District Of Columbia Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in District Of Columbia. This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in District Of Columbia! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the provided link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

District Of Columbia concert calendar:

04/19/19Lotus9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/19/19Kenny ChesneyThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/19/19The CoathangersDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/19/19Adventure ClubEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
04/19/1976 Degrees WestThe HamiltonWashington 
04/19/19CopelandUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/19/19Leon9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/19/19TennysonU Street Music HallWashington 
04/19/19DillinjaU Street Music HallWashington 
04/19/19Tommy Castro and The PainkillersPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
04/20/19Tom Odell9:30 ClubWashington 
04/20/19Tracy HamlinCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
04/20/19Willie NileThe HamiltonWashington 
04/20/19Lotus9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/20/19Toro Y MoiU Street Music HallWashington 
04/20/19BayonneSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
04/20/19Against The CurrentU Street Music HallWashington 
04/20/19Monica & K. MichelleWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
04/20/19Hamed HomayounDAR Constitution HallWashington 
04/20/19LightmareComet Ping PongWashington 
04/21/19Ryan Bingham9:30 ClubWashington 
04/21/19KolarsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/21/19Anna Of The NorthU Street Music HallWashington 
04/22/19Nick Mason's Saucerful of SecretsDAR Constitution HallWashington 
04/22/19Rival Sons9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/22/19Big BoiHoward Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/23/19Los Amigos Invicibles & AterciopeladosHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
04/24/19Acid Mothers TempleBlack CatWashington 
04/24/19Kodak BlackThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/24/19Emily ReoComet Ping PongWashington 
04/24/19Family of the Year & LydiaU Street Music HallWashington 
04/25/19Blue October9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/25/19Alvaro TorresLisner AuditoriumWashington 
04/25/19DeathHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
04/25/19Sam RiggsGypsy Sally'sWashington 
04/26/19Joan BaezWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/26/19Snow PatrolThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/26/19Manila KillaU Street Music HallWashington 
04/26/19The Mountain Goats9:30 ClubWashington 
04/27/19Joy WilliamsThe Miracle TheatreWashington 
04/27/19The Southern GothicHill Country DCWashington 
04/27/19Cassadee PopeU Street Music HallWashington 
04/27/19Matt MaesonDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/27/19OnraU Street Music HallWashington 
04/27/19Coming To America Music FestivalThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/27/19Lil BabyEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
04/28/19GirlpoolBlack CatWashington 
04/28/19HealthRock And Roll HotelWashington 
04/28/19Sunn O)))Howard Theatre - DCWashington 
04/28/19Jorja Smith & Kali UchisThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/28/19Lisa LoebThe HamiltonWashington 
04/28/19Hot ChipU Street Music HallWashington 
04/29/19Beth HartSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
04/29/19Camp CopeBlack CatWashington 
04/30/19Julia JacklinRock And Roll HotelWashington 
04/30/19Iron & WineKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
05/01/19Della MaeThe HamiltonWashington 
05/01/19Bright Light Social HourSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
05/01/19Foxing & Now, NowU Street Music HallWashington 
05/01/19Parachute9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/01/19Tenth Mountain DivisionGypsy Sally'sWashington 
05/02/19Missio9:30 ClubWashington 
05/02/19Maren MorrisThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/02/19Boogie & KB DevaughnSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
05/02/19HellogoodbyeU Street Music HallWashington 
05/03/19Imogen HeapLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
05/03/19The Strumbellas9:30 ClubWashington 
05/03/19SasamiDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/03/19Laura Stevenson & The CansBlack CatWashington 
05/03/19GZAHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/03/19The Wild FeathersThe HamiltonWashington 
05/03/19Holy Ghost!U Street Music HallWashington 
05/03/19Jamla Is the Squad Vol. II: Rapsody, GQ, Heather Victoria, Reuben Vincent, Actual Proof & Ian KellyKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/03/19Ilan BluestoneGlow at SoundcheckWashington 
05/04/19Delta Rae9:30 ClubWashington 
05/04/19Bea MillerU Street Music HallWashington 
05/04/19Eli "Paperboy" ReedThe HamiltonWashington 
05/04/19Red Wanting BlueGypsy Sally'sWashington 
05/04/19Imogen HeapLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
05/04/19The LoxHoward Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
05/04/19Higher Brothers9:30 ClubWashington 
05/05/19TR/STU Street Music HallWashington 
05/05/19EtanaPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
05/06/19The Dandy Warhols9:30 ClubWashington 
05/06/19I Don't Know How But They Found MeUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/07/19Wallows9:30 ClubWashington 
05/08/19FKJ9:30 ClubWashington 
05/08/19Night BeatsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/08/19Lil Pump & Lil SkiesThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
05/08/19SlumberjackFlash - DCWashington 
05/08/19John Paul WhiteUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/09/19AnomalieU Street Music HallWashington 
05/09/19Lloyd BanksHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/09/19DriftwoodPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
05/09/19Bassjackers vs. Breathe CarolinaSoundcheckWashington 
05/10/19Mary Lou Williams Jazz FestivalKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
05/10/19MovementsBlack CatWashington 
05/10/19Ben Sparaco and The New EffectHill Country DCWashington 
05/10/19Mark KnightGlow at SoundcheckWashington 
05/10/19Two FriendsGlow at EchostageWashingtonView Tickets
05/10/19HeadtronicsGypsy Sally'sWashington 
05/11/19Mary Lou Williams Jazz FestivalKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
05/11/19KT TunstallUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/11/19The DrumsBlack CatWashington 
05/11/19IdlesRock And Roll HotelWashington 
05/11/19Ben PlattThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
05/11/19Mr Twin SisterU Street Music HallWashington 
05/11/19Jamestown RevivalSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
05/11/19Zara Larsson9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/11/19The Devil Makes Three9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/12/19Judas Priest & Uriah HeepThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
05/12/19Alien WeaponryDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/12/19IdlesRock And Roll HotelWashington 
05/12/19Klaus Johann GrobeComet Ping PongWashington 
05/12/19Bear's Den9:30 ClubWashington 
05/12/19MonolinkFlash - DCWashington 
05/12/19Sukhwinder SinghWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
05/13/19Dark Star OrchestraThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
05/13/19YungbludU Street Music HallWashington 
05/14/19Dark Star OrchestraThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
05/14/19Cory BrananDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/14/19The Architects9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/14/19Chuck ProphetPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
05/14/1988GlamU Street Music HallWashington 
05/15/19Lany9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/15/19JohnnyswimLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
05/15/19L'ImperatriceU Street Music HallWashington 
05/15/19EvanescenceThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/15/19Blac RabbitPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
05/15/19Dizzy WrightSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
05/16/19Lany9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/16/19Jacob CollierHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/16/19AJ MitchellU Street Music HallWashington 
05/16/19ThadPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
05/17/19Jessie James DeckerWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
05/17/19Chris SmitherThe HamiltonWashington 
05/17/19Savor: An American Craft Beer & Food ExperienceNational Building MuseumWashington 
05/17/19Jim James9:30 ClubWashington 
05/17/19Josh Ritter & The Royal City BandLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
05/17/19PupBlack CatWashington 
05/17/19Juice Wrld & Ski Mask The Slump GodThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
05/17/19Molly TuttlePearl Street WarehouseWashington 
05/17/19Kandi BurrussEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
05/17/19Julian MarleyHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/18/19Matthew Logan VasquezDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/18/19Cursive & MeWithoutYouBlack CatWashington 
05/18/19Stop Light Observations & Little StrangerHill Country DCWashington 
05/18/19Damien JuradoU Street Music HallWashington 
05/18/19Jim James & Amo Amo9:30 ClubWashington 
05/18/19The Floozies9:30 ClubWashington 
05/19/19Soledad PastoruttiHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/19/19Red MollyThe HamiltonWashington 
05/19/19Lizzo9:30 ClubWashington 
05/19/19ChromeoLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
05/20/19St. LuciaSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
05/21/19The 1975The Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/21/19National Symphony Orchestra: Michael BoltonKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
05/21/19Superorganism9:30 ClubWashington 
05/21/19Wooden ShjipsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/22/19ShameBlack CatWashington 
05/22/19Lady LambRock And Roll HotelWashington 
05/22/19The Chromatics9:30 ClubWashington 
05/22/19Channel TresFlash - DCWashington 
05/23/19American Football - BandBlack CatWashington 
05/23/19MonoUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/23/19DisclosureEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
05/23/19Melanie FionaHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/24/19Popa ChubbyThe HamiltonWashington 
05/24/19Will ClarkeGlow at SoundcheckWashington 
05/24/19Paco OsunaFlash - DCWashington 
05/25/19CloZee9:30 ClubWashington 
05/25/19The Japanese HouseBlack CatWashington 
05/25/19Roy AyersCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
05/25/19Passion PitThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/26/19Igloo Dmv: The Caribbean Music FestivalRFK Stadium Parking LotsWashington 
05/26/19Chuck Brown BandThe HamiltonWashington 
05/26/19Roy AyersCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
05/28/19ApocalypticaLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
05/28/19Betty Who9:30 ClubWashington 
05/29/19Betty Who9:30 ClubWashington 
05/29/19Stephane WrembelCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
05/30/19David GrayThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/30/19Circles Around the SunGypsy Sally'sWashington 
05/31/19The Messengers LegacyKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
05/31/19The Messengers LegacyKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
05/31/19The Surreal McCoysPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
05/31/19Duff MckaganCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
05/31/19Pedro CapoHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/31/19Vanessa CollierThe HamiltonWashington 
05/31/19The Distillers9:30 ClubWashington 
05/31/19Flux PavilionEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
06/01/19Kevin Morby9:30 ClubWashington 
06/01/19John FlemingU Street Music HallWashington 
06/01/19Steve AokiGlow at EchostageWashington 
06/01/19Carlos Henriquez OctetSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
06/02/19Caroline SpencePearl Street WarehouseWashington 
06/03/19Local Natives9:30 ClubWashington 
06/03/19Glen HansardLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
06/03/19Lewis CapaldiU Street Music HallWashington 
06/04/19Local Natives9:30 ClubWashington 
06/06/19Lincoln DurhamDC9 Night ClubWashington 
06/06/19DharmasoulHill Country DCWashington 
06/06/19Machine Gun KellyEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
06/07/19Shane Smith and The SaintsGypsy Sally'sWashington 
06/07/19DC Jazzfest: Anat Cohen QuartetThe HamiltonWashington 
06/07/19Chus & CeballosFlash - DCWashington 
06/08/19Dennis WilliamsWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
06/08/19The MagicianU Street Music HallWashington 
06/08/19Pink Sweats9:30 ClubWashington 
06/08/19RooneyUnion Stage - DCWashington 
06/08/19Cosmic GateEchostageWashington 
06/13/19Eilen JewellThe HamiltonWashington 
06/13/19ShlohmoU Street Music HallWashington 
06/13/19Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine & Benny The ButcherHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
06/13/19Etienne CharlesCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
06/14/19Carbon LeafUnion Stage - DCWashington 
06/14/19Snarky PuppyThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
06/14/19Feed MeEchostageWashington 
06/14/19Ari Lennox9:30 ClubWashington 
06/14/19Moon HoochU Street Music HallWashington 
06/15/19Jon Batiste & Stay HumanThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
06/15/19Carbon LeafUnion Stage - DCWashington 
06/15/19MaysaHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
06/15/19Craig Finn and The Uptown ControllersRock And Roll HotelWashington 
06/15/19Old School Hip Hop Showdown Vol. 1DAR Constitution HallWashington 
06/15/19Morgan JamesThe HamiltonWashington 
06/17/19CucoU Street Music HallWashington 
06/18/19Kishi Bashi9:30 ClubWashington 
06/18/19The Lonely IslandThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
06/19/19LithicsComet Ping PongWashington 
06/19/19The NationalThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/19/19GhostemaneU Street Music HallWashington 
06/19/19Perry FarrellCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
06/20/19Billie EilishThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/20/19Arizona9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
06/20/19Nicole BelanusPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
06/21/19DidoLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
06/21/19Ariana GrandeCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/21/19Bobby ThompsonPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
06/21/19Frank Iero & The Future ViolentsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
06/22/19Martin GarrixGlow at EchostageWashington 
06/23/19Amanda Anne Platt and The HoneycuttersHill Country DCWashington 
06/24/19Spencer KrugBlack CatWashington 
06/25/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NatureCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/26/19HinderU Street Music HallWashington 
06/27/19Cate Le BonBlack CatWashington 
06/27/19Los Van Van 50th AnniversaryHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
06/28/19Jawbox9:30 ClubWashington 
06/29/19Jawbox9:30 ClubWashington 
06/29/19ShaniceHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
06/30/19Alex Aiono9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
07/06/19O'Malley's MarchGypsy Sally'sWashington 
07/10/19Nick Murphy9:30 ClubWashington 
07/10/19Nick Murphy9:30 ClubWashington 
07/11/19Jeff Lynne's Electric Light OrchestraCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/12/19Backstreet BoysCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/12/19Rob ThomasThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
07/13/19Dru HillWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
07/14/19A.A. BondyPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
07/15/19Stef ChuraComet Ping PongWashington 
07/17/19Jennifer LopezCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/18/19KhemmisSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
07/19/19PrettymuchDAR Constitution HallWashingtonView Tickets
07/20/19Jimmie VaughanThe HamiltonWashington 
07/23/19John MayerCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/23/19SebadohBlack CatWashington 
07/26/19option4 & Rawle Night LongU Street Music HallWashington 
07/26/19Elvis Costello & BlondieThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
07/27/19Tituss BurgessKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
07/30/19Queen & Adam LambertCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/30/19Ben Folds & Violent FemmesThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/03/19Khalid & ClairoCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/06/19The Aristocrats & The Travis Larson BandUnion Stage - DCWashington 
08/07/19The Struts9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
08/07/19Andrew BelleUnion Stage - DCWashington 
08/08/19Rufus Du SolThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/08/19Donavon FrankenreiterThe HamiltonWashington 
08/09/19Neurosis9:30 ClubWashington 
08/13/19Shawn MendesCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/13/19Bryan FerryThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/16/19The OJaysWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
08/17/19SqueezeKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
08/17/19The RaconteursThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/25/19Hot Tuna ElectricWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
08/31/19King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard9:30 ClubWashington 
09/05/19Dodie Clark9:30 ClubWashington 
09/05/19Jenny LewisThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/11/19Peter FramptonThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/12/19King CrimsonWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
09/12/19Judah and The LionThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/13/19Shakey Graves & Dr. DogThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/14/19Andrew Bird & Chicano BatmanThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/15/19Napoleon Dynamite - Film and ConversationWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/16/19Bloc PartyThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/17/19The B-52sThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/17/19Sigrid9:30 ClubWashington 
09/18/19MarinaThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/19/19Billy Cobham's Crosswinds ProjectHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
09/19/19TinariwenLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
09/20/19Mac DeMarcoThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/23/19Whitney9:30 ClubWashington 
09/23/19Adam AntLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/24/19Massive AttackThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/24/19REO SpeedwagonWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/25/19Stereolab9:30 ClubWashington 
09/27/19Half Alive9:30 ClubWashington 
09/28/19Joe Russo's Almost DeadThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/28/19Kat WrightThe HamiltonWashington 
10/01/19The Tallest Man On EarthThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/03/19The Head and The HeartThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/04/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JuneCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
10/05/19Sheila E.Howard Theatre - DCWashington 
10/05/19LauvThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
10/07/19Maggie RogersThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/07/19Noah Kahan9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
10/08/19Maggie RogersThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/12/19The Black Keys, Modest Mouse & Jessy WilsonThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/15/19The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of SummerCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
10/16/19The Black Keys & Modest MouseThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
10/19/19Dennis DeyoungWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
10/25/19Lost Frequencies9:30 ClubWashington 
10/28/19Jonsi Birgisson & Alex SomersLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
11/15/19Eric ChurchThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/16/19Big Sandy and His Fly Rite BoysPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
11/16/19Eric ChurchThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/19/19Sara BareillesThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/21/19AJRThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/29/19Deadmau5The Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
12/10/19CherCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
03/11/20Celine DionCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets

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