Colorado Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Colorado. This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in Colorado! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the provided link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Colorado concert calendar:

02/22/18Antonio SanchezUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver 
02/22/18TobyMacDenver ColiseumDenverView Tickets
02/22/18BrockhamptonOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
02/22/18J BoogAggie TheatreFort Collins 
02/22/18JoywaveGlobe HallDenver 
02/22/18Hannah Wicklund and The Steppin StonesHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
02/22/18LotusBelly UpAspenView Tickets
02/22/18The Ghost of Paul RevereLarimer LoungeDenver 
02/22/18The Travelin' McCourysCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
02/22/18Whitney PeytonMoxi TheaterGreeley 
02/22/18Hit the ShadowsBlack SheepColorado Springs 
02/23/18J BoogFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
02/23/18Hannah Wicklund and The Steppin StonesMarquis Theater - CODenver 
02/23/18G JonesOgden TheatreDenver 
02/23/18LotusBelly UpAspenView Tickets
02/23/18StarsetThe Summit Music HallDenver 
02/23/18Dreamers DelightBluebird TheaterDenver 
02/23/18An All Star Tribute to Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill: Mikey Carubba & Jennifer HartswickCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
02/23/18Granger Smith & Walker McGuireGrizzly RoseDenver 
02/23/18The Travelin McCourys & Billy StringsAggie TheatreFort Collins 
02/23/18Elvis MartinezLa RumbaDenver 
02/23/18Ces Cru, G-Mo Skee & Whitney PeytonBlack SheepColorado Springs 
02/23/18The Main SqueezeAnimas City TheatreDurango 
02/23/18We Are William, Triton, The Leshen & Boar WorshipDowntown Artery - COFort Collins 
02/23/18Christopher CrossLincoln Center Performance HallFort Collins 
02/23/18Back To The 80sLincoln Center - Magnolia TheatreFort Collins 
02/23/18Jeffrey Dallet Band & Dylan Kishner BandThe Toad TavernLittleton 
02/23/18We's UsLarimer LoungeDenver 
02/23/18Winter Wonder Grass Festival - 3 Day PassSteamboat Ski ResortSteamboat Springs 
02/23/18FY5Globe HallDenver 
02/23/183 Amigos: Roger Clyne, Johnny Hickman & Jim DaltonAgaveAvon 
02/24/18Robert PlantThe Buell TheatreDenverView Tickets
02/24/18J BoogCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
02/24/18LotusFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
02/24/18Hannah Wicklund and The Steppin StonesBlack SheepColorado Springs 
02/24/18PorloloDowntown Artery - COFort Collins 
02/24/18Rob DrabkinBluebird TheaterDenver 
02/24/18MatisyahuFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
02/24/18Granger Smith & Walker McGuireGrizzly RoseDenver 
02/24/18The Alternate RoutesMoxi TheaterGreeley 
02/24/18Depths of Dementia Album Release ShowMarquis Theater - CODenver 
02/24/18Wasted YouthGlobe HallDenver 
02/24/18MonophonicsAnimas City TheatreDurango 
02/24/18Olga Tanon & Hector Acosta1stBank CenterBroomfield 
02/24/18Back To The 80sLincoln Center - Magnolia TheatreFort Collins 
02/24/18Last In LineHermans HideawayDenver 
02/24/18Stuck in the Middle & County LineThe Toad TavernLittleton 
02/25/18Motionless In WhiteAggie TheatreFort CollinsView Tickets
02/25/18MatisyahuBlack SheepColorado Springs 
02/25/18Use The SunLarimer LoungeDenver 
02/25/18Ces CruMoxi TheaterGreeley 
02/26/18Decibel Magazine Tour: Enslaved, Wolves In The Throne Room, Myrkur & KhemmisGothic TheatreEnglewood 
02/26/18PorchesLarimer LoungeDenver 
02/26/18Haunted SummerGlobe HallDenver 
02/26/18CupcakKeMarquis Theater - CODenver 
02/26/18Ren ThomasBlack SheepColorado Springs 
02/27/18Machine HeadThe Summit Music HallDenver 
02/27/18Banff Mountain Film FestivalBoulder TheaterBoulder 
02/27/18MiguelBelly UpAspenView Tickets
02/27/18New PoliticsOgden TheatreDenver 
02/27/18Blitzen TrapperBluebird TheaterDenver 
02/27/18Talib KweliFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
02/27/18CucoLarimer LoungeDenver 
02/28/18Crooked ColoursLarimer LoungeDenver 
02/28/18Blitzen TrapperBlack SheepColorado Springs 
02/28/18Banff Mountain Film FestivalBoulder TheaterBoulder 
02/28/18MiguelOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
02/28/18Iced EarthThe Summit Music HallDenver 
02/28/18Why?Bluebird TheaterDenver 
02/28/18Rachael YamagataGlobe HallDenver 
02/28/18Prince FoxMarquis Theater - CODenver 
02/28/18Talib KweliBelly UpAspen 
03/01/18Banff Mountain Film FestivalBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/01/18Mura MasaOgden TheatreDenver 
03/01/18Septicflesh & Dark FuneralBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/01/18Kyle Hollingsworth BandAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/01/18EyehategodMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/01/18IntuitGlobe HallDenver 
03/01/18Ian MooreHermans HideawayDenver 
03/01/18FlumeBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/01/18No ZodiacBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/02/18NF - Nate FeuersteinFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
03/02/18PVRISOgden TheatreDenver 
03/02/18Head for the HillsCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver 
03/02/18Icon For HireMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/02/18Mod SunMoxi TheaterGreeley 
03/02/18Mr. CarmackGlobe HallDenver 
03/02/18Sam RiggsGrizzly RoseDenver 
03/02/18DorothyBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/02/18AvenhartLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/02/18Mr. Pickles Thrashtacular: Exodus & Municipal WasteThe Summit Music HallDenver 
03/02/18Los HitosHermans HideawayDenver 
03/02/18Dead Floyd & Midnight NorthAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/02/18Lost BoysAgaveAvon 
03/03/18Gabrielle AplinGlobe HallDenver 
03/03/18Mod SunBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/03/18Icon For HireSunshine Studios - COColorado Springs 
03/03/18Mat Kearney & Andrew BelleFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
03/03/18Betty WhoGothic TheatreEnglewood 
03/03/18DorothyFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
03/03/18Tiny Moving PartsMarquis Theater - CODenverView Tickets
03/03/18Musketeer GripweedHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/03/18Robert StevensonLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/03/18Kyle Hollingsworth BandBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/03/18Josh Hoyer and Soul ColossalMoxi TheaterGreeley 
03/03/18SoDownOgden TheatreDenver 
03/03/18Adventure ClubBelly UpAspen 
03/03/18Ben Miller BandAgaveAvon 
03/04/18Ty Dolla SignCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenverView Tickets
03/04/18Ty Dolla SignCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenverView Tickets
03/04/18Los LobosBoulder TheaterBoulderView Tickets
03/04/18Natalia LaFourcadeOgden TheatreDenver 
03/04/18Ben Miller BandGlobe HallDenver 
03/04/18Social AnimalsLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/05/18LordePepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
03/05/18BullyLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/05/18Alex CameronGlobe HallDenver 
03/05/18WatainGothic TheatreEnglewood 
03/05/18The CommodoresVilar Center For The ArtsAvon 
03/05/18SlavesMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/05/18Between The Buried And MeOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
03/05/18War Of Ages & ConvictionsMoon Room at The Summit Music HallDenver 
03/05/18Midnight NorthAnimas City TheatreDurango 
03/06/18Celtic NightsLincoln Center Performance HallFort Collins 
03/06/18Awolnation & Nothing But ThievesFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver 
03/06/18G-Eazy1stBank CenterBroomfieldView Tickets
03/06/18Good Old WarBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/06/18GoldfishBelly UpAspen 
03/06/18We Came as RomansMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/06/18Judy CollinsRialto Theatre - COLoveland 
03/07/18Umphrey's McGeeBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/07/18CatapultVilar Center For The ArtsAvon 
03/07/18Igor and The Red ElvisesHermans HideawayDenver 
03/07/18Ramzoid & AObeatsMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/07/18OtherwiseBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/08/18Justin Moore & Dylan Scott1stBank CenterBroomfieldView Tickets
03/08/18Why Don't WeOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
03/08/18Martin SextonAnimas City TheatreDurango 
03/08/18Shovels and RopeThe Sheridan Opera HouseTelluride 
03/08/18Umphrey's McGeeBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/08/18DrezoLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/08/18HirieCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/08/18Anders Osborne SoloArmory Event Center - COFort Collins 
03/08/18CharlestheFirstAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/08/18MonophonicsFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
03/09/18Shovels and RopeBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/09/18Phillip PhillipsOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
03/09/18The ExpendablesBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/09/18LuciusWashington's - Fort CollinsFort Collins 
03/09/18Umphrey's McGeeBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/09/18HavokGothic TheatreEnglewood 
03/09/18Pigeons Playing Ping Pong & Joe Hertler and The Rainbow SeekersAnimas City TheatreDurango 
03/09/18CatapultMemorial Hall - PuebloPueblo 
03/09/18MovementsLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/09/18New Orleans SuspectsGlobe HallDenver 
03/09/18CharlestheFirstCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/09/18Eric PaslayGrizzly RoseDenver 
03/09/18Steel PantherFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
03/09/18Anders OsborneBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/09/18B.O.B.Southwest Motors Events Center At Colorado State FairPuebloView Tickets
03/10/18MarmozetsGlobe HallDenver 
03/10/18They Might Be GiantsGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
03/10/18Clay WalkerGrizzly RoseDenver 
03/10/18The ExpendablesCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/10/18LuciusBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/10/18Datsik1stBank CenterBroomfieldView Tickets
03/10/18Y&TBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/10/18Knocked LooseMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/10/18Phillip PhillipsLincoln Center Performance HallFort CollinsView Tickets
03/10/18Pigeons Playing Ping Pong & Joe Hertler and The Rainbow SeekersOgden TheatreDenver 
03/10/18The ContortionistThe Summit Music HallDenver 
03/10/18Sar Isatum, Horde Of Draugar, Music Distroyer, Augur, Ekelhaft & AmdusiasThe Toad TavernLittleton 
03/10/18Mr. BillAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/10/18DragondeerBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/11/18The ArchitectsThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
03/11/18They Might Be GiantsFox Theatre - BoulderBoulderView Tickets
03/11/18Reverend Horton HeatMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
03/11/18Martin Sexton & Keller WilliamsWashington's - Fort CollinsFort Collins 
03/11/18K.D. LangParamount Theatre - DenverDenverView Tickets
03/11/18KatharsisHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/11/18FuturisticCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/11/18HirieBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/11/18Vinyl Theatre & VesperteenGothic TheatreEnglewood 
03/11/18Rings of SaturnMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/11/18George Clinton & Parliament FunkadelicOgden TheatreDenver 
03/12/18DatsikBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/13/18Walk Off The EarthFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
03/13/18Joanne Shaw TaylorMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
03/13/18BogTroTTerHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/13/18Shoreline MafiaMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/14/18Glen HansardBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/14/18Lucy RoseLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/14/18Our Last NightBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/14/18TurkuazClub Red at Telluride Conference CenterTelluride 
03/14/18The Lone BellowGothic TheatreEnglewood 
03/14/18Sorority NoiseMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/14/18Tigers JawBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/14/18Wyclef JeanThe Summit Music HallDenver 
03/14/18Bon JoviPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
03/14/18Ryan CaraveoHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/14/18Chali 2naAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/14/18Taylor BennettFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
03/15/18TurkuazThe Barkley BallroomFrisco 
03/15/18Harms WayLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/15/18Sam Bush BandAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/15/18ProtomartyrGlobe HallDenver 
03/16/18Anderson EastGothic TheatreEnglewood 
03/16/18DoyleMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
03/16/18TurkuazAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/16/18SpaffordThe Barkley BallroomFrisco 
03/16/18Declan McKennaHodi's Half NoteFort CollinsView Tickets
03/16/18Chali 2NA & House of VibeAgaveAvon 
03/16/18The Naked and FamousFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
03/16/18The Nth PowerAnimas City TheatreDurango 
03/16/18Kane BrownFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
03/16/18The Magic BeansCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/16/18Los TemerariosBellco TheatreDenverView Tickets
03/17/18CoinGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
03/17/18GalacticFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
03/17/18DoyleHermans HideawayDenver 
03/17/18Declan McKennaBlack SheepColorado SpringsView Tickets
03/17/18DarlingsideBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/17/18The MenzingersThe Summit Music HallDenver 
03/17/18Sam BushBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/17/18Mark Farina & Sacha RobottiCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/17/18Anderson EastWashington's - Fort CollinsFort Collins 
03/17/18The Nth PowerAnimas City TheatreDurango 
03/17/18The Naked and FamousBelly UpAspen 
03/17/18G Love & Special SauceFox Theatre - BoulderBoulderView Tickets
03/17/18The Magic BeansAggie TheatreFort Collins 
03/17/18OakhurstGlobe HallDenver 
03/18/18Anderson EastClub Red at Telluride Conference CenterTelluride 
03/18/18Declan McKennaFox Theatre - BoulderBoulderView Tickets
03/18/18Norma JeanMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/18/18Lil SkiesGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
03/19/18Collective SoulPikes Peak CenterColorado SpringsView Tickets
03/19/18Titus AndronicusGlobe HallDenver 
03/19/18Current JoysLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/19/18GrizBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/20/18OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkOgden TheatreDenver 
03/20/18Chicago - The BandPikes Peak CenterColorado SpringsView Tickets
03/20/18Kid RockPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
03/20/18Dermot KennedyMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/20/18Eden & VeriteGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
03/20/18Act of DefianceBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/20/18StarcrawlerGlobe HallDenver 
03/21/18Kolars & EscondidoGlobe HallDenver 
03/21/18U.S. GirlsLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/21/18The Fly Fishing Film TourBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/21/18The Lil SmokiesBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/21/18Act of DefianceMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
03/21/18Low Cut ConnieBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/22/18Arturo Sandoval SextetLincoln Center Performance HallFort Collins 
03/22/18Colorado Symphony: Star Wars' A New Hope In Concert1stBank CenterBroomfield 
03/22/18Mt. JoyLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/22/18The Glorious SonsGlobe HallDenver 
03/22/18Dimond SaintsFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
03/23/18John Hiatt, The Goners & Sonny LandrethOriental Theater - DenverDenver 
03/23/18The MowglisGlobe HallDenver 
03/23/18Senses Fail, Reggie and The Full Effect, Have Mercy & HouseholdThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
03/23/18LoCashGrizzly RoseDenverView Tickets
03/23/18Elephant RevivalBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/23/18Gloria Trevi & Alejandra GuzmanPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
03/23/18The Glorious SonsBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/23/18Attack on VenusDowntown Artery - COFort Collins 
03/23/18Russ Liquid TestCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/23/18The Lil SmokiesFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
03/24/18Andy GrammerGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
03/24/18Colorado Symphony: Star Wars' A New Hope In Concert1stBank CenterBroomfield 
03/24/18Dance Party Time MachineCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/24/18John Hiatt & The GonersBoulder TheaterBoulder 
03/24/18The Hunna & CoastsMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/24/18Elephant RevivalBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/24/18David Benoit & Marc AntoineThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver 
03/24/18Battle of the BandsMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
03/24/18The WerksHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/24/18Adelitas WayBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/24/18Drowning PoolHermans HideawayDenver 
03/24/18Dying FetusThe Summit Music HallDenver 
03/25/18The SuffersGlobe HallDenver 
03/25/18The Lil SmokiesAnimas City TheatreDurango 
03/25/18John HiattVilar Center For The ArtsAvon 
03/25/18The Casket LotteryMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/25/18AfromanThe Barkley BallroomFrisco 
03/26/18SecretsMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/26/18Twin PeaksBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/27/18L.A. SalamiLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/27/18Romeo SantosPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
03/27/18SoMoBluebird TheaterDenverView Tickets
03/27/18Knuckle PuckBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/27/18PlantraeHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/27/18Every Time I DieStreets of London PubDenver 
03/27/18Ex-GirlfriendsGlobe HallDenver 
03/27/18Roy WoodsThe Summit Music HallDenver 
03/28/18ASAP FergOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
03/28/18Buddy GuyParamount Theatre - DenverDenverView Tickets
03/28/18nothing,nowhere.Larimer LoungeDenverView Tickets
03/28/18David LuningGlobe HallDenver 
03/29/18Michael SchenkerCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/29/18Big SomethingBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/29/18CovexLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/29/18Good GravyHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/29/18Matt and KimOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
03/29/18Jon WolfeBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/30/18Medeski, Martin and WoodOgden TheatreDenver 
03/30/18The Drunken Hearts Album ReleaseGlobe HallDenver 
03/30/18Big SomethingHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
03/30/18Eli Young BandGrizzly RoseDenverView Tickets
03/30/18Richard MarxVilar Center For The ArtsAvonView Tickets
03/30/18The Goddamn Gallows & Koffin KatsGothic TheatreEnglewood 
03/30/18AntibalasCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
03/30/18EuforquestraBluebird TheaterDenver 
03/30/18Iya TerraBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/31/18Medeski, Martin & WoodOgden TheatreDenver 
03/31/18Third Annual Goth Prom: CovenantThe Summit Music HallDenver 
03/31/18The Goddamn Gallows & Koffin KatsMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
03/31/18Lucy DacusGlobe HallDenver 
03/31/18SpoonBelly UpAspenView Tickets
03/31/18Devin the DudeBlack SheepColorado Springs 
03/31/18Los Amigos InvisiblesLa RumbaDenver 
03/31/18ThirdstoryMarquis Theater - CODenver 
03/31/18ChromeLarimer LoungeDenver 
03/31/18KlingandeGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/01/18TaakeGlobe HallDenver 
04/03/18NightwishParamount Theatre - DenverDenver 
04/03/18Pale WavesLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/03/18Forever Came CallingMarquis Theater - CODenverView Tickets
04/03/18The Sword & Shawn JamesMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
04/03/18Circa Survive & FoxingBoulder TheaterBoulder 
04/04/18The Soft MoonLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/04/18Jake BuggBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/04/18The Grass Is DeadHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
04/04/18The SwordGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/05/18Dan AuerbachParamount Theatre - DenverDenver 
04/05/18Liza AnneGlobe HallDenver 
04/05/18Ty SegallOgden TheatreDenver 
04/05/18BathsBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/05/18Built To SpillGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/05/18Austin Basham & Hollow CovesLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/05/18Frankie CosmosFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
04/06/183LAUFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver 
04/06/18Billie EilishBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/06/18MissioBelly UpAspen 
04/06/18Phoebe BridgersLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/06/18Dead MeadowGlobe HallDenver 
04/06/18The QueersHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
04/06/18Frankie CosmosBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/06/18The NeighbourhoodOgden TheatreDenver 
04/06/18TAUKAggie TheatreFort Collins 
04/06/18EOTOThe Barkley BallroomFrisco 
04/06/18Southern AvenueMoxi TheaterGreeley 
04/06/18Eminence EnsembleFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
04/07/18The DarknessGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/07/18Durand Jones & The IndicationsLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/07/18MissioMarquis Theater - CODenver 
04/07/18TaukOgden TheatreDenver 
04/07/18MoonchildGlobe HallDenver 
04/07/18MissioThe Summit Music HallDenver 
04/07/18Alt-JFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
04/07/18Cut ChemistCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
04/08/18Riff RaffMoxi TheaterGreeley 
04/08/18Gill LandryGlobe HallDenver 
04/08/18The GardenMarquis Theater - CODenver 
04/08/18The QueersHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
04/08/18Alt-JFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
04/09/18Dashboard ConfessionalThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
04/09/18Acid Mothers TempleLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/09/18Shawn JamesBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/09/18MoonchildHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
04/09/18JungleGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
04/10/18LunaFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
04/10/18Moose BloodThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
04/10/1810 YearsMarquis Theater - CODenver 
04/10/18Yung GravyCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver 
04/10/18Timber TimbreGlobe HallDenver 
04/11/18EchosmithGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/11/18Judas PriestBudweiser Events CenterLovelandView Tickets
04/11/18The BronxBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/11/18Yung GravyHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
04/12/18Reckless KellyThe Ute TheaterRifle 
04/12/18Coast ModernBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/12/18BrasstracksFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
04/12/18I'm With Her: Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O'DonovanBoulder TheaterBoulder 
04/12/18The English BeatThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver 
04/12/1810 YearsMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
04/12/18The ExpandersAnimas City TheatreDurango 
04/12/18Consider The SourceBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/12/18LostboycrowHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
04/13/18Brian FallonGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
04/13/18Reckless KellyGrizzly RoseDenver 
04/13/18Nina DiazLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/13/18KasboFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
04/14/18Face Vocal BandSangre de Cristo Arts & Conference CenterPuebloView Tickets
04/14/18Dixie DregsBoulder TheaterBoulder 
04/14/18The ResidentsBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/14/18Tyler ChildersGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/14/18TurnstileMarquis Theater - CODenver 
04/15/18TimefliesGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
04/15/18The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/16/18Cradle of FilthThe Summit Music HallDenver 
04/17/18TurnoverThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
04/17/18Kate NashGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/18/18Branford Marsalis QuartetLincoln Center Performance HallFort Collins 
04/18/18John ConleeMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
04/18/18Lincoln Durham & The Ghost WolvesHodi's Half NoteFort Collins 
04/18/18The BreedersOgden TheatreDenver 
04/18/18Red Sun RisingBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/18/18Brian WilsonPikes Peak CenterColorado SpringsView Tickets
04/18/18In This MomentFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
04/18/18Camila CabelloParamount Theatre - DenverDenverView Tickets
04/19/18311, Method Man & RedmanRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
04/19/18Lincoln DurhamMarquis Theater - CODenver 
04/19/18420 Kickoff Party!: Grantful DeadCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
04/20/18Cigarettes After SexFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder 
04/20/18311Ogden TheatreDenverView Tickets
04/20/18Front 242The Summit Music HallDenver 
04/20/18Joe NicholsGrizzly RoseDenverView Tickets
04/20/18AfromanGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/20/18Split Lip RayfieldBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/20/18TEXAS HIPPIE COALITIONHermans HideawayDenver 
04/20/18Flosstradamus, Kayzo & Famous DexRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
04/21/18Book of LoveHermans HideawayDenver 
04/21/18WatskyOgden TheatreDenver 
04/21/18Opiuo, SunSquabi & FlamingosisRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
04/21/18Wild ChildBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/21/18AfromanAggie TheatreFort Collins 
04/22/18Jonathan DavisOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
04/22/183TEETHMarquis Theater - CODenver 
04/23/18Carpenter BrutGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/23/18KhruangbinBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/23/18Charlotte CardinGlobe HallDenver 
04/24/18Tom MischGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/24/18Skizzy MarsCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
04/25/18Big K.R.I.T.Cervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver 
04/25/18Fortunate YouthAggie TheatreFort Collins 
04/25/18Colter WallGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/25/18King KruleOgden TheatreDenver 
04/26/18Fortunate YouthBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/26/18Rogue WaveBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/26/18Marian HillOgden TheatreDenver 
04/26/18The BrevetLarimer LoungeDenver 
04/27/18Fortunate Youth & Mike LoveCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver 
04/27/18LANCOGrizzly RoseDenver 
04/27/18Vulfpeck, Kamasi Washington & KnowerRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
04/27/18Rainbow Kitten SurpriseOgden TheatreDenver 
04/28/18Rainbow Kitten SurpriseOgden TheatreDenver 
04/28/18Tracy LawrenceGrizzly RoseDenver 
04/28/18Of MontrealBluebird TheaterDenver 
04/28/18Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival: The Offspring, Pennywise & Street DogsFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewood 
04/28/18Hayley KiyokoThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
04/29/18Parquet CourtsGothic TheatreEnglewood 
04/29/18CarnageThe Summit Music HallDenver 
04/29/18Mike LoveBlack SheepColorado Springs 
04/30/18IamxBluebird TheaterDenver 
05/01/18KamelotOgden TheatreDenver 
05/01/18Madison BeerThe Summit Music HallDenver 
05/01/18American Pleasure ClubGlobe HallDenver 
05/01/18DumbfoundeadBluebird TheaterDenver 
05/02/18George EzraOgden TheatreDenver 
05/02/18Pokey LaFargeGlobe HallDenverView Tickets
05/02/18FijiMesa Theater & ClubGrand Junction 
05/03/18Ruki Vverh!Gothic TheatreEnglewood 
05/03/18Terence Blanchard and The E-CollectiveUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver 
05/03/18X Ambassadors, MisterWives & Allan RaymanRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/03/18Pokey LaFargeGlobe HallDenverView Tickets
05/03/18FijiBlack SheepColorado Springs 
05/04/18MalumaBellco TheatreDenverView Tickets
05/04/18Jake MillerGlobe HallDenverView Tickets
05/04/18Twiddle & Stick FigureRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/04/18Jammin De Mayo: Zapp, Lisa Lisa, MC Magic & TierraMagness ArenaDenver 
05/04/18Mark ChesnuttGrizzly RoseDenver 
05/05/18Steven WilsonOgden TheatreDenver 
05/05/18K. FlayThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
05/05/18Phil LeshRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/05/18Jukebox the GhostBluebird TheaterDenverView Tickets
05/05/18IngestedBlack SheepColorado Springs 
05/06/18Chris Robinson's As the Crow Flies & Once and Future BandOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
05/06/18Primus & MastodonRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/07/18MGMTFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver 
05/08/18PinkPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
05/08/18The FratellisBluebird TheaterDenver 
05/08/18Bishop BriggsOgden TheatreDenver 
05/09/18Brazilian GirlsBluebird TheaterDenver 
05/09/18ZoeThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
05/10/18Soulfly & NileHermans HideawayDenver 
05/10/18Hall and Oates & TrainPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
05/11/18Sofi TukkerGothic TheatreEnglewood 
05/11/18Charly BlissMarquis Theater - CODenver 
05/11/18Russell DickersonGrizzly RoseDenver 
05/11/18Whiskey ShiversGlobe HallDenver 
05/12/18Global Dub Festival: Ganja White Night & ZomboyRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/12/18Head for the HillsMishawaka AmphitheatreBellvue 
05/12/18Charly BlissBlack SheepColorado Springs 
05/13/18Todrick HallGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
05/13/18George FitzgeraldLarimer LoungeDenver 
05/13/18Modest MouseRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/14/18KhalidRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/14/18Todrick HallThe Avalon Theatre - COGrand JunctionView Tickets
05/14/18CounterfeitLarimer LoungeDenver 
05/15/18TesseractThe Summit Music HallDenver 
05/16/18Born RuffiansLarimer LoungeDenver 
05/17/18Three Dog NightParamount Theatre - DenverDenverView Tickets
05/17/18Brian Jonestown MassacreGothic TheatreEnglewood 
05/17/18Joey Bada$$Ogden TheatreDenver 
05/18/18Randy HouserGrizzly RoseDenverView Tickets
05/18/18HindsGlobe HallDenver 
05/18/18SatyriconMarquis Theater - CODenver 
05/18/18ObituaryGothic TheatreEnglewood 
05/18/18The StrutsOgden TheatreDenver 
05/19/18Shelvis and The RoustaboutsSangre de Cristo Arts & Conference CenterPueblo 
05/19/18Above and BeyondRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/19/18Godspeed You! Black EmperorOgden TheatreDenver 
05/20/18Elephant Revival & Blind PilotRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/20/18Pedro The LionBluebird TheaterDenver 
05/20/18Luis MiguelPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
05/21/18Pedro The LionWashington's - Fort CollinsFort Collins 
05/21/18Phantogram & TychoRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/21/18Sum 41Ogden TheatreDenver 
05/22/18Brian CulbertsonThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenverView Tickets
05/22/18The DecemberistsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/22/18KimbraBluebird TheaterDenver 
05/22/18Wolf Parade & JapandroidsOgden TheatreDenver 
05/23/18Celtic WomanPikes Peak CenterColorado Springs 
05/23/18Fu ManchuStreets of London PubDenver 
05/23/18Oh WonderOgden TheatreDenver 
05/23/18Wye OakBluebird TheaterDenver 
05/23/18Poison & Cheap TrickFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
05/23/18Hawthorne HeightsMarquis Theater - CODenver 
05/24/18Celtic WomanBudweiser Events CenterLoveland 
05/24/18Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness & Allen StoneGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
05/24/18The Disco BiscuitsOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
05/24/18Louis The Child, QUinn XCII & PhantomsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/25/18Taylor SwiftSports Authority Field At Mile HighDenverView Tickets
05/25/18The Devil Makes Three, The Wood Brothers & Murder By DeathRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/25/18The Disco BiscuitsOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
05/25/18Brent CobbGlobe HallDenver 
05/26/18The Disco BiscuitsOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
05/26/18Emancipator EnsembleRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/27/18The Disco BiscuitsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/27/18James Taylor and His All Star Band & Bonnie RaittFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
05/28/18HaimRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/29/18King TuffGlobe HallDenver 
05/29/18Five Finger Death Punch & Of Mice and MenRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/30/18Gang of YouthsGlobe HallDenver 
05/30/18Minus The BearThe Summit Music HallDenverView Tickets
05/30/18InsomniumHermans HideawayDenver 
05/30/18Paul SimonFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
05/30/18Vance JoyRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
05/31/18Stone Temple PilotsBoulder TheaterBoulderView Tickets
06/01/18Michael Franti & SpearheadRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/02/18The Motet & BoomBoxRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/02/18Hawthorne HeightsMoxi TheaterGreeley 
06/03/18MarshmelloRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/03/18Hawthorne HeightsBlack SheepColorado Springs 
06/05/18WeenRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/05/18Styx & Joan Jett and the BlackheartsFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewood 
06/07/18The DescendentsBlack SheepColorado SpringsView Tickets
06/08/18Lettuce & The FlooziesRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/08/18New Found GloryOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
06/08/18Okkervil RiverBluebird TheaterDenver 
06/08/18The DescendentsBoulder TheaterBoulderView Tickets
06/08/18Clint BlackParamount Theatre - DenverDenverView Tickets
06/09/18Big Head Todd and the MonstersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/09/18Brian Setzer's Rockabilly RiotLas Colonias Park AmphitheaterGrand JunctionView Tickets
06/09/18The DescendentsMishawaka AmphitheatreBellvueView Tickets
06/10/18John Butler TrioRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/12/18Bryan AdamsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/12/18Steely Dan & The Doobie BrothersPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
06/12/18CalexicoBoulder TheaterBoulder 
06/13/18Turnpike Troubadours & Randy Rogers BandRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/13/18Dr. Dog & (Sandy) Alex GOgden TheatreDenver 
06/14/18Country Jam: Florida Georgia Line, Miranda Lambert & Brantley Gilbert - 4 Day PassCountry Jam USA Campground - Grand JunctionGrand Junction 
06/14/18Dr. Dog & (Sandy) Alex GOgden TheatreDenver 
06/14/18Ryan AdamsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/15/18Bart Crow & Zane WilliamsGrizzly RoseDenver 
06/15/18OdeszaRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/16/18OdeszaRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/17/18Kesha & MacklemorePepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
06/19/18Barenaked Ladies, Better Than Ezra & KT TunstallRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/19/18Chad ValleyLarimer LoungeDenver 
06/19/18Belle and SebastianOgden TheatreDenver 
06/20/18Chicago & REO SpeedwagonPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
06/20/18KaleoRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/21/18Telluride Bluegrass Festival - 4 Day PassTown Park TellurideTelluride 
06/21/18Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Thursday PassTown Park TellurideTelluride 
06/21/18Sugarland, Brandy Clark & Clare BowenFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
06/21/18Tech N9neBlack SheepColorado SpringsView Tickets
06/22/18Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Friday PassTown Park TellurideTelluride 
06/22/18JAS June Experience - 2 Day PassBenedict Music TentAspen 
06/22/18JAS June Experience - Friday AdmissionBenedict Music TentAspen 
06/22/18Tech N9neMesa Theater & ClubGrand JunctionView Tickets
06/22/18Flotsam And JetsamHermans HideawayDenver 
06/22/18Mary Chapin CarpenterDenver Botanic GardensDenver 
06/23/18Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Saturday PassTown Park TellurideTelluride 
06/23/18JAS June Experience - Saturday AdmissionBenedict Music TentAspen 
06/23/18Tech N9neFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenverView Tickets
06/24/18Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Sunday PassTown Park TellurideTelluride 
06/28/18The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer BandCoors FieldDenverView Tickets
06/28/18Chromeo & The Glitch MobRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/29/18The Avett BrothersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
06/30/18Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion & Brandon LaySports Authority Field At Mile HighDenverView Tickets
06/30/18The Avett BrothersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/01/18The Avett BrothersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/02/18Zeds DeadRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/02/18Zeds Dead - 2 Day PassRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/03/18Harry Styles & Kacey MusgravesPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
07/03/18Zeds DeadRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/05/18Umphrey's McGeeRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/06/18Umphrey's McGeeRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/07/18Umphrey's McGeeRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/08/18Dark Star OrchestraRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/09/18The MavericksDenver Botanic GardensDenverView Tickets
07/12/18moe.Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/13/18Dead & CompanyFolsom FieldBoulderView Tickets
07/13/18Dead & Company - 2 Day PassFolsom FieldBoulder 
07/13/18GrizRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/14/18The Ride Festival - Weekend PassTown Park TellurideTelluride 
07/14/18Dead & CompanyFolsom FieldBoulderView Tickets
07/14/18Keith Urban & Kelsea BalleriniFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
07/14/18GrizRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/16/18Unknown Mortal OrchestraGothic TheatreEnglewood 
07/19/18Trampled By TurtlesRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/20/18String Cheese Incident - 3 Day PassRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/20/18String Cheese Incident (Time: TBD)Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/21/18String Cheese Incident (Time: TBD)Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/21/18Journey & Def LeppardCoors FieldDenverView Tickets
07/22/18String Cheese Incident (Time: TBD)Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/22/18Colorado Symphony Orchestra: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - Film With Live OrchestraBoettcher Concert HallDenver 
07/23/18Taj Mahal & Keb Mo BandDenver Botanic GardensDenver 
07/24/18Foreigner & WhitesnakePepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
07/25/18Melissa EtheridgeDenver Botanic GardensDenverView Tickets
07/27/18Shania TwainPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
07/27/18Rocky Grass Festival - 3 Day PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
07/27/18Rocky Grass Festival - Friday PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
07/27/18Beats Antique & The Polish AmbassadorRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/27/18Agent OrangeGlobe HallDenver 
07/27/18Chaka KhanDenver Botanic GardensDenver 
07/28/18Rocky Grass Festival - Saturday PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
07/28/18Tedeschi Trucks Band, Drive By Truckers & The Marcus King BandRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/28/18Tedeschi Trucks Band, Drive By Truckers & The Marcus King Band - 2 Day PassRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/29/18Rocky Grass Festival - Sunday PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
07/29/18Tedeschi Trucks Band, Drive By Truckers & The Marcus King BandRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
07/29/18GusterDenver Botanic GardensDenver 
07/31/18Weezer & PixiesFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
07/31/18Stephen Malkmus and The JicksGothic TheatreEnglewood 
08/03/18ARISE Music Festival - 3 Day PassSunrise RanchLoveland 
08/03/18ARISE Music Festival - Friday Admission (Time: TBD)Sunrise RanchLoveland 
08/03/18Ben Harper & Charlie MusselwhiteGothic TheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
08/03/18Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls, Lucero - The Band & The MenzingersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/04/18ARISE Music Festival - Saturday Admission (Time: TBD)Sunrise RanchLoveland 
08/04/18Luke Bryan & Sam HuntSports Authority Field At Mile HighDenverView Tickets
08/04/18War - Band & Tower of PowerLevitt Pavilion DenverDenver 
08/04/18Steve Miller Band & Peter FramptonFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
08/05/18ARISE Music Festival - Sunday Admission (Time: TBD)Sunrise RanchLoveland 
08/05/18Joe BonamassaRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison 
08/08/18Jeff Lynne's Electric Light OrchestraPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
08/08/18Jack White1stBank CenterBroomfieldView Tickets
08/08/18Portugal. The ManRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/09/18Angelique KidjoDenver Botanic GardensDenver 
08/10/18ErasureEllie Caulkins Opera HouseDenverView Tickets
08/10/18Chris Stapleton, Marty Stuart & Brent CobbPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
08/10/18The MelvinsGothic TheatreEnglewood 
08/11/18The MelvinsAggie TheatreFort Collins 
08/12/18Brandi CarlileRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/12/18Lost 80's LiveFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewood 
08/15/18Gipsy KingsDenver Botanic GardensDenver 
08/16/18Joe Russo's Almost DeadRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/17/18Rocky Mountain Folks Festival - 3 Day PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
08/17/18Rocky Mountain Folks Festival - Friday PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
08/17/18Pepe AguilarPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
08/17/18Railroad EarthBoulder TheaterBoulderView Tickets
08/18/18Rocky Mountain Folks Festival - Saturday PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
08/18/18Railroad EarthRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/19/18Rocky Mountain Folks Festival - Sunday PassPlanet BluegrassLyons 
08/20/18Niall Horan & Maren MorrisRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/21/18Sam SmithPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
08/22/18Rod Stewart & Cyndi LauperPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
08/22/18Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night SweatsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/23/18Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night SweatsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/24/18SNAP! 90s Dance PartyOphelia's Electric SoapboxDenver 
08/24/18Dave Matthews BandFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
08/24/18ABBA The ConcertLevitt Pavilion DenverDenver 
08/25/18Dave Matthews BandFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewoodView Tickets
08/27/18David ByrneRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/28/18David ByrneRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/29/18IlleniumRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/30/18Shakey Graves & Jose Gonzalez and The Brite LitesRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
08/31/18JAS Aspen Snowmass - 3 Day PassSnowmass Village At Town ParkSnowmass Village 
08/31/18Jas Aspen Snowmass - FridaySnowmass Village At Town ParkSnowmass Village 
08/31/18PhishDick's Sporting Goods ParkCommerce CityView Tickets
08/31/18Phish - 3 Day PassDick's Sporting Goods ParkCommerce CityView Tickets
09/01/18Jas Aspen Snowmass - SaturdaySnowmass Village At Town ParkSnowmass Village 
09/01/18PhishDick's Sporting Goods ParkCommerce CityView Tickets
09/02/18Jas Aspen Snowmass - SundaySnowmass Village At Town ParkSnowmass Village 
09/02/18PhishDick's Sporting Goods ParkCommerce CityView Tickets
09/02/18Jason MrazRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/03/18Jason Isbell & The 400 UnitRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/05/18Smashing PumpkinsPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
09/07/18Bruno Mars & Cardi BPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
09/08/18Bruno Mars & Cardi BPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
09/09/18Maroon 5 & Julia MichaelsPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
09/09/18O.A.R. & Matt NathansonRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/10/18Mac DeMarcoRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/16/18Trapfest: Nghtmre & SlanderRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/17/18Punch Brothers & Gillian WelchRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/21/18Greensky BluegrassOgden TheatreDenverView Tickets
09/21/18Greensky Bluegrass - 3 Day Pass (Includes Ogden Theatre & Red Rocks events)Ogden TheatreDenver 
09/22/18Greensky BluegrassRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/23/18Greensky BluegrassRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
09/29/18Amorphis, Dark Tranquility & MoonspellHermans HideawayDenver 
10/02/18Ozzy Osbourne & Stone SourPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
10/05/18SnailsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
10/10/18Foo FightersPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
10/12/18John TeshParamount Theatre - DenverDenver 
10/13/18RezzRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonView Tickets
11/07/18John Prine & Nathaniel RateliffRiverwalk CenterBreckenridge 
11/08/18John Prine & Nathaniel RateliffThe Avalon Theatre - COGrand Junction 
11/10/18John Prine & Nathaniel RateliffThe Buell TheatreDenver 
01/29/19Justin TimberlakePepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets
02/07/19Elton JohnPepsi Center - DenverDenverView Tickets

Check out the calendar above to see the hottest concerts coming to Colorado this year! You can find great tickets to see shows at top Colorado venues like Pepsi Center, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre, Stampede Arena, Pikes Peak Center, and Fillmore Auditorium. In addition to the wide variety of concert venues, Colorado has a large selection of music festivals every year including Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Rockgrass Festival, and Arise Music Festival. Grab your tickets today!

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