Pittsburgh Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-down to view concerts scheduled in other cities and states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Pittsburgh area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Pittsburgh concert calendar:

03/23/19Blue OctoberStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
03/23/19Swervedriver & FailureSpirit - PittsburghPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
03/24/19Pat MethenyCarnegie Lecture Hall of Oakland - PittsburghPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
03/24/19Tony MacAlpineClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
03/24/19Jukebox The GhostTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
03/26/19Better Oblivion Community CenterTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
03/28/19The InterruptersTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
03/28/19From Ashes to New & Ice Nine KillsRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
03/28/19Reverend Peytons Big Damn BandClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
03/29/19ZomboyStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
03/29/19Classic Soul Music Festival: Maze, Frankie Beverly, The Whispers, Freddie Jackson & Tom BrownePetersen Events CenterPittsburgh, PA 
03/30/19KissPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/01/19Our Last NightRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
04/02/19The Plot In YouSpirit - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
04/04/19Jeff TweedyCarnegie Lecture Hall of Oakland - PittsburghPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/04/19Skull FistCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
04/05/19Hayes CarllClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/05/19Mike Mains and The BranchesHard Rock Cafe - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
04/05/19Lil BabyStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/05/19George WinstonCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PA 
04/06/19SWMRSRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
04/06/19Whitey MorganStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/06/19Kim RicheyClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/07/19Adrian BelewRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
04/09/19The Cactus BlossomsClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/10/19Red ElvisesHard Rock Cafe - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
04/11/19Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring MothersSpirit - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
04/11/19Knocked LooseRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
04/11/19Carsie BlantonClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/12/19HatebreedStage AEPittsburgh, PA 
04/12/19SojaRex TheaterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/12/19Less Than JakeTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
04/13/19Lady LambClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/14/19Bela Fleck & Abigail WashburnCarnegie Lecture Hall of Oakland - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
04/14/19Children of BodomTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/14/19Jon AndersonCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PA 
04/15/19Carbon LeafClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/17/19Wild BelleThe Club at Stage AEPittsburgh, PA 
04/17/19The 69 EyesCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
04/17/19Life In a VacuumClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/18/19CherPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/18/19Merce LemonClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/19/19Here Come the MummiesRex TheaterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/19/19Jenna NichollsClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/20/19SylarFun House at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/20/19Granger SmithStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/22/19Veil of MayaTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
04/22/19Wishbone AshClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/23/19Dance Gavin DanceStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/23/19WhitechapelRex TheaterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/23/19Foxing & Now, NowTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
04/25/19Maren MorrisStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/26/19Picture This - BandThe Club at Stage AEPittsburgh, PA 
04/26/19Parker McKayClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
04/27/19Elle KingStage AEPittsburgh, PA 
04/27/19EelsTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
04/27/19OverkillRex TheaterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/29/19Andy Black, The Faim & KulickTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
04/30/19PupRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
04/30/19Son VoltTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
04/30/19Twin Peaks & Post AnimalThe Club at Stage AEPittsburgh, PA 
04/30/19William MathenyClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
05/01/19Jake MillerRex TheaterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/01/19Adelitas WayCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
05/02/19The Grass is DeadRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
05/02/19CombichristCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
05/03/19Eric ChurchPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/03/19Todd SniderRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
05/04/19Eric ChurchPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/04/19The SlackersSmiling MoosePittsburgh, PA 
05/05/19The Flying Luttenbachers, Bearskull & Night VaporFun House at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
05/06/19The Felice BrothersClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
05/07/19The Mountain GoatsTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
05/07/19DMXFoxtailPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/07/19HellogoodbyeSmiling MoosePittsburgh, PA 
05/07/19Bring Me The HorizonStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/08/19The Mountain GoatsTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
05/08/19Tom MorelloRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
05/08/19Ella MaiStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/09/19Caribbean CarnivaleCarnegie Music Hall of Oakland - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
05/09/19The SteelDriversCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PA 
05/09/19Falling In ReverseStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/10/19The Tallest Man On EarthCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PAView Tickets
05/10/19Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls & Shovels & RopeStage AEPittsburgh, PA 
05/10/19Iron Reagan & Sacred ReichCattivoPittsburgh, PA 
05/10/19Brooke AnnibaleClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
05/11/19TaukRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
05/11/19Knuckle Puck & CitizenTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
05/12/19AJ MitchellRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
05/12/19EvanescenceUPMC Events CenterMoon, PAView Tickets
05/12/19IrationRoxian TheatreMckees Rocks, PAView Tickets
05/12/19Thy Art Is MurderSpirit - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
05/13/19LanyStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/13/19MovementsTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
05/13/19Metal Church & DoroCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
05/14/19Marianas TrenchTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/14/19In This MomentStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/15/19Bear's DenTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
05/15/19Run River NorthClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
05/16/19Josh Ritter & The Royal City BandCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PA 
05/16/19MGMTStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/17/19Welshly ArmsThe Club at Stage AEPittsburgh, PA 
05/18/19Garth BrooksHeinz FieldPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/18/19St. LuciaRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
05/21/19Avatar & Devin TownsendTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/22/19Nashville Pussy & Guitar WolfCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
05/22/19The BlastersHard Rock Cafe - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
05/22/19SebadohTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
05/24/19Walk Off The EarthStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/25/19The Yjj'sClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
05/26/19HozierBenedum CenterPittsburgh, PA 
05/27/19ApocalypticaCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PAView Tickets
05/28/19Juice Wrld & Ski Mask The Slump GodStage AEPittsburgh, PA 
05/28/19LoloClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
05/30/19The WhoPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
05/31/19Travis Tritt & Charlie Daniels BandStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/01/19Local NativesStage AEPittsburgh, PA 
06/01/19Pittsburgh Taco Festival - Afternoon SessionHighmark StadiumPittsburgh, PA 
06/01/19Pittsburgh Taco Festival - Evening SessionHighmark StadiumPittsburgh, PA 
06/02/19David CrosbyCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PAView Tickets
06/03/19The StrumbellasTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
06/05/19Sammy Hagar and the CircleHighmark StadiumPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/07/19Twenty One PilotsPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/07/19Midnight TyrannosaurusRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
06/07/19Death Cab for CutieStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/08/19Midnight TyrannosaurusRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
06/10/19Coheed and Cambria & MastodonStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/11/19Heather MaeClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
06/12/19Ariana GrandePPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/12/19The LemonheadsTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
06/14/19DaughtersRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
06/14/19Tony MacAlpineClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
06/18/19Norah JonesHeinz HallPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/18/19The Milk Carton KidsTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
06/18/19Ocean AlleySpirit - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
06/20/19lovelythebandStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/21/19EarthSpirit - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
06/23/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NaturePPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/25/19Catfish and the BottlemenStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/25/19Ziggy AlbertsRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
06/26/19CavetownRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
06/27/19Young The Giant & Fitz and The TantrumsStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/27/19Slightly StoopidHighmark StadiumPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/27/19PelicanClub CafePittsburgh, PA 
06/28/19ParachuteRex TheaterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
06/29/19Delta Rae & LucetteRex TheaterPittsburgh, PA 
07/02/19Peter FramptonBenedum CenterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/07/19Sublime with RomeStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/11/19We Were Promised JetpacksSpirit - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
07/15/19I PrevailStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/18/19Belle and SebastianCarnegie Music Hall of Oakland - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
07/20/19Third Eye Blind & Jimmy Eat WorldStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/21/19The StrutsStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/28/19John MayerPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/30/19JoJo SiwaPetersen Events CenterPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/30/19Lake Street DiveStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
07/31/19Queen & Adam LambertPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
08/01/19Jeff Lynne's Electric Light OrchestraPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
08/06/19Ben Folds & Violent FemmesStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
08/11/19The Bouncing SoulsTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
08/11/19Why Don't WeUPMC Events CenterMoon, PAView Tickets
08/14/19Papa RoachStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
08/17/19Iron MaidenPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
08/25/19Live, Bush & Our Lady PeaceStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
09/06/19Judah and The LionStage AEPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
09/14/19Backstreet BoysPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
09/25/19The BlastersHard Rock Cafe - PittsburghPittsburgh, PA 
09/27/19Thunderstruck - A Tribute To AC/DCCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
09/27/19Toby KeithHighmark StadiumPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
10/01/19Steve HackettCarnegie of Homestead Music HallHomestead, PA 
10/07/19Warbringer & EnforcerCattivoPittsburgh, PA 
10/11/19The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of SummerPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
10/12/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JunePPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets
10/17/19MudhoneyTheatre at Mr Small'sPittsburgh, PA 
11/11/19NileCrafthouse Stage & GrillPittsburgh, PA 
11/13/19Elton JohnPPG Paints ArenaPittsburgh, PAView Tickets

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