District Of Columbia Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in District Of Columbia. This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in District Of Columbia! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the provided link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

District Of Columbia concert calendar:

06/18/19Kishi Bashi9:30 ClubWashington 
06/18/19The Lonely IslandThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
06/18/19Milo In The DoldrumsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
06/19/19Perry FarrellCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
06/19/19GhostemaneU Street Music HallWashington 
06/19/19TokiMonsta & Blackbird BlackbirdFlash - DCWashington 
06/19/19LithicsComet Ping PongWashington 
06/19/19The NationalThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/20/19Arizona9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
06/20/19Nicole BelanusPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
06/20/19Billie EilishThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/20/19Great PeacockHill Country DCWashington 
06/20/19Banding TogetherBlack Cat - DCWashington 
06/20/19Erika WennerstromGypsy Sally'sWashington 
06/20/19Radiohead Jazz Project: Bobby MuncySotto - DCWashington 
06/21/19Ariana GrandeCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/21/19LulucDC9 Night ClubWashington 
06/21/19Frank Iero & The Future ViolentsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
06/21/19Bobby ThompsonPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
06/21/19DidoLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
06/21/19Markus Schulz & Paul OakenfoldGlow at EchostageWashington 
06/21/19T.I.The Anthem - D.C.Washington 
06/21/19Arash & TohiWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
06/21/19Jackson Dean & The OutsidersHill Country DCWashington 
06/21/19Desert Hearts: Marbs & Evan CaseyFlash - DCWashington 
06/21/19Nappy Riddem & TreehouseGypsy Sally'sWashington 
06/22/19Martin GarrixGlow at EchostageWashington 
06/22/19Bad KrohmaGypsy Sally'sWashington 
06/22/19Chopteeth Afrofunk Big BandThe HamiltonWashington 
06/22/19Clubz & Girl UltraU Street Music HallWashington 
06/22/19Enamour & Nox VahnFlash - DCWashington 
06/23/19Amanda Anne Platt and The HoneycuttersHill Country DCWashington 
06/23/19Christian LofflerFlash - DCWashington 
06/24/19The Babe RainbowDC9 Night ClubWashington 
06/24/19Spencer KrugBlack Cat - DCWashington 
06/25/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NatureCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/26/19HinderU Street Music HallWashington 
06/26/19Cosmo's MidnightFlash - DCWashington 
06/26/19A-WAThe HamiltonWashington 
06/26/19Ray Volpe & UburSoundcheckWashington 
06/27/19Faye WebsterDC9 Night ClubWashington 
06/27/19Los Van Van 50th AnniversaryHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
06/27/19Cate Le BonBlack Cat - DCWashington 
06/27/19William Clark GreenUnion Stage - DCWashington 
06/27/19Zen Warship & Walk TalkGypsy Sally'sWashington 
06/28/19Jawbox9:30 ClubWashington 
06/28/19Q Da Fool & Lil KeedHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
06/28/19CBDBPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
06/28/19Guru Randhawa & Kanika KapoorWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
06/28/19TiniFlash - DCWashington 
06/29/19Jawbox9:30 ClubWashington 
06/29/19ShaniceHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
06/29/19Hillsong UnitedThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/29/19Eric RobersonKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
06/29/19Holy Ghost!U Street Music HallWashington 
06/29/19SunDownFlash - DCWashington 
06/29/19The High and WidesHill Country DCWashington 
06/29/19XK ScenarioDC9 Night ClubWashington 
06/30/19Alex Aiono9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
06/30/19Chris Urquiaga, Rock Creek Kings & Anjali TanejaDC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/01/19Michael W. SmithKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
07/03/19Rare EssenceThe HamiltonWashington 
07/03/19God Street WineGypsy Sally'sWashington 
07/05/19Great NorthernGypsy Sally'sWashington 
07/05/19Ryan Elliott, Julia Govor & Oliver CaineFlash - DCWashington 
07/05/19Eli Cook BandPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
07/06/19O'Malley's MarchGypsy Sally'sWashington 
07/06/19Human Country Jukebox Red, White & Country Holiday ShowHill Country DCWashington 
07/06/19Justin JonesThe HamiltonWashington 
07/07/19Golden VesselU Street Music HallWashington 
07/07/19Sunday Love: Holmar & Jake the RapperFlash - DCWashington 
07/08/19Alejandro ArandaDC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/10/19Nick Murphy9:30 ClubWashington 
07/10/19Nick Murphy9:30 ClubWashington 
07/10/19DenneyU Street Music HallWashington 
07/11/19Jeff Lynne's Electric Light OrchestraCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/11/19Chris WilcoxHill Country DCWashington 
07/11/19The New MastersoundsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
07/11/19Panteon RococoHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
07/11/19Jazz on Jackson Place: Kris FunnThe Decatur House - D.C.Washington 
07/12/19Backstreet BoysCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/12/19Koe Wetzel & Chris ColstonU Street Music HallWashington 
07/12/19Rob ThomasThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
07/12/19Yeasayer & Steady Holiday9:30 ClubWashington 
07/12/19WylderThe HamiltonWashington 
07/12/19MonxxU Street Music HallWashington 
07/12/19Field DayBlack Cat - DCWashington 
07/12/19Chestnut GroveHill Country DCWashington 
07/12/19Diamante ElectricoDC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/13/19Dru HillWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
07/13/19Max Weinberg's JukeboxThe HamiltonWashington 
07/13/19Heart Bones (Har Mar Superstar & Sabrina Ellis)Rock And Roll HotelWashington 
07/13/19Damian MarleyThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
07/13/19Young & SickFlash - DCWashington 
07/14/19A.A. BondyPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
07/14/19Matthew Dekay, Navbox & Neko BergFlash - DCWashington 
07/15/19Okkervil RiverThe HamiltonWashington 
07/15/19Stef ChuraComet Ping PongWashington 
07/17/19Jennifer LopezCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/17/19Ben BohmerFlash - DCWashington 
07/18/19Fujiya and MiyagiDC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/18/19KhemmisSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
07/18/19Nicky C & The ConsiglieriGypsy Sally'sWashington 
07/18/19CayucasU Street Music HallWashington 
07/19/19PrettymuchDAR Constitution HallWashingtonView Tickets
07/19/19Morgan PageSoundcheckWashington 
07/19/19Proxima ParadaHill Country DCWashington 
07/19/19DJ Pauly DGlow at EchostageWashington 
07/20/19Jimmie VaughanThe HamiltonWashington 
07/20/19SlayyyterU Street Music HallWashington 
07/20/19Prince Daddy and The HyenaPie Shop - DCWashington 
07/20/19The Funky KnucklesGypsy Sally'sWashington 
07/20/19Chris Malinchak & NoceFlash - DCWashington 
07/21/19Reverend Peyton's Big Damn BandThe HamiltonWashington 
07/21/19Snug HouseDC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/23/19SebadohBlack Cat - DCWashington 
07/23/19John MayerCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/23/19An HorseDC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/24/19Nilufer YanyaU Street Music HallWashington 
07/26/19option4 & Rawle Night LongU Street Music HallWashington 
07/26/19Elvis Costello & BlondieThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
07/26/19Crawford & PowerHill Country DCWashington 
07/26/19Ibibio Sound MachineU Street Music HallWashington 
07/26/19Sub-RadioDC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/26/19Fruit BatsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
07/27/19Sasha and John DigweedGlow at EchostageWashington 
07/27/19Tituss BurgessKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
07/27/19Davila 666DC9 Night ClubWashington 
07/30/19Queen & Adam LambertCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/30/19Ben Folds & Violent FemmesThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
07/30/19Corinne Bailey RaeLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
07/31/19Cosmic CharlieGypsy Sally'sWashington 
07/31/19Jagwar TwinDC9 Night ClubWashington 
08/01/19Lights - Skin & Earth Acoustic Tour: TiLLieU Street Music HallWashingtonView Tickets
08/01/19Sensi TrailsTown Tavern DCWashington 
08/02/19Billy Price BandPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
08/03/19Khalid & ClairoCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/03/19HE$H & BommerU Street Music HallWashington 
08/04/19Kyle Craft & Showboat HoneyPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
08/06/19The Aristocrats & The Travis Larson BandUnion Stage - DCWashington 
08/06/19DawesLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
08/06/1921 SavageThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/07/19The Struts9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
08/07/19Andrew BelleUnion Stage - DCWashington 
08/07/19HibouPie Shop - DCWashington 
08/08/19Donavon FrankenreiterThe HamiltonWashington 
08/08/19Rufus Du SolThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/08/19Kasey TyndallPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
08/08/19Jeromes DreamDC9 Night ClubWashington 
08/08/19Jazz on Jackson Place: Aaron Seeber GroupThe Decatur House - D.C.Washington 
08/09/19Neurosis9:30 ClubWashington 
08/09/19Shawn JamesDC9 Night ClubWashington 
08/09/19Cris JacobsGypsy Sally'sWashington 
08/09/19Funky FeatThe HamiltonWashington 
08/09/19The WhipsBlack Cat - DCWashington 
08/10/19Davy KnowlesGypsy Sally'sWashington 
08/10/19Smrtdeath, Lil Lotus & GuccihighwatersDC9 Night ClubWashington 
08/13/19Shawn MendesCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/13/19Bryan FerryThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/13/19MolotovHoward Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
08/14/19Purple MountainsBlack Cat - DCWashington 
08/14/19CommonWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
08/15/19Jonas BrothersCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/15/19Beres HammondHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
08/15/19Shook TwinsGypsy Sally'sWashington 
08/15/19OverstreetDC9 Night ClubWashington 
08/16/19The O'JaysWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
08/16/19Chubby CarrierThe HamiltonWashington 
08/16/19Beres HammondHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
08/16/19Sonic Youth9:30 ClubWashington 
08/17/19SqueezeKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
08/17/19The RaconteursThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
08/17/19Stooges Brass BandGypsy Sally'sWashington 
08/21/19JETS (Jimmy Edgar & Machine Drum)Flash - DCWashington 
08/24/19Tame ImpalaThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
08/24/19MijaFlash - DCWashington 
08/24/19A Night of Class: Dionne Warwick, Peabo Bryson & Deniece WilliamsDAR Constitution HallWashington 
08/25/19Electric Hot Tuna & Dave MasonWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
08/25/19Tame ImpalaThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
08/25/19Why? & BarrieU Street Music HallWashington 
08/29/19Chris CassadayPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
08/29/19Reign Of KindoDC9 Night ClubWashington 
08/31/19King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard9:30 ClubWashington 
08/31/19Danielle NicolePearl Street WarehouseWashington 
09/03/19The WldlfeDC9 Night ClubWashington 
09/04/19Of Monsters and MenThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/05/19Dodie Clark9:30 ClubWashington 
09/05/19Jenny LewisThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/05/19Natalia LaFourcadeWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
09/05/19Benjamin Francis LeftwichU Street Music HallWashington 
09/06/19Dodie Clark9:30 ClubWashington 
09/06/19PhantogramThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/06/19Mdou MoctarBlack Cat - DCWashington 
09/06/19Young DublinersThe HamiltonWashington 
09/06/19BodeansCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
09/07/19SG LewisU Street Music HallWashington 
09/07/19OPM HitmakersMarriott Wardman Park HotelWashington 
09/08/19Deerhunter & Dirty Projectors9:30 ClubWashington 
09/08/19BabymetalThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/09/19Two Door Cinema Club9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
09/09/19Girl In RedU Street Music HallWashington 
09/10/19Two Door Cinema Club9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
09/11/19Peter FramptonThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/11/19Buku, Esseks & FRQ NYCSoundcheckWashington 
09/11/19Wilder Woods9:30 ClubWashington 
09/12/19Judah And The LionThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/12/19King CrimsonWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
09/13/19Shakey Graves & Dr. DogThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/13/19The Band Camino9:30 ClubWashington 
09/13/19The GrowlersBlack Cat - DCWashington 
09/14/19Andrew Bird & Chicano BatmanThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/14/19Barns Courtney9:30 ClubWashington 
09/14/19HVOBU Street Music HallWashington 
09/14/19SeratonesPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
09/14/19CID - BandFlash - DCWashington 
09/15/19Napoleon Dynamite - Film and ConversationWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/15/19Polo & Pan9:30 ClubWashington 
09/15/19Alison SudolRock And Roll HotelWashington 
09/16/19Bloc PartyThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/17/19Sigrid9:30 ClubWashington 
09/17/19The B-52sThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/17/19The LoxHoward Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/18/19Brent CobbRock And Roll HotelWashington 
09/18/19MarinaThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/18/19TeslaWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/19/19TinariwenLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
09/19/19Billy Cobham's Crosswinds ProjectHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
09/19/19Black Moth Super RainbowBlack Cat - DCWashington 
09/19/19Band of Skulls9:30 ClubWashington 
09/20/19Mac DemarcoThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/20/19Nick CaveLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
09/20/19Banda MSCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
09/20/19Penny and SparrowUnion Stage - DCWashington 
09/20/19Charlie DanielsWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
09/20/19Grace VanderWaal9:30 ClubWashington 
09/21/19BastilleThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/21/19Flor - BandU Street Music HallWashington 
09/21/19Morgan HeritageHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
09/21/19Washington Social ClubBlack Cat - DCWashington 
09/21/19Free Throw, Chris Farren, Youth Fountain & MacsealSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
09/22/19The WaterboysLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
09/22/19Ride - Band9:30 ClubWashington 
09/22/19Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla Sign & Joyner LucasCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
09/22/19Ann Hampton CallawayThe HamiltonWashington 
09/23/19Adam AntLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/23/19Whitney9:30 ClubWashington 
09/24/19Massive AttackThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
09/24/19REO SpeedwagonWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
09/24/19Ingrid Michaelson9:30 ClubWashington 
09/24/19The Rocket SummerUnion Stage - DCWashington 
09/25/19Stereolab9:30 ClubWashington 
09/25/19LizzoThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/25/19Cat PowerLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
09/25/19ScarlxrdU Street Music HallWashington 
09/26/19Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco TurrisiKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
09/27/19Half Alive9:30 ClubWashington 
09/27/19Chris LakeGlow at EchostageWashington 
09/27/19Chris LakeEchostageWashington 
09/28/19Kat WrightThe HamiltonWashington 
09/28/19Joe Russo's Almost DeadThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/29/19K. Flay9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
09/29/19Nahko and Medicine For The People & Ayla NereoLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
09/30/19Dean Lewis9:30 ClubWashington 
10/01/19The Tallest Man On EarthThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/01/19Jimmy Herring Band & The 5 of 7The HamiltonWashington 
10/01/19Tiger Army, Kate Clover & SadgirlBlack Cat - DCWashington 
10/02/19Die AntwoordThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/02/19Deep PurpleWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
10/02/19MeuteU Street Music HallWashington 
10/03/19Mt. Joy9:30 ClubWashington 
10/03/19The Head and The HeartThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/03/19Hayden JamesU Street Music HallWashington 
10/04/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JuneCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
10/04/19Built To Spill9:30 ClubWashington 
10/04/19ZazLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
10/05/19Luna9:30 ClubWashington 
10/05/19Sheila E.Howard Theatre - DCWashington 
10/05/19LauvThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
10/05/19Bombay Bicycle Club9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
10/06/19Greg LaswellCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
10/07/19Noah Kahan9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
10/07/19Maggie RogersThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/08/19Maggie RogersThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/08/19Tyrone Wells & Dan RodriguezCity Winery - Washington DCWashington 
10/09/19Madison CunninghamDC9 Night ClubWashington 
10/11/19Plague Vendor & No ParentsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
10/12/19The Black Keys, Modest Mouse & Jessy WilsonThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/12/19IncubusWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
10/12/19Lewis Capaldi9:30 ClubWashington 
10/13/19IncubusWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
10/13/19Mike Watt & The MissingmenBlack Cat - DCWashington 
10/15/19The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of SummerCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
10/15/19WilcoThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/16/19The Black Keys & Modest MouseThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
10/17/19Bon IverThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/18/19Tower of PowerWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
10/18/19Bon IverThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/18/19Charli XCX9:30 ClubWashington 
10/19/19Dennis DeyoungWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
10/19/19Yung BaeU Street Music HallWashington 
10/22/19Foy VanceSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
10/22/19Oliver Tree9:30 ClubWashington 
10/24/19Rata BlancaHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
10/25/19Lost Frequencies9:30 ClubWashington 
10/25/19Drew Holcomb And The NeighborsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
10/25/19Sleater-KinneyThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
10/25/19The Make-UpBlack Cat - DCWashington 
10/26/19Ruston KellyU Street Music HallWashington 
10/28/19Jonsi Birgisson & Alex SomersLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
10/29/19Russian CirclesUnion Stage - DCWashington 
10/30/19Matt MaesonU Street Music HallWashingtonView Tickets
10/31/19Amber RunBlack Cat - DCWashington 
11/01/19Rebirth Brass BandThe HamiltonWashington 
11/01/19The Manganiyar SeductionKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
11/01/19Angel OlsenLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
11/02/19Rebirth Brass BandThe HamiltonWashington 
11/02/19The Manganiyar SeductionKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
11/02/19The Manganiyar SeductionKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
11/03/19Los StraitjacketsPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
11/04/19Cavetown9:30 ClubWashington 
11/06/19Joshua Radin & The WeepiesSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
11/06/19Arthur HanlonHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
11/08/19Kishi BashiLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
11/09/19Todrick HallWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
11/14/19Frankie Valli & The Four SeasonsWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
11/14/19Last DinosaursU Street Music HallWashington 
11/15/19Eric ChurchThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/15/19Frankie Valli & The Four SeasonsWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
11/16/19Big Sandy and His Fly Rite BoysPearl Street WarehouseWashington 
11/16/19Eric ChurchThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/19/19Sara BareillesThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/20/19Sara BareillesThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/20/19Matt and Kim9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
11/20/19Rising AppalachiaThe HamiltonWashington 
11/21/19AJRThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/22/19LettuceThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/23/19GesaffelsteinThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
11/29/19National Symphony Orchestra Pops: Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix In ConcertKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
11/29/19Deadmau5The Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
11/30/19National Symphony Orchestra Pops: Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix In ConcertKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
12/01/19National Symphony Orchestra Pops: Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix In ConcertKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
12/01/19A Charlie Brown ChristmasThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
12/01/19A Charlie Brown ChristmasThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
12/07/19Devendra Banhart9:30 ClubWashington 
12/10/19CherCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
12/13/19Tyler ChildersThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/11/20Celine DionCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
04/18/20Rene MarieKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
05/01/20National Symphony Orchestra Pops: Steven Reineke - Disney Pixar's Up In ConcertKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
05/02/20National Symphony Orchestra Pops: Steven Reineke - Disney Pixar's Up In ConcertKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
05/02/20National Symphony Orchestra Pops: Steven Reineke - Disney Pixar's Up In ConcertKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
05/04/20MarizaKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 

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