Denver Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Denver and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Denver area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Denver concert calendar:

12/15/18Trey AnastasioMacky Auditorium Concert HallBoulder, COView Tickets
12/15/18KhruangbinOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
12/15/18The Brass of Christmas PastUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver, CO 
12/15/18The Brass of Christmas PastUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver, CO 
12/15/18Trace BundyBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
12/15/18The Travelin McCourysCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
12/15/18nothing,nowhere.Marquis Theater - CODenver, COView Tickets
12/15/18Rebirth Brass BandBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
12/15/18Parade of LasersFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, CO 
12/15/18John LegendBellco TheatreDenver, CO 
12/15/18Face Vocal BandParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
12/16/18The Brass of Christmas PastUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver, CO 
12/17/18Brian Setzer OrchestraParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
12/17/18Celtic WomanBoettcher Concert HallDenver, CO 
12/18/18Jon PardiGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
12/19/18Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night SweatsOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
12/20/18Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night SweatsOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
12/20/18Mark O'ConnorParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, CO 
12/20/18AsadiFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
12/21/18OtepHermans HideawayDenver, CO 
12/21/18BoomboxFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, CO 
12/21/18Jon WolfeGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
12/21/18A Crime Scene Christmas: Kerry Pastine & The Crime SceneOphelia's Electric SoapboxDenver, CO 
12/21/18RailbendersBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
12/22/18Keys N KratesBluebird TheaterDenver, COView Tickets
12/22/18David Benoit's Christmas Tribute To Charlie BrownThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
12/22/18Brother AliCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
12/22/18Roger Clyne and The PeacemakersGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
12/27/18SpoonbillThe Black Box LLCDenver, CO 
12/27/18Jim LauderdaleThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
12/28/18Gogol BordelloOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
12/28/18STS9 - Sound Tribe Sector 9Fillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
12/28/18String Cheese Incident1stBank CenterBroomfield, COView Tickets
12/28/18STS9 - Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 3 Day PassFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
12/29/18Gogol BordelloOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
12/29/18STS9 - Sound Tribe Sector 9Fillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
12/29/18String Cheese Incident1stBank CenterBroomfield, COView Tickets
12/29/18Flatfoot 56Streets of London PubDenver, CO 
12/29/18Curren$YCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
12/29/18Marc RebilletCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver, CO 
12/30/18Son VoltOphelia's Electric SoapboxDenver, COView Tickets
12/30/18The Infamous StringdustersOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
12/30/18Decadence 2018Colorado Convention CenterDenver, CO 
12/30/18The Beach BoysParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
12/30/18DevotchkaBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
12/31/18Son VoltOphelia's Electric SoapboxDenver, COView Tickets
12/31/18The Infamous StringdustersOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
12/31/18Gogol BordelloBoulder TheaterBoulder, COView Tickets
12/31/18STS9 - Sound Tribe Sector 9Fillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
12/31/18String Cheese Incident1stBank CenterBroomfield, COView Tickets
12/31/18Gasoline LollipopsFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
12/31/18Reagan YouthStreets of London PubDenver, CO 
12/31/18Less Than JakeThe Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
12/31/18Leftover CrackGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
12/31/18Texas Hippie CoalitionHermans HideawayDenver, CO 
12/31/18Cory Henry & The Funk ApostlesCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver, CO 
12/31/18WildermissLarimer LoungeDenver, CO 
12/31/18DevotchkaBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/03/19Shane Smith and The SaintsBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/04/19Colorado Symphony Orchestra: Harry Potter and Order Of The Phoenix In ConcertBoettcher Concert HallDenver, CO 
01/04/19Dr. KlawCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver, CO 
01/04/19String Mountain RevivalCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
01/04/19Randy Rogers BandGrizzly RoseDenver, COView Tickets
01/04/19American AquariumBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/04/19Float Like a BuffaloGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
01/05/19Colorado Symphony Orchestra: Harry Potter and Order Of The Phoenix In ConcertBoettcher Concert HallDenver, CO 
01/05/19Dr. KlawCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver, CO 
01/05/19String Mountain RevivalCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
01/05/19En VogueOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
01/05/19Chris KnightBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/06/19Colorado Symphony Orchestra: Harry Potter and Order Of The Phoenix In ConcertBoettcher Concert HallDenver, CO 
01/09/19Sammy Miller & the CongregationThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
01/11/19Reckless KellyGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
01/11/19Mustard PlugBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/11/19Black Pistol FireGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
01/12/19Joey AlexanderBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
01/12/19Kottonmouth KingsOriental Theater - DenverDenver, CO 
01/12/19Ned LeDouxGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
01/12/19Desert DwellersOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
01/12/19888Marquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
01/12/19Freddy Jones BandThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
01/15/19EnsiferumOriental Theater - DenverDenver, CO 
01/15/19The SupersuckersGlobe HallDenver, CO 
01/16/19Disturbed & Three Days GracePepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
01/16/19Wild ChildBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/16/19Young DolphThe Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
01/17/19Pop EvilThe Summit Music HallDenver, COView Tickets
01/17/19Wild ChildBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/17/19Riley GreenGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
01/17/19William FitzsimmonsThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
01/18/19Frankie Valli & The Four SeasonsParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
01/18/19CursiveBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/18/19The Crystal MethodFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
01/18/19Hot RizeBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
01/18/19Michael RayGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
01/18/19Railroad EarthOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
01/18/19Stanley JordanThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
01/18/19Nappy RootsOphelia's Electric SoapboxDenver, CO 
01/19/19CursiveFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
01/19/19Hot RizeBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
01/19/19Morgan WallenGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
01/19/19ThursdayBluebird TheaterDenver, COView Tickets
01/19/19Railroad EarthOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
01/19/19Steel PantherFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
01/19/19Howie DayThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
01/20/19RJD2Ogden TheatreDenver, CO 
01/20/19ThursdayBluebird TheaterDenver, COView Tickets
01/20/19Howie DayThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
01/22/19Corrosion of ConformityGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
01/23/19NAOGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
01/24/19Marc Cohn TrioBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
01/25/19Amadeus - FilmBoettcher Concert HallDenver, CO 
01/25/19Casey DonahewGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
01/25/19The WailersGothic TheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
01/25/19Black Tiger Sex MachineOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
01/25/19Everyone OrchestraCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
01/25/19Dave Watts Birthday BashCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver, CO 
01/25/19Tomorrows Bad SeedsMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
01/26/19Amadeus - FilmBoettcher Concert HallDenver, CO 
01/26/19Hippo CampusOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
01/26/19Los StellariansBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
01/26/19Everyone's DeadCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
01/26/19SunsquabiFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, CO 
01/26/19Dave Watts Birthday BashCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver, CO 
01/26/19Adriel FavelaGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
01/27/19BaysideMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
01/27/19SumacLarimer LoungeDenver, CO 
01/27/19The WailersFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, COView Tickets
01/28/19Justin TimberlakePepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
01/29/19JacqueesGothic TheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
01/30/19GnashBluebird TheaterDenver, COView Tickets
01/30/19YGOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
01/30/19DorothyThe Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
01/31/19Fleetwood MacPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
01/31/19YGOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/01/19HeRobustOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/01/19Icelantic's Winter On The Rocks: AtmosphereRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
02/01/19The Amity Affliction & Senses FailThe Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
02/02/19BasCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
02/02/19King TuffFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
02/04/19Olafur ArnaldsBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
02/04/19Jesse McCartneyOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
02/04/19The Districts & DeeperBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
02/05/19LP - Laura PergolizziOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/05/19MadeinTYOBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
02/05/19Chrome SparksFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
02/06/19Elton JohnPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
02/06/19The KnocksBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
02/07/19Elton JohnPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
02/07/19Guster & Henry JamisonOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/08/19JJ GreyBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
02/08/19Chris Robinson BrotherhoodOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
02/08/19FlamingosisGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
02/08/19Phil CoulterThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
02/08/19The Greyboy AllstarsCervantes' Masterpiece - Other SideDenver, CO 
02/08/19ThriftworksCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
02/09/19The Funk HuntersOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/09/19The Nels Cline 4Ophelia's Electric SoapboxDenver, CO 
02/09/19Two FriendsGothic TheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
02/09/19The Greyboy AllstarsCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
02/10/19Lyle Lovett & John HiattBoulder TheaterBoulder, COView Tickets
02/10/19Pedro The LionBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
02/11/19Bring Me The HorizonFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
02/13/19Anderson .PaakFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, CO 
02/14/19Blind Boys of AlabamaUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver, CO 
02/14/19GroundationFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
02/15/19Colter WallOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/15/19TritonalGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
02/15/19Tonight AliveMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
02/15/19Gerald AlbrightThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
02/16/19Reverend Horton HeatGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
02/16/19TurkuazOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/16/19Tonight AliveMoon Room at The Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
02/16/19Hippie SabotageFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
02/16/19GroundationCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
02/16/19Gerald AlbrightThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
02/16/19Gerald AlbrightThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
02/16/19Kill ParisMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
02/17/19Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet BandPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
02/18/19Sharon Van EttenGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
02/19/19PoppyGothic TheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
02/19/19Saves the DayMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
02/20/19One Ok RockGothic TheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
02/20/19Nightmares On WaxCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
02/21/19El Ten ElevenFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
02/22/19Kacey MusgravesParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
02/22/19Drew Holcomb & Ellie HolcombFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
02/22/19Here Come The MummiesBoulder TheaterBoulder, COView Tickets
02/22/19Boogie TOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/22/19Pat GreenGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
02/22/19Gasoline LollipopsGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
02/23/19CavetownMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
02/23/19Joshua RadinBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
02/23/19Boogie TOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/23/19Carl Craig & MoodymannCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
02/23/19The ToastersStreets of London PubDenver, CO 
02/24/19Joe JacksonParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
02/24/19Between The Buried and Me, TesseracT & AstronoidFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
02/24/19Set It OffThe Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
02/24/19Bryce VineBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
02/25/19Ella MaiOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
02/25/19Aurora & TalosBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
02/26/19Delfeayo Marsalis & The Uptown Jazz OrchestraUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver, CO 
02/26/19Nothing MoreOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
02/26/19Bob MouldGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
02/26/19Peter MurphyOriental Theater - DenverDenver, CO 
02/27/19Yung GravyCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
02/28/19Kurt Vile and The Violators & The SadiesOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
03/01/19North Mississippi All-StarsCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
03/01/19Cherry GlazerrGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
03/01/19Donavon FrankenreiterBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
03/01/19Young DublinersThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/01/19Decibel Magazine Tour: Cannibal Corpse & Morbid AngelOriental Theater - DenverDenver, CO 
03/02/19And OneOriental Theater - DenverDenver, CO 
03/02/19Teenage FanclubBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
03/02/19Neal Morse BandThe Summit Music HallDenver, COView Tickets
03/02/19SamiamMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
03/02/19Action Bronson & Meyhem LaurenCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
03/02/19Decibel Magazine Tour: Morbid AngelOriental Theater - DenverDenver, CO 
03/04/19You Me at SixMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
03/05/19Sarah BrightmanParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
03/05/19Albert Hammond Jr.Bluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
03/05/19Meshell NdegeocelloBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
03/05/19Meek MillFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
03/05/19DaughtersGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
03/06/19NonameOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
03/07/19Lil MoseyCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
03/07/19Andy McKeeThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/08/19Bad SunsBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
03/08/19Koe WetzelGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
03/09/19Andrew McMahon in the WildernessFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
03/09/19Jacob BanksOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
03/09/19BrasstracksCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
03/09/19Max FrostMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
03/10/19Dave MasonBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
03/12/19Morgan JamesThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/13/19Morgan JamesThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/15/19Matt NathansonOriental Theater - DenverDenver, CO 
03/15/19Mandolin OrangeBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
03/15/19Chelsea CutlerBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
03/15/19Excision1stBank CenterBroomfield, COView Tickets
03/15/19Ottmar Liebert & Luna NegraThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/15/19Ottmar Liebert & Luna NegraThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/15/19The Expendables & Ballyhoo!Cervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
03/16/19Cypress Hill & Hollywood UndeadFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
03/16/19Mandolin OrangeOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
03/16/19Keller Williams' PettyGrass & The HillbendersCervantes' Masterpiece - BallroomDenver, CO 
03/16/19Chelsea CutlerFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
03/16/19Excision1stBank CenterBroomfield, COView Tickets
03/17/19JackopierceThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, COView Tickets
03/18/19State Champs & Our Last NightThe Summit Music HallDenver, COView Tickets
03/19/19Bronze Radio ReturnBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
03/19/19The Black QueenMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
03/20/19Metric & ZoeFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, CO 
03/20/19Cass McCombsFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
03/21/19Nick Mason's Sauceful of SecretsParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, CO 
03/21/19The High KingsThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/22/19James BayFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, CO 
03/22/19The High KingsThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
03/22/19MatomaOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
03/23/19Uncle Acid and The DeadbeatsOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
03/23/19Aaron WatsonGrizzly RoseDenver, COView Tickets
03/23/19Quinn XCIIFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
03/24/19Liz PhairOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
03/26/19Dream TheaterParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, CO 
03/27/19Why Don't We1stBank CenterBroomfield, COView Tickets
03/28/1912th PlanetOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
03/30/19Kansas - The BandParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
03/30/19Switchfoot & Tyson MotsenbockerFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, CO 
04/01/19PinkPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
04/01/19Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring MothersMarquis Theater - CODenver, CO 
04/02/19Jack & JackGothic TheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
04/02/19Buddy GuyParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
04/05/19The InterruptersOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
04/06/19Stephen KelloggBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
04/09/19Maggie RogersOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
04/10/19Maggie RogersOgden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
04/10/19Wishbone AshThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
04/12/19Bang on a Can All-StarsUniversity of Denver - Newman Center - Gates Concert HallDenver, CO 
04/12/19Conan GrayBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
04/12/19Keiko MatsuiThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
04/13/19KixHermans HideawayDenver, CO 
04/16/19NeedtobreatheMacky Auditorium Concert HallBoulder, COView Tickets
04/17/19Reverend Horton HeatFox Theatre - BoulderBoulder, CO 
04/18/19311Ogden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
04/19/19311, Method Man & RedmanRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
04/20/19Stick FigureRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
04/20/19Ariana GrandePepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
04/20/19Ganja White Night1stBank CenterBroomfield, COView Tickets
04/22/19Byrne & KellyThe Soiled Dove UndergroundDenver, CO 
04/26/19Walker HayesGrizzly RoseDenver, CO 
04/27/19Michael SchenkerGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
04/27/19The MidnightOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
04/27/19Pink Floyd Laser SpectacularParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
04/30/19Taking Back SundayThe Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
04/30/19The 1975Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/01/19Taking Back SundayThe Summit Music HallDenver, CO 
05/01/19InterpolRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/02/19Twiddle, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong & Kitchen DwellersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/03/19ShpongleRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/03/19Tom OdellBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
05/04/19ShpongleRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/09/19VulfpeckRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/10/19Eric ChurchPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
05/10/19Snow PatrolParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, CO 
05/11/19Eric ChurchPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
05/12/19Luke CombsRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/14/19Lord HuronRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/14/19The Dandy WarholsGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
05/17/19Tech N9neFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
05/17/19Pancho BarrazaParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, CO 
05/18/19Kevin MorbyBluebird TheaterDenver, CO 
05/18/19Global Dub Festival: Adventure Club & Bear GrillzRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/18/19Tech N9neFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
05/21/19FKJOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
05/24/19The Devil Makes Three & LuceroRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/24/19The HivesGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 
05/24/19RiversideBoulder TheaterBoulder, CO 
05/26/19The Rolling StonesBroncos Stadium At Mile HighDenver, COView Tickets
05/29/19Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family BandRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
05/30/19JoJo SiwaParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
05/31/19moe.Ogden TheatreDenver, COView Tickets
06/01/19moe.Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/07/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NaturePepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
06/07/19Michael Franti & SpearheadRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/08/19Big Head Todd and The MonstersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/10/19LanyFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
06/15/19LettuceRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/16/19Nahko and Medicine For The People & Trevor HallRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/17/19David GrayEllie Caulkins Opera HouseDenver, COView Tickets
06/20/19Train, Goo Goo Dolls & Allen StoneFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
06/21/19Umphrey's McGee - FridayRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/21/19Umphrey's McGee - 3 Day PassRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/22/19Umphrey's McGee - SaturdayRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/23/19Umphrey's McGee - SundayRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
06/29/19The Fab Faux - Tribute to The BeatlesParamount Theatre - DenverDenver, CO 
07/01/19RiotHermans HideawayDenver, CO 
07/02/19Shawn MendesPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
07/05/19The Avett BrothersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
07/05/19Dead & CompanyFolsom FieldBoulder, COView Tickets
07/06/19The Avett BrothersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
07/06/19Dead & CompanyFolsom FieldBoulder, COView Tickets
07/07/19The Avett BrothersRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
07/11/19Hootie & The BlowfishFiddlers Green AmphitheatreEnglewood, COView Tickets
07/12/19The MotetRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
07/17/19The Head and The HeartRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
07/21/19Jon BellionFillmore Auditorium - ColoradoDenver, COView Tickets
07/24/19Trampled by TurtlesRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
07/28/19John Prine & Colorado Symphony OrchestraRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
08/03/19My Morning JacketRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
08/08/19Backstreet BoysPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
08/29/19Joe Russo's Almost DeadRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
09/08/19Dark Star OrchestraRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
09/11/19Old DominionRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
09/12/19KissPepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
09/16/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JunePepsi Center - DenverDenver, COView Tickets
09/17/19Jason Isbell & The 400 UnitRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COView Tickets
09/25/19KamelotOgden TheatreDenver, CO 
10/14/19Delain & AmorphisGothic TheatreEnglewood, CO 

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