District Of Columbia Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in District Of Columbia. This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in District Of Columbia! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the provided link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

District Of Columbia concert calendar:

02/22/18The National ReserveGypsy Sally'sWashington 
02/22/18Dry ReefDC9 Night ClubWashington 
02/22/18FuzzQueenBackstage at Black CatWashington 
02/22/18Georgetown CabaretU Street Music HallWashington 
02/22/18SilkHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
02/23/18Maceo ParkerThe HamiltonWashington 
02/23/18God Save the Queen - A Tribute To QueenWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
02/23/18Railroad Earth9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
02/23/18Ardalan & SepehrFlash - DCWashington 
02/24/18Portugal. The ManThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
02/24/18MakoU Street Music HallWashington 
02/24/18Railroad Earth9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
02/24/18NRBQThe HamiltonWashington 
02/24/18Cryfest: The Cure vs. The Smiths Dance PartyBlack CatWashington 
02/24/18QuixU Street Music HallWashington 
02/24/18Method Man & RedmanHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
02/24/18Ardamus: Loved, Hated, & UnderratedDC9 Night ClubWashington 
02/24/18Bearcat WildcatGypsy Sally'sWashington 
02/24/18OsunladeFlash - DCWashington 
02/24/18GoogooshDAR Constitution HallWashington 
02/25/18Gabrielle AplinU Street Music HallWashington 
02/25/18Tyler The Creator & Vince StaplesThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
02/25/18Los Tigres Del NorteD.C. ArmoryWashington 
02/25/18Dove LadyBlack CatWashington 
02/26/18Rhye9:30 ClubWashington 
02/26/18SpotlightsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
02/27/18Frightened RabbitBlack CatWashington 
02/27/18Lights - The Musician9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
02/27/18SevdalizaU Street Music HallWashington 
02/28/18Frightened RabbitBlack CatWashington 
02/28/18Quinn XCII9:30 ClubWashington 
02/28/18Jenny and the MexicatsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/01/18Tyler ChildersRock And Roll HotelWashington 
03/01/18FuturisticBlack CatWashington 
03/01/18Kolars & EscondidoDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/01/18Ibrahim MaaloufKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
03/01/18Kelela9:30 ClubWashington 
03/01/18CloZeeU Street Music HallWashington 
03/01/18DJ Williamsí Shots FiredGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/02/18Galactic9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/02/18WOLF! & Scott MetzgerGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/02/18MissioU Street Music HallWashington 
03/02/18The MowgliísRock And Roll HotelWashington 
03/03/18Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves & MidlandThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/03/18Galactic9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/03/18Jose James - The Music of Bill WithersKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
03/03/18JoywaveU Street Music HallWashington 
03/03/18RodriguezSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
03/03/181000modsBlack CatWashington 
03/03/18Justin JonesThe HamiltonWashington 
03/03/18MoeinWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
03/03/18Ed Schrader's Music BeatComet Ping PongWashington 
03/03/18DJ SnakeGlow at EchostageWashington 
03/03/18DJ Muggs & Meyhem LaurenHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/03/18DieselboyU Street Music HallWashington 
03/04/18Hippie Sabotage9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/04/18Bruno MajorSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
03/04/18ArlieDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/04/18Lil XanU Street Music HallWashington 
03/04/18BRNDA & PoppiesBackstage at Black CatWashington 
03/04/18BRNDA & PoppiesBlack CatWashington 
03/05/18LP9:30 ClubWashington 
03/05/18Ella VosU Street Music HallWashington 
03/05/18Report Suspicious ActivityBackstage at Black CatWashington 
03/05/18Injury ReserveDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/05/18Gus DappertonSongbyrd Music House and Record CafeWashington 
03/06/18OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark9:30 ClubWashington 
03/06/18We Banjo 3The HamiltonWashington 
03/06/18FrigsBackstage at Black CatWashington 
03/06/18Mr. Pickles Thrashtacular: Exodus & Municipal WasteRock And Roll HotelWashington 
03/06/18CrumbComet Ping PongWashington 
03/07/18Nada SurfBlack CatWashington 
03/07/18Dixie DregsLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
03/07/18Cornelius9:30 ClubWashington 
03/07/18VundabarDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/07/18Way Down WanderersGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/08/18Excision, Liquid Stranger, Dion Timmer & MonxxEchostageWashington 
03/08/18Wade BowenGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/09/18Excision, Liquid Stranger, Dion Timmer & MonxxEchostageWashington 
03/09/1890s Block Party: Guy, Teddy Riley, Ginuwine & Jagged EdgeDAR Constitution HallWashington 
03/09/18Stanton WarriorsU Street Music HallWashington 
03/09/18El Gran Combo De Puerto RicoHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/09/18DJ BoneFlash - DCWashington 
03/09/18Kat WrightThe HamiltonWashington 
03/09/18Run Come SeeBlack CatWashington 
03/09/18U-GodBackstage at Black CatWashington 
03/10/18Dropkick MurphysThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/10/18Crooked ColoursU Street Music HallWashington 
03/10/18Beth Ditto9:30 ClubWashington 
03/10/18Toubab KreweGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/10/18Roomful Of BluesThe HamiltonWashington 
03/10/18Reggae FestHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/10/18TychoFlash - DCWashington 
03/11/18J Boog9:30 ClubWashington 
03/11/18High UpBlack CatWashington 
03/11/18DumpstaphunkGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/12/18K. Flay9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/12/18Amy SharkU Street Music HallWashington 
03/12/18Agar AgarDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/13/18I'm With Her: Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O'Donovan9:30 ClubWashington 
03/13/18Craig David Presents TS5U Street Music HallWashington 
03/14/18GangstagrassHill Country DCWashington 
03/14/18BondaxFlash - DCWashington 
03/14/18The Southern BellesGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/14/18Junior ReidHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/15/18Mason Batesís Mercury Soul9:30 ClubWashington 
03/15/18Shane Smith and The SaintsGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/15/18MGMTThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
03/16/18Kay AdamsHill Country DCWashington 
03/16/18Wild Style - Film with DiscussionKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
03/17/18Barrence Whitfield & The SavagesHill Country DCWashington 
03/17/18The Hunna & CoastsU Street Music HallWashington 
03/17/18G-EazyDAR Constitution HallWashingtonView Tickets
03/17/18The Floozies9:30 ClubWashington 
03/17/18Jon Batiste9:30 ClubWashington 
03/17/18White Ford BroncoGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/17/18BreakbotU Street Music HallWashington 
03/17/18Devin the DudeHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/18/18Judas PriestThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
03/18/18Moose Blood9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/18/18Justin TimberlakeCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
03/18/18The Casket LotteryDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/18/18Malcolm LondonBlack CatWashington 
03/18/18Nightmares on WaxU Street Music HallWashington 
03/18/18The Colorado: A Documentary Film & Live Music ExperienceKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
03/19/18Coast Modern9:30 ClubWashington 
03/20/18Billie EilishBlack CatWashington 
03/20/18Wild Child9:30 ClubWashington 
03/20/18Soft KillDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/21/18Betty Who9:30 ClubWashington 
03/21/18Born RuffiansDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/21/18Mura MasaFlash - DCWashington 
03/21/18Golden Gate WingmenThe HamiltonWashington 
03/21/18Betty Who9:30 ClubWashington 
03/21/18Chrome Sparks & MachinedrumU Street Music HallWashington 
03/22/18PorchesBlack CatWashington 
03/22/18Dan Auerbach9:30 ClubWashington 
03/22/18BrandyHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/22/18Lightning BoltDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/23/18LuciusLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
03/23/18Theo KatzmanDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/23/18The StrypesU Street Music HallWashington 
03/23/18Dead MeadowBlack CatWashington 
03/23/18Knuckle PuckUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/23/18Octave Cat, Jesse Miller, Eli Winderman & Charlie PatiernoGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/23/18PillComet Ping PongWashington 
03/23/18Leo DanHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
03/24/18Demi Lovato & DJ KhaledCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
03/24/18Glen HansardThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
03/24/18Godspeed You! Black Emperor9:30 ClubWashington 
03/24/18Cory MorrowHill Country DCWashington 
03/24/18MarmozetsU Street Music HallWashington 
03/24/18Gang of YouthsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
03/24/18Nana GrizolBlack CatWashington 
03/24/18HunnyDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/24/18Todd BarryBlack CatWashington 
03/25/18Vinyl Theatre & VesperteenU Street Music HallWashington 
03/25/18Of Montreal9:30 ClubWashington 
03/25/18Lo MoonDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/26/18Hollie CookU Street Music HallWashington 
03/27/18S. CareyDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/27/18Turnover9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
03/27/18Shannon McNally & Erin CosteloHill Country DCWashington 
03/27/18Dean Ween GroupBlack CatWashington 
03/27/18Albert Hammond Jr.U Street Music HallWashington 
03/28/18DigitalismU Street Music HallWashington 
03/28/18Boogie TSoundcheckWashington 
03/28/18The Steel WoodsThe HamiltonWashington 
03/28/18Hanni El KhatibBlack CatWashington 
03/28/18In Tall BuildingsDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/29/18The Soul Rebels, GZA & Talib Kweli9:30 ClubWashington 
03/30/18KayzoEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
03/30/18Pigeons Playing Ping Pong9:30 ClubWashington 
03/30/18The Black LilliesThe HamiltonWashington 
03/30/18Beyonce vs. Rihanna Tribute PartyBlack CatWashington 
03/30/18Kendall Street CompanyGypsy Sally'sWashington 
03/30/18Prism TatsComet Ping PongWashington 
03/30/18The QueueBackstage at Black CatWashington 
03/31/18Brent CobbDC9 Night ClubWashington 
03/31/18Pigeons Playing Ping Pong9:30 ClubWashington 
03/31/18Rogue WaveBlack CatWashington 
03/31/18Joe RobinsonHill Country DCWashington 
03/31/18Yellow DubmarineGypsy Sally'sWashington 
04/01/18Fujiya & MiyagiU Street Music HallWashington 
04/02/18Cigarettes After Sex9:30 ClubWashington 
04/02/18James BayLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/03/18SuperchunkBlack CatWashington 
04/03/18Dark Star OrchestraThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
04/03/18MirahDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/04/18OughtBlack CatWashington 
04/04/18Yo La Tengo9:30 ClubWashington 
04/04/18KraneFlash - DCWashington 
04/04/18The Night GameDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/04/1812th PlanetSoundcheckWashington 
04/05/18KhruangbinBlack CatWashington 
04/05/18The Motet9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/05/18Chinese ManU Street Music HallWashington 
04/06/18Anderson East9:30 ClubWashington 
04/06/18Willie NileThe HamiltonWashington 
04/06/18Sunny SweeneyHill Country DCWashington 
04/06/18Blossom Bash: Third Eye BlindThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/07/18Eden & Verite9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/07/18L.A. SalamiDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/07/18Fortunate Youth, Ballyhoo! & TatankaUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/07/18Patti LaBelleWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/07/18Colter WallU Street Music HallWashington 
04/07/18CassyFlash - DCWashington 
04/07/18MonicaThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/07/18Mad Clown & San EHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
04/08/18LordeThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/08/18Cry Cry CrySixth & I SynagogueWashington 
04/08/18WakerDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/08/18Rainbow Kitten Surprise9:30 ClubWashington 
04/09/18The Black Angels9:30 ClubWashington 
04/10/18Andy Grammer9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/10/18Jim White & Sylvie SimmonsHill Country DCWashington 
04/10/18Skizzy MarsU Street Music HallWashington 
04/11/18Franz Ferdinand9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/11/18Pale WavesU Street Music HallWashington 
04/11/18PartnerDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/11/18YaejiFlash - DCWashington 
04/12/18The HillBendersThe HamiltonWashington 
04/12/18Young GalaxyDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/12/18Daniel AveryFlash - DCWashington 
04/13/18Keller WilliamsThe HamiltonWashington 
04/13/18Perpetual Groove9:30 ClubWashington 
04/13/18Austin Basham & Hollow CovesDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/13/18Pimps of JoytimeGypsy Sally'sWashington 
04/14/18Red MollyThe HamiltonWashington 
04/14/18They Might Be Giants9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/14/18Let It Be: A Celebration Of The Music Of The BeatlesNational Theatre - DCWashington 
04/14/18Depeche Mode Dance PartyBlack CatWashington 
04/14/18Maya Jane ColesU Street Music HallWashington 
04/14/18Lucy DacusRock And Roll HotelWashington 
04/15/18Engelbert HumperdinckWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
04/15/18Hurray for the Riff Raff & Waxahatchee9:30 ClubWashington 
04/15/18Charlotte CardinBlack CatWashington 
04/16/18PinkCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
04/16/18Judah & The Lion9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/16/18Nap EyesDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/16/18DumbfoundeadUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/17/18PinkCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
04/17/18Judah & The Lion9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/17/18RLYR & FotocrimeDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/17/18International Music FestivalKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
04/18/18Penguin PrisonBlack CatWashington 
04/18/18Thank You ScientistDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/18/18Sofi Tukker9:30 ClubWashington 
04/18/18Rick AstleyLincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/19/18Clean Bandit9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/19/1813th Annual HUMP! Film FestivalBlack CatWashington 
04/19/18Ray BonnevilleHill Country DCWashington 
04/19/18The GardenDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/20/1813th Annual HUMP! Film FestivalBlack CatWashington 
04/20/18GramatikEchostageWashingtonView Tickets
04/20/18VoicePlayThe HamiltonWashington 
04/20/18Wood & WireHill Country DCWashington 
04/20/18PritamDAR Constitution HallWashington 
04/20/18Black StarThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
04/20/18Marie/LepantoDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/20/18moe.Lincoln Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
04/21/1813th Annual HUMP! Film FestivalBlack CatWashington 
04/21/18Slim Cessna's Auto ClubHill Country DCWashington 
04/21/18BathsU Street Music HallWashington 
04/21/18The DecemberistsThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/22/18Chris BottiKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
04/22/18Alan DoyleThe HamiltonWashington 
04/22/18The Weepies9:30 ClubWashington 
04/22/18Sure SureDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/23/18Stars - The Band9:30 ClubWashington 
04/23/18Roy WoodsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/23/18Major MurphyDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/23/18Yung GravyU Street Music HallWashington 
04/24/18Steven Wilson9:30 ClubWashington 
04/25/18Hayley OrrantiaThe HamiltonWashington 
04/25/18Roy WoodsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/25/18Smooky MarGielaaHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
04/26/18Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness & Allen Stone9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/26/18Meshell NdegeocelloKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
04/26/18George EzraLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/26/18Kill LincolnBlack CatWashington 
04/26/18Hawthorne HeightsRock And Roll HotelWashington 
04/27/18The ResidentsUnion Stage - DCWashington 
04/27/18CalexicoLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/27/18Festival Of Praise: Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Take 6, James Fortune & Charles JenkinsWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
04/27/18Unknown Mortal Orchestra9:30 ClubWashington 
04/27/18BeckThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/27/18The SleepwalkersDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/28/18Brian Fallon9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
04/28/18Dweezil ZappaThe HamiltonWashingtonView Tickets
04/28/18Robyn HitchcockLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
04/28/18Broccoli City FestivalRFK StadiumWashington 
04/28/18Jeremy LoopsU Street Music HallWashington 
04/28/18Old Crow Medicine ShowThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/29/18Echosmith9:30 ClubWashington 
04/29/18The Soft MoonDC9 Night ClubWashington 
04/29/18Ben FoldsKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
04/29/18Ben FoldsKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
04/29/18Minus The BearBlack CatWashingtonView Tickets
04/29/18Nancy and BethSixth & I SynagogueWashington 
04/30/18Jon ForemanThe Miracle TheatreWashington 
04/30/18Modest MouseThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
04/30/18Kate Nash9:30 ClubWashington 
05/01/18Carpenter Brut9:30 ClubWashington 
05/01/18Kelley StoltzHill Country DCWashington 
05/01/18Protest The HeroRock And Roll HotelWashington 
05/01/18HaimThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/02/18LOMADC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/02/18Matt and Kim9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/02/18Party ThievesSoundcheckWashington 
05/03/18Alice In ChainsThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/03/18Matt and Kim9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/04/18Tauk9:30 ClubWashington 
05/04/18No AgeDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/04/18Lord HuronThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
05/05/18Los NocherosHoward Theatre - DCWashington 
05/05/18Ani DiFranco9:30 ClubWashington 
05/05/18Celebrate Mary Lou WilliamsKennedy Center Terrace TheaterWashington 
05/06/18Bahamas9:30 ClubWashington 
05/06/18Tom MischBlack CatWashington 
05/06/18Natalia LaFourcadeWarner Theatre - DCWashington 
05/06/18Gogo PenguinThe HamiltonWashington 
05/07/18Brian WilsonKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
05/07/18Panda Bear9:30 ClubWashington 
05/08/18KygoThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/08/18Omara PortuondoKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/08/18Power TripBlack CatWashington 
05/08/18Alvvays9:30 ClubWashington 
05/09/18Robben FordThe HamiltonWashington 
05/09/18Fu ManchuRock And Roll HotelWashington 
05/09/18Artes de Cuba: Yissy & BandanchaKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/09/18Marian Hill9:30 ClubWashington 
05/09/18This Will Destroy YouBlack CatWashington 
05/10/18Matthew Logan VasquezDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/11/18Artes de Cuba: Malpaso Dance CompanyKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/11/18Wye Oak9:30 ClubWashington 
05/11/18HindsU Street Music HallWashington 
05/12/18Artes de Cuba: Malpaso Dance CompanyKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/12/18David ByrneThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/12/18Frankie CosmosBlack CatWashington 
05/12/18Trampled By Turtles9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/13/18Jorja SmithUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/13/18Trampled By Turtles9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/14/18Bon JoviCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
05/14/18Fever Ray9:30 ClubWashington 
05/15/18Shakey Graves9:30 ClubWashington 
05/15/18Big SeanThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/16/18Artes de Cuba: Haydee Milanes & Pablo MilanesKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/16/18Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night SweatsThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/16/18Delta RaeThe HamiltonWashington 
05/17/18Mo Lowda & The HumbleDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/17/18Jukebox the Ghost9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
05/18/18Fleet FoxesThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/18/18Lincoln DurhamDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/19/18The Fratellis9:30 ClubWashington 
05/19/18Brandi CarlileThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/19/18Los Van VanKennedy Center Eisenhower TheaterWashington 
05/19/18Bettye LaVetteThe HamiltonWashington 
05/20/18Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra: Wynton MarsalisKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
05/20/18Brandi CarlileThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/20/18Andrew W.K.9:30 ClubWashington 
05/20/18Madison BeerUnion Stage - DCWashington 
05/20/18Okkervil RiverBlack CatWashington 
05/23/18Bishop Briggs9:30 ClubWashington 
05/24/18A Place to Bury StrangersDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/24/18Mount KimbieBlack CatWashington 
05/25/18The KooksLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
05/25/18Jake MillerU Street Music HallWashingtonView Tickets
05/27/18This Is The KitDC9 Night ClubWashington 
05/27/18Chad ValleyBackstage at Black CatWashington 
05/27/18Gaslight Anthem9:30 ClubWashington 
05/29/18Jack WhiteThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
05/30/18Japanese Breakfast9:30 ClubWashington 
05/30/18Jack WhiteThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
06/09/18Belle and SebastianThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
06/09/18The CongressHill Country DCWashington 
06/09/18Dru HillHoward Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
06/11/18EelsLincoln Theatre - DCWashington 
06/11/18Hall and Oates & TrainCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/11/18Chromeo & Pomo9:30 ClubWashington 
06/14/18Dave BarnesThe HamiltonWashington 
06/17/18U2Capital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/17/18Stephen Malkmus and The JicksBlack CatWashington 
06/18/18U2Capital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/22/18Melissa EtheridgeKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
06/22/18The Feelies9:30 ClubWashington 
06/22/18Bart CrowHill Country DCWashington 
06/23/18Melissa EtheridgeKennedy Center Concert HallWashingtonView Tickets
06/24/18Harry Styles & Kacey MusgravesCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
06/27/18Gregory PorterKennedy Center Concert HallWashington 
06/28/18Dan Baird & Homemade SinHill Country DCWashington 
07/03/18Sam SmithCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/12/18Hatsune MikuThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
07/12/18Drivin' N' Cryin'Hill Country DCWashington 
07/15/18Shania TwainCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
07/20/18ErasureWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
07/21/18ErasureWarner Theatre - DCWashingtonView Tickets
07/22/18Sleep9:30 ClubWashingtonView Tickets
07/26/18The Eagles & James TaylorNationals ParkWashington 
07/26/18Sylvan EssoThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
07/27/18Zac Brown BandNationals ParkWashingtonView Tickets
07/27/18Silvestre DangondThe Anthem - D.C.Washington 
08/11/18ShakiraCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
08/12/18Pedro The LionBlack CatWashington 
08/18/18The BlastersHill Country DCWashington 
09/05/18Mac DeMarcoThe Anthem - D.C.WashingtonView Tickets
09/21/18Elton JohnCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
09/22/18Elton JohnCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
09/29/18Belly - The Band9:30 ClubWashington 
10/02/18Maroon 5 & Julia MichaelsCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets
01/04/19Justin TimberlakeCapital One ArenaWashingtonView Tickets

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