Massachusetts Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Massachusetts. This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in Massachusetts! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the provided link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Massachusetts concert calendar:

12/15/18Blood Sweat & TearsWilbur Theatre - MABoston 
12/15/18Patti LaBelleChevalier TheatreMedfordView Tickets
12/15/18The Street DogsBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
12/15/18Eve 6Middle East - DownstairsCambridge 
12/15/18The WeepiesThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
12/15/18Phil Vassar & LonestarLowell Memorial AuditoriumLowell 
12/15/18Ingrid MichaelsonOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
12/15/18Ali Shaheed MuhammadSoniaCambridge 
12/15/18Soohan, Pathwey & TigressSoniaCambridge 
12/15/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/15/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/15/18KPSSMiddle East - UpstairsCambridge 
12/15/18Zacarias FerreiraWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
12/16/18CavetownThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
12/16/18Jorja SmithHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
12/16/18The Street DogsBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
12/16/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/16/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/17/18Hiss Golden MessengerThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
12/18/18A Christmas Celtic Sojourn: Brian O'DonovanThe Hanover Theatre for the Performing ArtsWorcester 
12/18/18Manchester Orchestra & The Front BottomsTsongas CenterLowellView Tickets
12/18/18The Oh HellosBerklee Performance Center - BostonBostonView Tickets
12/19/18A Christmas Celtic SojournZeiterion TheatreNew Bedford 
12/19/18CupcakKeMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
12/20/18Big Bad Voodoo DaddyThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
12/20/18NGHTMREHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
12/20/18Big SomethingBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
12/21/18Grassfed DiscoMiddle East - ZuzuCambridge 
12/21/18The SlackersThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
12/21/18ATM Boys, Moody & BansheeKidSoniaCambridge 
12/21/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/21/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/21/18Evac ProtocolMiddle East - UpstairsCambridge 
12/21/18ButterchildMiddle East - Corner/BakeryCambridge 
12/22/18Dirt MonkeySoniaCambridge 
12/22/18Kung FuBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
12/22/18Good Old WarThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
12/22/18The Sweetback Sisters' Country Christmas Sing-Along SpectacularAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthampton 
12/22/18The Sweetback Sisters' Country Christmas Sing-Along SpectacularAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthampton 
12/22/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/22/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/22/18Night RangerThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
12/23/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/23/18A Christmas Celtic SojournCutler Majestic TheatreBoston 
12/24/18David BrozaCity Winery - BostonBoston 
12/26/18BadfishThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
12/26/18The RootsHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
12/26/18Above & BeyondThe Grand BostonBoston 
12/27/18Moon HoochThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
12/28/18Mighty Mighty BosstonesHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
12/28/18SlanderRoyale BostonBoston 
12/28/18Bad RabbitsThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
12/28/18The Get Up KidsGateway City LiveHolyoke 
12/28/18Doom LoverBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
12/29/18Doom LoverBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
12/29/18Ward Hayden and The OutliersNarrows Center For The ArtsFall River 
12/29/18The Ballroom ThievesRoyale BostonBoston 
12/29/18Mighty Mighty BosstonesHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
12/29/18Calos, Camac, Marsini, GH Luke & JaezSoniaCambridge 
12/29/18Four Year StrongWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
12/30/18TwiddleParadise Rock ClubBoston 
12/30/18Mighty Mighty BosstonesHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
12/31/18TwiddleHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
12/31/18TurkuazWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
12/31/18Lake Street DiveWang Theater At The Boch CenterBostonView Tickets
12/31/18The Felice BrothersBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
12/31/18New Years Eve Bash: The FoolsBlue Ocean Music HallSalisbury 
12/31/18Peter WolfThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
12/31/18Dalton and The SheriffsParadise Rock ClubBoston 
01/04/19Joshua RadinGateway City LiveHolyoke 
01/04/19The Sheila DivineThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
01/05/19Ja RuleHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
01/05/19Joanna TetersONCE LoungeSomerville 
01/06/19Shane KoyczanCity Winery - BostonBoston 
01/07/19EnsiferumBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
01/08/19Caitlin CantyCity Winery - BostonBoston 
01/09/19ABK - Anybody Killa & Blaze Ya Dead HomieSoniaCambridge 
01/10/19NonameRoyale BostonBostonView Tickets
01/10/19Marc CohnGateway City LiveHolyokeView Tickets
01/10/19Johnny ACity Winery - BostonBoston 
01/11/19Get the Led Out - Tribute BandLynn Memorial AuditoriumLynnView Tickets
01/11/19Cheryl WheelerNarrows Center For The ArtsFall River 
01/11/19NonameRoyale BostonBostonView Tickets
01/11/19LettuceHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
01/12/19Orny AdamsWilbur Theatre - MABoston 
01/12/19Vanessa TrienThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
01/12/19EntrainNarrows Center For The ArtsFall River 
01/13/19The RevivalistsHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
01/13/19Napoleon Dynamite: A Conversation with Jon Hader, Efren Ramirez & Tina MajorinoLynn Memorial AuditoriumLynn 
01/13/19Homeopathy Film FestivalAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthampton 
01/14/19The Lemon TwigsParadise Rock ClubBoston 
01/17/19Cracker & Camper Van BeethovenMiddle East - DownstairsCambridgeView Tickets
01/18/19Dylan ScottParadise Rock ClubBoston 
01/18/19Dead PrezBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
01/18/19MakeoutONCE BallroomSomerville 
01/18/19High On FireThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
01/19/19Paris ComboBerklee Performance Center - BostonBoston 
01/19/19Kacey MusgravesWang Theater At The Boch CenterBostonView Tickets
01/19/19Caroline JonesThe Red Room at Cafe 939Boston 
01/19/19Guster & Henry JamisonHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
01/19/19Hank Von HellMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
01/19/19The Amity Affliction & Senses FailWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
01/20/19MO - Karen Marie OrstedHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
01/20/19Vertical HorizonCity Winery - BostonBoston 
01/20/19Mineral & TancredBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
01/22/19Jesse McCartneyHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
01/22/19Still WoozyGreat ScottAllston 
01/23/19GnashBrighton Music Hall - MAAllstonView Tickets
01/24/19Alejandro EscovedoNarrows Center For The ArtsFall River 
01/24/19Lost KingsThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
01/24/19Neko CaseRoyale BostonBoston 
01/24/19Brothers OsborneHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
01/24/19The Nude PartyThe Red Room at Cafe 939Boston 
01/25/19Scotty McCreery, Jimmie Allen & Heather MorganHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
01/25/19Lizz Wright & Jose JamesBerklee Performance Center - BostonBoston 
01/25/19RubblebucketParadise Rock ClubBoston 
01/25/19Half AliveBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
01/25/19King PrincessRoyale BostonBoston 
01/25/19Mick JenkinsMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
01/26/19The Wood BrothersHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
01/26/19Cory WongBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
01/26/19G Love & Special SauceParadise Rock ClubBostonView Tickets
01/27/19PetalBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
01/29/19KongosBrighton Music Hall - MAAllstonView Tickets
01/30/19The Soft MoonThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
01/30/19Greensky BluegrassHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
01/30/19Pop EvilParadise Rock ClubBostonView Tickets
01/30/19BrasstracksBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
01/30/19Rayland BaxterGateway City LiveHolyoke 
01/31/19Jimmy Gnecco & Royston LangdonMiddle East - UpstairsCambridge 
01/31/19GryffinHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
02/01/19Extreme Beer Festival - Session 1Seaport World Trade CenterBoston 
02/01/19Bring Me The HorizonTsongas CenterLowellView Tickets
02/01/19NAORoyale BostonBoston 
02/01/19Eric ChurchTD GardenBostonView Tickets
02/01/19The Lil SmokiesThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/01/19Devin DawsonParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/01/19TAUKBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/01/19Space JesusRoyale BostonBoston 
02/02/19Extreme Beer Festival - Session 3Seaport World Trade CenterBoston 
02/02/19Extreme Beer Festival - Session 2Seaport World Trade CenterBoston 
02/02/19Eric ChurchTD GardenBostonView Tickets
02/02/19DawesWang Theater At The Boch CenterBostonView Tickets
02/02/19Subtronics & Blunts and BlondesSoniaCambridge 
02/02/19Mighty MysticBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/02/19ArefBerklee Performance Center - BostonBoston 
02/02/19Rayland BaxterThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/04/19PoppyHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/05/19Tim Reynolds & TR3Gateway City LiveHolyoke 
02/05/19John MausBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/06/19Ladysmith Black MambazoAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthampton 
02/06/19TribalistasHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
02/06/19Bryce VineBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/07/19Sarah BrightmanOrpheum Theatre - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/07/19Old Dominion, Jordan Davis & Morgan EvansTsongas CenterLowellView Tickets
02/07/19David AugustBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/07/19GalacticHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/07/19Mike StudParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/08/19Three Dog NightThe Hanover Theatre for the Performing ArtsWorcesterView Tickets
02/08/19LeAnn RimesThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverlyView Tickets
02/08/19Sharon Van EttenRoyale BostonBoston 
02/08/19DangerBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/08/19Tonight AliveWorcester Palladium - UpstairsWorcester 
02/08/19Mike StudParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/08/19Jeremy OlanderBijou Night ClubBoston 
02/09/19We Banjo 3Somerville TheatreSomerville 
02/09/19El Ten ElevenThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/09/19David GaribaldiBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/09/19Mandolin OrangeRoyale BostonBoston 
02/09/19Three Dog NightThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverlyView Tickets
02/09/19Pete Moss & SithSoniaCambridge 
02/09/19Tonight AliveMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
02/10/19Walter TroutThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverlyView Tickets
02/10/19SoulflyBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/10/19As It Is - BandMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
02/10/19CoinParadise Rock ClubBostonView Tickets
02/11/19Action Bronson & Meyhem LaurenParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/11/19Andy McKeeThe Red Room at Cafe 939Boston 
02/12/19BeirutHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
02/12/19Mozes and The Firstborn & The ParrotsMiddle East - UpstairsCambridge 
02/12/19Panda BearParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/13/19Metric & ZoeHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
02/13/19Joe JacksonShubert Theatre At The Boch CenterBostonView Tickets
02/14/19Car Seat HeadrestRoyale BostonBoston 
02/14/19Maribou StateBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/14/19Boyz II MenOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
02/14/19Noam PikelnyCity Winery - BostonBoston 
02/14/19SevendustHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/15/19HeRobustRoyale BostonBoston 
02/15/19Car Seat HeadrestMass MoCaNorth Adams 
02/15/19I'm With Her: Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O'DonovanHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
02/15/19The Neal Morse BandThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/15/19Peter MurphyWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
02/15/19DorothyParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/15/19Railroad EarthWilbur Theatre - MABostonView Tickets
02/15/19Cherry GlazerrBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/16/19The Devil Makes ThreeHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/16/19Bob MouldParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/16/19Corrosion of ConformityBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/17/19Yung GravyParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/18/19Matt NathansonParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/18/19LP - Laura PergolizziHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
02/19/19Andrew McMahon in the WildernessHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/20/19HoundmouthParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/20/19Chloe MoriondoThe Red Room at Cafe 939Boston 
02/20/19Marty FriedmanBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/20/19AJ MitchellThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/21/19CNCOHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
02/21/19The KnocksThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/21/19You Me at SixBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/21/1912th PlanetMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
02/21/19Diane SchuurCity Winery - BostonBoston 
02/21/19The Cadillac ThreeParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/22/19Morgan WallenParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/22/19Codd Dubz & Fvce DownMiddle East - UpstairsCambridge 
02/22/19YGWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
02/22/19Jackie EvanchoThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverlyView Tickets
02/22/19Donna MissalThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/23/19ParcelsThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/23/19Julia HolterBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/23/19Matt NathansonParadise Rock ClubBoston 
02/23/19Jacob BanksRoyale BostonBoston 
02/23/19Rickie Lee JonesThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
02/23/19MadeinTYOMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
02/23/19Casting CrownsMassmutual CenterSpringfieldView Tickets
02/23/19Cheap TrickLynn Memorial AuditoriumLynnView Tickets
02/23/19Anderson .PaakOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
02/24/19Switchfoot, Colony House & Tyson MotsenbockerHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/24/19Empress OfBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
02/24/19DeerhunterRoyale BostonBoston 
02/24/19Dirty Dozen Brass BandThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/24/19Scotty SireMiddle East - DownstairsCambridge 
02/25/19ArkellsThe Sinclair Music HallCambridgeView Tickets
02/26/19Bronze Radio ReturnThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/26/19The KooksOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
02/26/19Quinn XCIIHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/26/19Michael BubleDCU CenterWorcesterView Tickets
02/26/19Casting CrownsLowell Memorial AuditoriumLowellView Tickets
02/27/19Disturbed & Three Days GraceDCU CenterWorcesterView Tickets
02/27/19Chrome SparksThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/27/19Quinn XCIIHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
02/28/19Ty SegallThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
02/28/19Lyle Lovett & John HiattShubert Theatre At The Boch CenterBostonView Tickets
03/01/19The Monochrome SetONCE BallroomSomerville 
03/01/19Jacob CollierRoyale BostonBoston 
03/01/19CherubParadise Rock ClubBoston 
03/01/19The MonkeesChevalier TheatreMedfordView Tickets
03/01/19Nightmares On WaxBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
03/01/19MatomaHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
03/02/19FarruquitoBerklee Performance Center - BostonBoston 
03/02/19The Cat EmpireRoyale BostonBostonView Tickets
03/02/19Luke CombsDCU CenterWorcesterView Tickets
03/02/19Madeleine PeyrouxThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
03/02/19Big Head Todd and The MonstersHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/02/19Earls of LeicesterAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthampton 
03/02/19Chelsea CutlerParadise Rock ClubBoston 
03/03/19The AcesSoniaCambridge 
03/03/19Rosanne CashAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthampton 
03/03/19One Ok RockParadise Rock ClubBostonView Tickets
03/05/19Cypress Hill & Hollywood UndeadHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/05/19Aurora & TalosRoyale BostonBoston 
03/05/19Nina NesbittGreat ScottAllston 
03/05/19Chelsea CutlerParadise Rock ClubBoston 
03/06/19ExcisionHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/07/19The Musical BoxWilbur Theatre - MABoston 
03/07/19ExcisionHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/08/19Storm LargeSanders TheatreCambridge 
03/08/19Kelly ClarksonTD GardenBostonView Tickets
03/08/19TritonalHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
03/08/19Tokyo Police ClubThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/08/19Hippie SabotageWorcester PalladiumWorcesterView Tickets
03/08/19Set It OffParadise Rock ClubBoston 
03/09/19Lauren DaigleOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
03/09/19Red Hot Chili PipersThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
03/09/19Ella MaiRoyale BostonBoston 
03/09/19State Champs & Our Last NightHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/09/19Cass McCombsThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/09/19Mother MotherBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
03/09/19Decibel Magazine Tour: Cannibal Corpse & Morbid AngelWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
03/09/19Mother MotherONCE BallroomSomerville 
03/10/19James BayOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
03/10/19Alice SmithThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/10/19Queensryche & Fates WarningWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
03/10/19ThursdayBrighton Music Hall - MAAllstonView Tickets
03/11/19Teenage FanclubParadise Rock ClubBoston 
03/11/19SmallpoolsBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
03/11/19RobynHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
03/12/19Nothing MoreHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/13/19Lukas GrahamHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/14/19America - The BandBlue Ocean Music HallSalisburyView Tickets
03/14/19Massive AttackWang Theater At The Boch CenterBoston 
03/14/19Dropkick Murphys & The InterruptersHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
03/15/19America - The BandLynn Memorial AuditoriumLynnView Tickets
03/15/19Natalie Macmaster & Donnell LeahyThe Hanover Theatre for the Performing ArtsWorcester 
03/15/19The Temptations & Four TopsChevalier TheatreMedford 
03/15/19Oh Pep!Great ScottAllston 
03/15/19Roberto CarlosWang Theater At The Boch CenterBoston 
03/15/19Dropkick MurphysHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/15/19Whiskey MyersParadise Rock ClubBostonView Tickets
03/16/19Boney M & Liz MitchellWang Theater At The Boch CenterBoston 
03/16/19Dropkick MurphysTsongas CenterLowellView Tickets
03/16/19Dropkick MurphysTsongas CenterLowellView Tickets
03/16/19The Punch Brothers & Gabriel KahaneMass MoCaNorth Adams 
03/17/19Monterey Jazz Festival: Cecile McLovin Salvant & Christian SandsBerklee Performance Center - BostonBoston 
03/17/19Red Hot Chili PipersThe Hanover Theatre for the Performing ArtsWorcester 
03/17/19TenderGreat ScottAllston 
03/17/19Dropkick MurphysHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/19/19Natalie Merchant & LunasaWilbur Theatre - MABoston 
03/20/19All Them WitchesThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/20/19Ariana GrandeTD GardenBostonView Tickets
03/20/19Ten FeGreat ScottAllston 
03/20/19Dilly DallyBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
03/20/19Meek MillTsongas CenterLowellView Tickets
03/21/19VHS CollectionSoniaCambridge 
03/21/19Indigo GirlsChevalier TheatreMedfordView Tickets
03/22/19Reid GenauerBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
03/22/19Indigo GirlsJohn M. Greene HallNorthamptonView Tickets
03/22/19Mike GordonThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/23/19Mike GordonThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/23/19Walker HayesHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
03/23/19Greyson ChanceSoniaCambridge 
03/24/19Mike GordonThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/24/19Sid SriramThe Red Room at Cafe 939Boston 
03/26/19KissTD GardenBostonView Tickets
03/26/19Gary Clark Jr.House Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/27/19Big WildRoyale BostonBoston 
03/27/19Gary Clark Jr.House Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
03/28/19PAX East - 4 Day PassBoston Convention & Exhibition CenterBoston 
03/28/19PAX East - ThursdayBoston Convention & Exhibition CenterBoston 
03/28/19Mariah CareyWang Theater At The Boch CenterBostonView Tickets
03/29/19Pax East - FridayBoston Convention & Exhibition CenterBoston 
03/29/19Air SupplyThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
03/29/19The Barr BrothersThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
03/29/19Pink Floyd Laser SpectacularCiti Emerson Colonial TheatreBostonView Tickets
03/29/19Pat MethenyAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthamptonView Tickets
03/29/19VundabarParadise Rock ClubBoston 
03/30/19Pax East - SaturdayBoston Convention & Exhibition CenterBoston 
03/30/19Hypocrisy & Fleshgod ApocalypseWorcester Palladium - UpstairsWorcester 
03/31/19Pax East - SundayBoston Convention & Exhibition CenterBoston 
03/31/19Fleetwood MacTD GardenBostonView Tickets
03/31/19Peter MulveyThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
04/01/19Jess GlynneHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
04/01/19Cradle of FilthParadise Rock ClubBostonView Tickets
04/02/19HaelosBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
04/02/19Fleetwood MacTD GardenBostonView Tickets
04/02/19Conan GrayThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
04/03/19John ParrCity Winery - BostonBoston 
04/04/19ZomboyHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
04/05/19Amos LeeOrpheum Theatre - BostonBostonView Tickets
04/05/19Ruben StuddardThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
04/05/19HatebreedWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
04/06/19Why Don't WeAgganis ArenaBostonView Tickets
04/06/19Under The StreetlampThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverlyView Tickets
04/07/19Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra: Wynton Marsalis & Charles McPhersonBoston Symphony HallBoston 
04/07/19Celtic WomanThe Hanover Theatre for the Performing ArtsWorcester 
04/08/19Dream TheaterOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
04/10/19MuseTD GardenBostonView Tickets
04/12/19Blue Oyster CultThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
04/13/19Nick Mason's Sauceful of SecretsOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
04/13/19The Allman Betts BandThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
04/14/19Jack DeJohnette, Joe Lovano, Esperanza Spalding & Leo GenoveseBerklee Performance Center - BostonBoston 
04/15/19The CoathangersGreat ScottAllston 
04/17/19CandleboxWilbur Theatre - MABostonView Tickets
04/18/19Chicago - The BandOrpheum Theatre - BostonBostonView Tickets
04/19/19Kris Kristofferson & The StrangersChevalier TheatreMedfordView Tickets
04/19/19Stephen KelloggThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
04/20/19Blue OctoberHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
04/20/19Jethro TullAcademy of Music Theatre - MANorthamptonView Tickets
04/24/19Tom OdellBrighton Music Hall - MAAllston 
04/24/19The Bay City RollersBlue Ocean Music HallSalisbury 
04/25/19Cassadee PopeParadise Rock ClubBoston 
04/26/19Julia JacklinGreat ScottAllston 
04/27/19Jack & JackParadise Rock ClubBostonView Tickets
04/28/19Christian NodalLynn Memorial AuditoriumLynn 
04/28/19CherTD GardenBostonView Tickets
04/28/19Joan BaezJohn M. Greene HallNorthamptonView Tickets
04/28/19Chick Corea & Bela FleckThe Cabot - Cabot Performing Arts CenterBeverly 
04/29/19Snow PatrolOrpheum Theatre - BostonBoston 
04/30/19CherMassmutual CenterSpringfieldView Tickets
04/30/19Le Vent du NordCity Winery - BostonBoston 
05/02/19Herb Albert & Lani HallCity Winery - BostonBoston 
05/04/19Valerie JuneGateway City LiveHolyoke 
05/10/19Michael Schenker FestWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
05/10/19LanyHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
05/10/19Steven Curtis ChapmanWilbur Theatre - MABoston 
05/10/19Night BeatsONCE BallroomSomerville 
05/11/19LanyHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
05/12/19FKJRoyale BostonBoston 
05/12/19Snarky PuppyHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
05/12/19RiversideThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
05/16/19Frank TurnerHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
05/17/19ABBA: The ConcertChevalier TheatreMedford 
05/17/19Frank TurnerHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
05/18/19Frank TurnerHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
05/18/19Lotus Land - A Tribute to RushBlue Ocean Music HallSalisbury 
05/19/19Frank TurnerHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
05/19/19KT TunstallThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
05/24/19Boston Calling Music Festival - 3 Day PassHarvard Athletic ComplexCambridge 
05/24/19Boston Calling Music Festival - Friday PassHarvard Athletic ComplexCambridge 
05/24/19Jonatha BrookeCity Winery - BostonBoston 
05/25/19Boston Calling Music Festival - Saturday PassHarvard Athletic ComplexCambridge 
05/26/19Boston Calling Music Festival - Sunday PassHarvard Athletic ComplexCambridge 
05/30/19The 1975Agganis ArenaBostonView Tickets
05/31/19Lady LambRoyale BostonBoston 
06/01/19David GrayWang Theater At The Boch CenterBostonView Tickets
06/03/19Kevin MorbyThe Sinclair Music HallCambridge 
06/08/19The Rolling StonesGillette StadiumFoxboroughView Tickets
06/13/19Happy Together TourLynn Memorial AuditoriumLynnView Tickets
06/14/19Todd SniderGateway City LiveHolyoke 
06/16/19JoJo SiwaLowell Memorial AuditoriumLowellView Tickets
06/16/19Happy Together TourCalvin TheatreNorthamptonView Tickets
06/17/19DidoHouse Of Blues - BostonBoston 
06/21/19The StompersBlue Ocean Music HallSalisbury 
06/22/19Dead & CompanyGillette StadiumFoxboroughView Tickets
06/22/19Eros RamazzottiWang Theater At The Boch CenterBoston 
06/28/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NatureTD GardenBostonView Tickets
06/29/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NatureTD GardenBostonView Tickets
06/29/19Marshall Tucker BandIndian RanchWebsterView Tickets
07/27/19Get the Led Out - Tribute BandIndian RanchWebsterView Tickets
08/01/19Iron MaidenXfinity Center - MAMansfieldView Tickets
08/03/19Hootie & The BlowfishXfinity Center - MAMansfieldView Tickets
08/04/19Queen & Adam LambertXfinity Center - MAMansfieldView Tickets
08/06/19Jon BellionBlue Hills Bank PavilionBostonView Tickets
08/09/19UB40Wilbur Theatre - MABostonView Tickets
08/14/19Backstreet BoysTD GardenBostonView Tickets
08/15/19Shawn MendesTD GardenBostonView Tickets
08/17/19Train, Goo Goo Dolls & Allen StoneXfinity Center - MAMansfieldView Tickets
08/23/19Mark KnopflerBlue Hills Bank PavilionBostonView Tickets
09/13/19KamelotWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
09/15/19Charlie DanielsIndian RanchWebster 
09/21/19DelainWorcester PalladiumWorcester 
09/29/19ForeignerEastern States Exposition - The Big E Xfinity ArenaWest SpringfieldView Tickets
09/29/19Aesthetic PerfectionONCE BallroomSomerville 
10/10/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JuneTD GardenBostonView Tickets
10/18/19Turnpike TroubadoursHouse Of Blues - BostonBostonView Tickets
10/26/19Peter Hook And The LightParadise Rock ClubBoston 
11/15/19Elton JohnTD GardenBostonView Tickets

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