Seattle Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Seattle and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Seattle area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Seattle concert calendar:

12/15/17Collie BuddzNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/15/17FlobotsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/15/17CamCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/15/17EkaliThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/16/17The Barr BrothersNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/16/17Lindsey StirlingParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/16/17Elevate Saturdays: KapslapFoundation NightclubSeattle, WA 
12/16/17Steel PantherShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/16/17Scarlet Parke & Fell From a StarBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
12/17/17Josh GarrelsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/17/17Dwight YoakamSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WAView Tickets
12/17/17RVNChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/19/17DaedelusNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/20/17Kodak BlackShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/20/17Xavier OmarCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/21/17Pedro The LionTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
12/21/17Capitol Hill Holiday PartyNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/22/17The Blind Boys of AlabamaAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
12/22/17MacklemoreKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/22/17Pedro The LionTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
12/22/17Celtic Christmas CelebrationKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
12/23/17MacklemoreKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/26/17Brian Setzer OrchestraParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/27/17Straight No ChaserParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/27/17-X-The ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/27/17Doctor PFoundation NightclubSeattle, WA 
12/27/17Before Our TimeChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/29/17ResolutionWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
12/29/17Grace LoveNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/29/17Lindstrom & The LimitBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
12/30/17BumblefootThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/30/17Manatee CommuneNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/30/17MarchFourth!Nectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
12/31/17Manatee CommuneNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/31/17ThunderpussyThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/04/18DoNormaalBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/05/18Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/05/18Fates WarningStudio SevenSeattle, WA 
01/06/18Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/06/18Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/06/18The GreenThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/06/18PickwickThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/06/18Alec ShawChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/07/18Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/09/18Senor FinChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/10/18Anime CreekChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/11/18Joe Satriani, John Petrucci & Phil CollenMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/11/18SpoonThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/11/18ShreddersChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/12/18SpoonThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/12/18Railroad EarthThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/12/18AvoidEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/13/18Wolf ParadeThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/13/18OMG Heart & Soul Tour: The Whispers, Bloodstone, The Stylistics & Miles JayeShoware CenterKent, WA 
01/16/18Mod SunNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
01/17/18EshamStudio SevenSeattle, WA 
01/17/18Randy Rogers BandThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/17/18Emily WellsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/18/18St. VincentMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/18/18LauvCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/19/18Hippo Campus & Sure SureThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/19/18St. VincentMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/19/18K. FlayThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/19/18TritonalShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
01/19/18Dead LakesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/20/18Five For FightingAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
01/20/18August Burns RedThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/20/18ConvergeEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/20/18The MynabirdsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/20/18Breathe CarolinaFoundation NightclubSeattle, WA 
01/20/18Vince NeilSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WA 
01/20/18Sam LachowNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/21/18Ladysmith Black MambazoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/21/18BornsShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/22/18DVSNThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/23/18Yung Lean And Sad BoysNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/23/18Circuit Des YeuxBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/23/18LunaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/23/18Haunted HorsesChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/24/18Anti-Flag, Stray From The Path, The White Noise & SharptoothEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/24/18WafiaBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/24/18Devvon TerrellCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/25/18Josh RitterThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/25/18Queens Of The Stone AgeKeyArenaSeattle, WA 
01/25/18Boy HarsherBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/25/18Unite-OneNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/26/18MatomaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/26/18Magic GiantBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/26/18Rebel SouljahzThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/27/18Rosanne Cash & John LeventhalFederal Way Performing Arts & Events CenterFederal Way, WA 
01/27/18Filthy FriendsNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/27/18Jen CloherBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/27/18Passion PitShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/28/18Bruce CockburnThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/28/18White BuffaloCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/28/18First Aid KitMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/28/18AvatarStudio SevenSeattle, WA 
01/28/18WallowsChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/30/18Two FeetNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/31/18The WombatsThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/31/18SoultanzChop SueySeattle, WA 
02/01/18Stick FigureShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/01/18J.I.D. & EarthgangCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/01/18Joyner Lucas & Dizzy WrightNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/02/18Lights - The MusicianThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/02/18Massy FergusonNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/02/18Haiku & The Flight CrewBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/03/18Antonio SanchezThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/03/18Drive By Truckers & Lilly HiattMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/03/18Elephant RevivalThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/03/18Of Mice And Men - BandEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/03/18PnB RockShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/03/18YachtBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/04/18The Original WailersNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/04/1810 YearsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/05/18IntervalsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/06/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/07/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/07/18MakoCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/08/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/08/18DestroyerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/08/18Dark Star OrchestraThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/08/18Hippie SabotageShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/08/18SeawayEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/08/18Dimond SaintsNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/09/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/09/18HapaAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
02/09/18Hippie SabotageShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/09/18Mike GordonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/09/18GramatikThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/10/18Super DiamondThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/10/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/10/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/10/18Jesse CookThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/10/18MO - Karen Marie Orsted & Cashmere CatShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/10/18New KingstonBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/11/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/11/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/11/18Jesse CookThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/11/18Diet CigChop SueySeattle, WA 
02/11/18KimbraNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/12/18Dan AuerbachThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/13/18Sabaton & KreatorThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/13/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/14/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/14/18LPThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/15/18Ron PopeThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/15/18Mumiy TrollThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/15/18Majid JordanShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/15/18Japanese BreakfastNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/15/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/15/18YobChop SueySeattle, WA 
02/16/18TobyMacKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/16/18Judah & The LionShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/16/18Walk The Moon & Company of ThievesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/16/18Parquet Courts & Thurston MooreThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/16/18TyphoonCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/16/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/16/18Bruno MajorBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/17/18Dua LipaThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/17/18Walk The Moon & Company of ThievesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/17/18Enter Shikari & Milk TeethNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/17/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/17/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/18/18Jacob Sartorius, Zach Clayton & Hayden SummerallThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/18/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/18/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/19/18Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity & EyehategodShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/19/18RostamNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/20/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/20/18Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/20/18The Mary Timony BandNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/20/18Mat Kearney & Andrew BelleMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/21/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/21/18Real EstateNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/22/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/22/18DorothyCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/23/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/23/18Sherman AlexieKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
02/23/18Grace VanderWaalNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/23/18Miles Electric BandMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/23/18MiguelShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/24/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/24/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/24/18Neck DeepThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/24/18Black Veil Brides & Asking AlexandriaShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/24/18Why?NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/24/18Theo KatzmanBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/25/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/25/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/25/18Margo PriceThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/25/18Tokio HotelNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/25/18Snarky PuppyMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/25/18Pop EvilEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/25/18Kikagaku MoyoBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/26/18Mandy HarveyAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
02/26/18K.D. LangMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/27/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/27/18SuperchunkNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/27/18BrockhamptonThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/27/18BahamasThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/27/18Icon For HireEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/28/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/28/18BullyNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/28/18Shovels and RopeTriple DoorSeattle, WA 
02/28/18BrockhamptonThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/28/18StarsetEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/01/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/01/18The Delta BombersThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/01/18Shovels and RopeTriple DoorSeattle, WA 
03/01/18Lee Ann WomackTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
03/01/18Herbie HancockMcCaw HallSeattle, WA 
03/01/18PalmBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/01/18Ty Dolla SignThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/01/18Buffalo TomNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/02/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/02/18The Taj Mahal TrioKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
03/02/18The ArchitectsThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/02/18The Wood BrothersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/02/18Brent FaiyazBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/02/18Lee Ann WomackAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/03/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/03/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/03/18Taj MahalAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/03/18Busty & The BassBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/03/18ZZ WardThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/03/18PorchesNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/03/18Keys N KratesShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/03/18SecretsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/04/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/04/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/04/18Steep Canyon RangersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/04/18New PoliticsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/05/18Walk Off The EarthMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/05/18PVRISThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/05/18Iced EarthEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/06/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/06/18Decibel Magazine Tour: Enslaved, Wolves In The Throne Room, Myrkur & KhemmisEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/06/18Big WreckCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/07/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/07/18Machine HeadThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/07/18They Might Be GiantsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/08/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/08/18Gabrielle AplinChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/09/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/09/18LordeKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/09/18Awolnation & Nothing But ThievesShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
03/09/18NW Metal Fest - Friday AdmissionEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/09/18Mr. CarmackChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/09/18The Dead SouthTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
03/09/18The Lone BellowThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/10/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/10/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/10/18John McEuenAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/10/18David RawlingsMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/10/18Anderson EastNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/10/18The Infamous StringdustersThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/10/18NW Metal Fest - Saturday AdmissionEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/10/183LAUShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
03/10/18The RubensBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/11/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/11/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/11/18Our Last NightEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/13/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/13/18Why Don't WeShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/13/18Knocked LooseEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/13/18WatainStudio SevenSeattle, WA 
03/14/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/14/18CoinThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/14/18DoyleEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/14/18Steve Aoki & DesiignerShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/15/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/15/18The ExpendablesCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/15/18Geoffrey CastleKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
03/15/18Umphrey's McGeeThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/15/18FuturisticNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/16/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/18Sierra HullKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
03/16/18Phillip PhillipsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/18Eden & VeriteShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/18FozzyStudio SevenSeattle, WA 
03/17/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/17/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/17/18Irish Spectacular Of Song & DanceAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/17/18NF - Nate FeuersteinShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/17/18Martin SextonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/17/18The MotetNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/17/18John Hiatt & The GonersMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/18/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/18/18HamiltonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/19/18DirkschneiderEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/20/18The Mowgli'sCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/21/18David LindleyKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
03/21/18Andy GrammerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/22/18Michael SchenkerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/22/18Declan McKennaVera ProjectSeattle, WA 
03/23/18Kidd PivotMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/23/18GalacticThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/23/18OughtChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/23/18The Oh HellosThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/23/18ASAP FergShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/24/18OmdThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/24/18Kidd PivotMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/24/18Leftover Salmon & Keller WilliamsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/24/18MetalachiEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/24/18VundabarBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/24/18Ella VosSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
03/26/18AJRThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/26/18Milk & BoneBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/26/18Senses Fail, Reggie and The Full Effect, Have Mercy & HouseholdNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/27/18Clean BanditThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/28/18Time Machine & Mashina VremeniMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/30/18Louis Prima Jr.Admiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/30/18The Go! TeamNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/30/18Emancipator EnsembleThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/30/18Les Stroud: SurvivormanKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
03/30/18Brandi CarlileMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/30/18T.S.O.L.El CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/30/18OdeszaWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/30/18SoMoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/31/18Brandi CarlileMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/31/18BathsNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/31/18OdeszaWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/31/18Jake BuggThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/03/18Eliades OchoaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/03/18The DarknessThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/03/18Durand Jones & The IndicationsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/05/18Kaki KingKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
04/05/18The StrypesTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
04/06/18I'm With Her: Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O'DonovanThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/06/18Acid Mothers TempleSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
04/07/18EchosmithThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/07/18BeniseAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WAView Tickets
04/07/18Moose BloodEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/09/18Brian FallonNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/12/18Branford MarsalisAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
04/12/18Whiskey MyersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/14/18Dashboard ConfessionalThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/15/18Judas PriestShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
04/16/18Carpenter BrutThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/17/18Pink MartiniAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
04/17/18Coast ModernCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/19/18Luke CombsShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/19/18WindhandNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/20/18The Brothers FourAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
04/20/18Jesse Colin YoungTriple DoorSeattle, WA 
04/21/18Kelsea Ballerini & Walker HayesShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
04/22/18Front 242NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/23/18Cigarettes After SexThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/27/18PocoAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
04/27/18The FratellisThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/27/18Jorja SmithNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/01/18Nana MouskouriMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/03/18KhalidWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/04/18Papa Roach & Nothing MoreShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/08/18Steven WilsonShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/10/18Peter Hook and The LightThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/11/18Lee RockerAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
05/13/18PinkKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/17/18The WeepiesKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
05/18/18Dailey and VincentAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
05/22/18Taylor SwiftCenturyLink FieldSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/31/18Yo La TengoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/31/18Northwest Terror FestNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/01/18The KooksShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
06/01/18Tom JonesParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/01/18Yo La TengoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/02/18Jackie EvanchoAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WAView Tickets
06/02/18Celtic WomanParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
06/02/18InsomniumEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/09/18Barenaked Ladies, Better Than Ezra & KT TunstallMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/10/18Hammerfall & Flotsam and JetsamEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/10/18Jethro TullChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
07/07/18Harry Styles & Kacey MusgravesKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/07/18Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion & Brandon LayCenturyLink FieldSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/13/18Tim McGraw & Faith HillKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/20/18Capitol Hill Block Party - 3 Day PassCapitol Hill Block PartySeattle, WA 
07/27/18Foreigner & WhitesnakeWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
08/02/18Niall Horan & Maren MorrisWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
08/04/18Weezer & PixiesWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
08/25/18Ed SheeranCenturyLink FieldSeattle, WAView Tickets
09/01/18Foo FightersSafeco FieldSeattle, WAView Tickets
09/08/18Sam SmithKeyArenaSeattle, WAView Tickets

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