunderArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
11/07/18Iceage & Black LipsWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/07/18Local HDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/08/18The Menzingers, Tiny Moving Parts & Daddy IssuesHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/08/18Frankie Cosmos & Kero Kero BonitoWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/09/18Gallant & Jamila WoodsRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/09/18CherubWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/09/18Mystery Science Theater 3000Arlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/09/18Mystery Science Theater 3000Arlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/09/18Nickihndrxx Tour: Nicki Minaj & FutureModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/09/18The Devil Makes ThreeMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/10/18The Devil Makes ThreeMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/10/18RubblebucketWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/10/18Ruston KellyMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
11/10/18LuceroDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
11/10/18The Paper KitesAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/11/18Lil XanRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/11/18Clan Of XymoxStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
11/11/18Claudio Simonetti's GoblinHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/12/18Rufus WainwrightAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/13/18Petit BiscuitRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/13/18Guided by VoicesWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/13/18Why? Plays AlopeciaRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
11/13/18RussPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
11/14/18Young FathersWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/14/18MasegoHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/15/18Twenty One PilotsModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/15/18UnderoathMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/15/18Five Finger Death Punch & Breaking BenjaminPortland Veterans Memorial ColiseumPortland, ORView Tickets
11/16/18Justin TimberlakeModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/16/18Black Violin DuoArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/16/18Dermot KennedyWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
11/17/18KhruangbinMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
11/17/18Blitzen TrapperDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/17/18Good CharlotteRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/18/18KodalineWonder BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/18/18Blues TravelerMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/18/18Blitzen TrapperDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/18/18Cat PowerRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/19/18Fleetwood MacModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
11/19/18Haken & LeprousHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
11/21/18Jorja SmithRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/21/18BehemothMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
11/23/18G JonesRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
11/25/18The Tallest Man on EarthRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, ORView Tickets
11/25/18Shallou & Japanese WallpaperDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/27/18Joe BonamassaArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
11/27/18Matt SimonsDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/30/18Mary GauthierDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
11/30/18Over The RhineAladdin TheaterPortland, OR 
11/30/18Portland's Singing Christmas TreeKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
12/01/18Neko CaseRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
12/01/18Portland's Singing Christmas TreeKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
12/01/18Portland's Singing Christmas TreeKeller AuditoriumPortland, OR 
12/01/18How To Dress WellDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/02/18Novo AmorDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/03/18JMSNDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/03/18Reel Rock 13Revolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/04/18Reel Rock 13Revolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
12/05/18MetallicaModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/05/18DoyleHawthorne TheatrePortland, OR 
12/05/18LemaitreWonder BallroomPortland, OR 
12/05/18Andy ShaufMississippi StudiosPortland, OR 
12/06/18DJ Pauly DRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
12/06/18Tommy EmmanuelAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/07/18Blockhead, Yppah, Arms & SleepersStar Theater PortlandPortland, OR 
12/07/18Tommy EmmanuelAladdin TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/08/18VNV NationRoseland TheaterPortland, OR 
12/08/18Malaa45 EastPortland, OR 
12/13/18Minus The BearHawthorne TheatrePortland, ORView Tickets
12/14/18Kurt Vile and The Violators & Jessica PrattMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
12/15/18Dweezil ZappaRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
12/15/18Tenacious DMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, OR 
12/15/18The Nightmare Before ChristmasArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
12/15/18Dweezil Zappa Guitar MasterclassPeter's Room - Roseland TheaterPortland, OR 
12/16/18The Nightmare Before ChristmasArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
12/17/18Bernhoft & The Fashion BruisesDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
12/30/18Straight No ChaserKeller AuditoriumPortland, ORView Tickets
01/12/19Elton JohnModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
01/19/19Super DiamondMcmenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, ORView Tickets
01/29/19Olafur ArnaldsRevolution Hall - PortlandPortland, OR 
02/02/19Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet BandModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
02/14/19Smokey RobinsonArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
02/18/19Kacey MusgravesArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, ORView Tickets
03/06/19The Monochrome SetDoug Fir LoungePortland, OR 
03/07/19JungleRoseland TheaterPortland, ORView Tickets
03/22/19MetalachiDante's Caffe ItalianoPortland, OR 
03/30/19James BayArlene Schnitzer Concert HallPortland, OR 
04/08/19PinkModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets
06/12/19Shawn MendesModa Center at the Rose QuarterPortland, ORView Tickets

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