District Of Columbia Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in District Of Columbia. This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in District Of Columbia! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the provided link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

District Of Columbia concert calendar:

12/06/21100 Gecs9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/06/21Robert Earl KeenLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/06/21Robert DeLongSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
12/06/21Brandi CarlileSixth & I SynagogueWashingtonView Tickets
12/07/21Slow PulpSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
12/07/21Ben OttewellCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/08/21Julian LageUnion Stage - DCWashington 
12/08/21Hiss Golden Messenger9:30 ClubWashington 
12/08/21Jordy & OstonSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
12/08/21Virtual RiotSoundcheckWashington 
12/08/21Allen StoneLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/09/21Svdden Death9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/09/21Polo GEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
12/09/21Rhett MillerCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/09/21Leo Kottke & Mike GordonSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
12/10/21Eric ChurchThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
12/10/21The Aces9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/10/21William Elliott WhitmoreThe Miracle TheatreWashington 
12/10/21San Holo9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/10/21Andrew MarlinCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/11/21Eric ChurchThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
12/11/21San Holo9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/11/21DopapodUnion Stage - DCWashington 
12/11/21Chris LakeEchostageWashington 
12/11/21Jeffrey SutoriusSoundcheckWashington 
12/11/21The BlackbyrdsCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/11/21The Holiday ShowLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/11/21The Holiday ShowLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/11/21The Holiday ShowLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/11/21The Holiday ShowLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/12/21Karol GDAR Constitution HallWashington 
12/12/21The Joy Formidable9:30 ClubWashington 
12/12/21Miss TessPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
12/12/21Kevin LionellCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/12/21Kevin LionellCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/12/21The Holiday ShowLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/12/21The Holiday ShowLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
12/13/21Gwar, Eyehategod & Napalm Death9:30 ClubWashington 
12/14/21Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball: Jonas Brothers, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion & Black Eyed PeasCapital One ArenaWashington 
12/14/21MisterWives9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/15/21HE$H, Bommer & ZiaSoundcheckWashington 
12/15/21The Happy FitsSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashingtonView Tickets
12/15/21MisterWives9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/16/21Lawrence9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/16/21Clinton KaneSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
12/16/21Jason Boland and The StragglersCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/17/21Niko MoonUnion Stage - DCWashington 
12/17/21Sullivan KingEchostageWashington 
12/18/21Playboi CartiD.C. ArmoryWashingtonView Tickets
12/18/21Avery SunshineCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/18/21Avery SunshineCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/18/21Atlas Road Crew & 87 NightsPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
12/19/21Get The Led Out - Tribute BandThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
12/19/21Mipso9:30 ClubWashington 
12/19/21Marcus JohnsonCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/19/21Holiday Blues-A-Palooza: Moonshine SocietyPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
12/21/21Vybe BandCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/23/21Glenn JonesCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/26/21The RootsKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
12/26/21The Pietasters9:30 ClubWashington 
12/29/21Thursday9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
12/30/21Joyful Holiday ExperienceDAR Constitution HallWashington 
12/30/21Disclosure (DJ Set)EchostageWashington 
12/31/21The Verve PipeThe HamiltonWashington 
12/31/21DweleCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/31/21DweleCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
12/31/21A Jazz New Year's Eve: Dianne Reeves, Chucho Valdes & Joe LovanoKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
12/31/21A Jazz New Year's Eve: Dianne Reeves, Chucho Valdes & Joe LovanoKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
12/31/21Rainbow Kitten SurpriseThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
12/31/21White Ford Bronco9:30 ClubWashington 
01/01/22DweleCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/01/22IlleniumEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
01/02/22Jeff BradshawCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/02/22Clutch9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
01/02/22IlleniumEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
01/03/22Penelope ScottSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
01/07/22Deadbeats Tour: Zeds DeadEchostageWashington 
01/07/22Griffin HouseCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/07/22Machine GirlDC9 NightclubWashington 
01/07/22Railroad Earth9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
01/08/22Deadbeats Tour: Zeds DeadEchostageWashington 
01/08/22Noel GourdinCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/13/22Rebecca BlackUnion Stage - DCWashington 
01/14/22Jon B.City Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/14/22Jon B.City Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/15/22Ron PopeCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/16/22cleopatrickSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
01/16/22Reaction: DJ Hazmat9:30 ClubWashington 
01/18/22Anderson East9:30 ClubWashington 
01/18/22GusterLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
01/19/22Curtis HardingBlack Cat - DCWashington 
01/19/22GusterLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
01/20/22The BethsBlack Cat - DCWashington 
01/20/22The Wombats9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
01/20/22Kaleo WassmanCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/20/22Ghost LightThe HamiltonWashington 
01/21/22MarizaKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
01/21/22Lyfe JenningsCity Winery - Washington DCWashingtonView Tickets
01/21/22Lyfe JenningsCity Winery - Washington DCWashingtonView Tickets
01/21/22MansionairUnion Stage - DCWashington 
01/21/22The Wombats9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
01/22/22Masters Of The Telecaster: GE Smith & Jim WeiderCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/22/22Cat Power9:30 ClubWashington 
01/24/22The Black Angels9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
01/25/22Caravan Palace9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
01/26/22Inner WaveUnion Stage - DCWashington 
01/26/22The Wood Brothers9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
01/27/22Citizen CopeThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
01/27/22SamiaUnion Stage - DCWashington 
01/27/22Jake ScottDC9 NightclubWashington 
01/27/22Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives9:30 ClubWashington 
01/28/22Lucky ChopsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
01/28/22Best Coast9:30 ClubWashington 
01/28/22Cheat Codes9:30 ClubWashington 
01/28/22Boy HarsherBlack Cat - DCWashington 
01/28/22Sheila E & The E TrainCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/28/22Sheila E & The E TrainCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
01/29/22Lost Dog Street Band & Matt HecklerUnion Stage - DCWashington 
01/29/22LomeldaDC9 NightclubWashington 
01/29/22Chocolate PumaSoundcheckWashington 
01/30/22MotherfolkPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
01/30/22Nick Mason's Saucerful of SecretsThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
01/31/22Still Woozy9:30 ClubWashington 
02/01/22Still Woozy9:30 ClubWashington 
02/02/22Courtney Barnett9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
02/02/22The War On DrugsThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
02/03/22Courtney Barnett9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
02/03/22ErasureThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
02/03/22Kacey MusgravesCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
02/03/22Tedeschi Trucks BandWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/03/22G. Love & The JuiceThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
02/04/22Mother Mother9:30 ClubWashington 
02/04/22Carlos VivesDAR Constitution HallWashington 
02/04/22Current JoysBlack Cat - DCWashington 
02/04/22Dorian Electra9:30 ClubWashington 
02/04/22Chrisette MicheleCity Winery - Washington DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/04/22Chrisette MicheleCity Winery - Washington DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/04/22Tedeschi Trucks BandWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/04/22Greensky Bluegrass & The Infamous StringdustersThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
02/04/22Greensky Bluegrass & The Infamous Stringdusters - 2 Day PassThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
02/05/22Cory Wong and The Wongnotes, Antwaun Stanley & Sierra Hull9:30 ClubWashington 
02/05/22Two FriendsEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
02/05/22Tedeschi Trucks BandWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/05/22Greensky Bluegrass & The Infamous StringdustersThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
02/08/22Ian SweetSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
02/09/22Billie EilishCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
02/09/22Washed Out9:30 ClubWashington 
02/09/22NSO Pops: Bob Weir and Wolf BrosKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
02/10/22Louis TomlinsonThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
02/10/22NSO Pops: Bob Weir and Wolf BrosKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
02/10/22The Movement9:30 ClubWashington 
02/11/22Dillon Francis & Yung GravyEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
02/11/22STRFKR9:30 ClubWashington 
02/11/22YolaLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/11/22Chris Tomlin & Hillsong UnitedCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
02/11/22Jacob Banks9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
02/11/2270's Love Jam: The Stylistics, The Delfonics & The DramaticsDAR Constitution HallWashington 
02/12/22NSO Pops: Bob Weir and Wolf BrosKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
02/12/22serpentwithfeetUnion Stage - DCWashington 
02/13/22NSO Pops: Bob Weir and Wolf BrosKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
02/14/22The Marias9:30 ClubWashington 
02/15/22Remi Wolf9:30 ClubWashington 
02/15/22DaBabyEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
02/16/22K. Flay9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
02/17/22Die AntwoordThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
02/17/22The Avalanches9:30 ClubWashington 
02/17/22Tedeschi Trucks BandWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/18/22Black Country, New RoadDC9 NightclubWashington 
02/18/22The Staves9:30 ClubWashington 
02/18/22Umphrey's McGeeThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
02/18/22Tedeschi Trucks BandWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/19/22Gracie AbramsThe Miracle TheatreWashington 
02/19/22Tedeschi Trucks BandWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/19/22ARMNHMR9:30 ClubWashington 
02/19/22Goth Babe9:30 ClubWashington 
02/22/22BAYNK9:30 ClubWashington 
02/22/22ToolCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
02/23/22Sleigh Bells9:30 ClubWashington 
02/23/22John MayerCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
02/23/22Patrick DroneyUnion Stage - DCWashington 
02/24/22Beth HartWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
02/24/22MarinaThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
02/24/22PinegroveLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
02/25/22AFI9:30 ClubWashington 
02/25/22Aoife O'DonovanKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
02/26/22AFI9:30 ClubWashington 
02/26/22Alt-J, Portugal. The Man & Sir ChloeThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
02/26/22Punch BrothersLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
02/26/22SubtronicsEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
02/26/22John Paul White & Lera LynnCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
02/27/22Punch BrothersLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
02/27/22Arizona ZervasUnion Stage - DCWashington 
02/28/22BonoboEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
02/28/22The Backseat Lovers9:30 ClubWashington 
03/01/22Alan Doyle & Chris TrapperCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/01/22Goose9:30 ClubWashington 
03/01/22Brian Fallon and The Howling Weathers, The Dirty Nil & WorriersLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
03/02/22Dua LipaCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
03/02/22Goose9:30 ClubWashington 
03/02/22We Are ScientistsDC9 NightclubWashington 
03/03/22They Might Be Giants9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/03/22Stephen MarleyHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/04/22They Might Be GiantsLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
03/04/22Sammy Rae and The Friends9:30 ClubWashington 
03/04/22Hippo Campus9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/04/22Flor De ToloacheKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
03/04/22David ArchuletaCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/05/22They Might Be GiantsLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
03/05/22DeafheavenBlack Cat - DCWashington 
03/05/22Death From Above 1979Union Stage - DCWashington 
03/05/22Hippo Campus9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/05/22LSDREAMEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
03/06/22The Tallest Man On Earth9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/06/22Snow PatrolLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
03/06/22Dream TheaterWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
03/06/22The Kid LaroiEchostageWashington 
03/06/22Steven PageCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/07/22Inhaler - Band9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/07/22Tyler The CreatorCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
03/07/22TilianUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/07/22Half AliveLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
03/08/22St. Paul and The Broken BonesLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
03/09/22Gang of FourBlack Cat - DCWashington 
03/09/22St. Paul and The Broken Bones9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/10/22WilderadoUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/11/22Girl In Red9:30 ClubWashington 
03/11/22Sweet Cherie Mitchell-AgursKennedy Center Family TheaterWashington 
03/11/22KhruangbinThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/12/22Briston MaroneyUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/12/22Maisie PetersUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/12/22RezzEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
03/12/22Conan GrayThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/12/22Sweet Cherie Mitchell-AgursKennedy Center Family TheaterWashington 
03/12/22Sweet Cherie Mitchell-AgursKennedy Center Family TheaterWashington 
03/13/22Animal Collective9:30 ClubWashington 
03/13/22Ledisi Sings NinaKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
03/14/22The FugeesCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
03/15/22Gary NumanLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
03/15/22Crash Test DummiesCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/17/22StyxWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
03/17/22BrockhamptonThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/17/22Cautious Clay9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/18/22Touche AmoreBlack Cat - DCWashington 
03/18/22ArielleCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/18/22The Swell Season: Glen Hansard & Marketa IrglovaThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
03/18/22Galactic9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/19/22BadBadNotGood9:30 ClubWashington 
03/19/22Liquid StrangerEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
03/19/22Galactic9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/20/22SatsangPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
03/20/22Gilbert O'SullivanCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/20/22Fletcher9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/21/22Tank and The Bangas9:30 ClubWashington 
03/22/22CultsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/23/22The Midnight9:30 ClubWashington 
03/23/22Ritt MomneySongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
03/23/22Chelsea CutlerEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
03/24/22ClaudUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/25/22Bad BunnyCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
03/25/22Perfume Genius & Hand Habits9:30 ClubWashington 
03/26/22SparksLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
03/26/22Parcels9:30 ClubWashington 
03/26/22MitskiThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
03/26/22Drain Gang World Tour: Bladee, Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital & WhitearmorBlack Cat - DCWashington 
03/27/22Sons of KemetUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/27/22Tate McRae9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/27/22MitskiThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
03/27/22The DipBlack Cat - DCWashington 
03/28/22Low - BandThe Miracle TheatreWashington 
03/28/22VacationsSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
03/29/22Glass AnimalsThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/29/22Nick WaterhouseCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/29/22Penny and SparrowUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/29/22Rare AmericansSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
03/29/22Sampa The Great9:30 ClubWashington 
03/30/22Andy Shauf & Faye WebsterBlack Cat - DCWashington 
03/30/22Glass AnimalsThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/30/22Clap Your Hands Say YeahCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
03/30/22Southern AvenuePearl Street WarehouseWashington 
03/30/22Bob Moses9:30 ClubWashington 
03/31/22Holy F**kDC9 NightclubWashington 
03/31/22Snoh AalegraThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/01/22Leif VollebekkUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/01/22Joywave9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/01/22Moonchild9:30 ClubWashington 
04/02/22Colin HayLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/02/22The Airborne Toxic Event9:30 ClubWashington 
04/02/22Car Seat HeadrestThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/02/22Peach Pit9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/02/22MaxwellCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
04/03/22The Airborne Toxic Event9:30 ClubWashington 
04/04/22Enter ShikariUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/04/22Lil TeccaEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
04/04/22Parquet Courts9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/04/22The HolliesKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
04/05/22Black MidiBlack Cat - DCWashington 
04/05/22Mogwai9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/05/22EXTC - XTC's Terry Chambers and FriendsCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
04/06/22L'Imperatrice9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/07/22Brian CulbertsonWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/10/22James Vincent McMorrow9:30 ClubWashington 
04/13/22KaleoThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/13/22The Districts9:30 ClubWashington 
04/13/22Steve HackettWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
04/15/22Watchhouse (Mandolin Orange)9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/16/22Circle JerksBlack Cat - DCWashington 
04/16/22LordeThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/16/22PorchesUnion Stage - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/17/22Hurray For The Riff RaffUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/17/22MO - Karen Marie Orsted9:30 ClubWashington 
04/17/22Maude LatourBlack Cat - DCWashington 
04/19/22PassengerLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/19/22Amos LeeKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
04/20/22Tom OdellLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/21/22Big ThiefThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/22/22Celine DionCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
04/22/22Homeshake9:30 ClubWashington 
04/22/22Lights9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/23/22Fruit Bats9:30 ClubWashington 
04/23/22Ashe9:30 ClubWashington 
04/23/22TravisLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/24/22Godspeed You! Black Emperor9:30 ClubWashington 
04/24/22Todrick HallWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/24/22Lala LalaBlack Cat - DCWashington 
04/24/22Mat KearneyLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/26/22Girl Talk9:30 ClubWashington 
04/26/22OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/27/22Stick MenThe Loft at City Winery - Washington DCWashington 
04/29/22Tai Verdes9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/30/22Pabllo Vittar9:30 ClubWashington 
04/30/22Palace9:30 ClubWashington 
04/30/22Roberto CarlosDAR Constitution HallWashington 
05/01/22Teddy Swims9:30 ClubWashington 
05/02/22Typhoon9:30 ClubWashington 
05/02/22Born RuffiansUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/02/22DijonSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
05/03/22Jacob Collier9:30 ClubWashington 
05/03/22Jacob Collier9:30 ClubWashington 
05/03/22Diana KrallWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
05/04/22The Pineapple ThiefCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
05/05/22DestroyerBlack Cat - DCWashington 
05/06/22LP - Laura PergolizziThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
05/06/22Rina SawayamaUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/06/22YemandjaKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/07/22YemandjaKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/07/22The AntlersCapital TurnaroundWashington 
05/08/22Enrique BunburyWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
05/08/22HonneLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
05/09/22Joy OladokunUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/09/22Journey & TotoCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
05/12/22Built To Spill9:30 ClubWashington 
05/12/22Ricardo ArjonaCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
05/13/22Oh Wonder9:30 ClubWashington 
05/13/22Gang of YouthsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/13/22Dionne WarwickWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
05/14/22Omar Apollo9:30 ClubWashington 
05/14/22Molchat DomaBlack Cat - DCWashington 
05/15/22Jessie James Decker & Adam DoleacWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
05/15/22Beach Bunny9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/17/22Deftones & GojiraThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/20/22J BalvinCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
05/20/22Arkells9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/23/22Little SimzUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/24/22SlayyyterUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/25/22Sondre LercheCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
05/26/22Turnstile9:30 ClubWashington 
05/27/22Reverend Horton HeatCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
05/29/22Turnstile9:30 ClubWashington 
06/05/22AuroraLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
06/10/22Justin BieberCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/19/22KraftwerkThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/21/22WallowsThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/22/22The Stadium Tour: Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison & Joan Jett and The BlackheartsNationals ParkWashingtonView Tickets
06/29/22Purity Ring9:30 ClubWashington 
06/30/22Purity Ring9:30 ClubWashington 
07/05/225 Seconds of SummerThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
07/23/22New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa, Rick Astley & En VogueCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/24/22Beach HouseThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
07/27/22Shawn MendesCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/01/22Molchat DomaDC9 NightclubWashington 
08/02/22Rage Against The Machine & Run the JewelsCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/03/22Rage Against The Machine & Run the JewelsCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/11/22Swedish House MafiaCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/16/22Roger WatersCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
09/03/22Twenty One PilotsCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
09/08/22Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes & ThundercatNationals ParkWashingtonView Tickets
09/13/22ZuccheroHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
09/24/22Elton JohnNationals ParkWashingtonView Tickets
09/29/22The KillersCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
10/06/22PavementWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
10/14/22WardrunaWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
10/23/22King Gizzard and The Lizard WizardThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets

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