Seattle Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Seattle and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Seattle area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Seattle concert calendar:

10/20/18Lykke LiThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/20/18EkaliShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
10/20/18Goran BregovicMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/20/18Talktin and EasyChop SueySeattle, WA 
10/21/18Brian FallonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/21/18HocicoThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
10/21/18WindhandNeumosSeattle, WA 
10/21/18Mayday Parade, This Wild Life & William Ryan KeyThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/21/18Tech N9neShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/21/18NekromantixEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/21/18MacknedChop SueySeattle, WA 
10/22/18The BlazeThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/22/18Noah CyrusThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/22/18Real FriendsNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/22/18SwymChop SueySeattle, WA 
10/22/18Adelitas WayEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/23/18Arctic MonkeysWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/23/18Joshua HedleyTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
10/23/18RobotakiBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
10/23/18YaejiThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/23/18Bob Weir and Wolf BrosMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/23/18Tobias the OwlEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/24/18SG LewisCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
10/24/18Billie EilishThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/24/18Ian SweetSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
10/25/18DanzigShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
10/25/18CeremonySunset TavernSeattle, WA 
10/25/18Captured By RobotsThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/25/18Gorgon CityThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/25/18The DodosTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
10/25/18Giraffage & Ryan HemsworthCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
10/25/18Giraffage & Ryan HemsworthThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/25/18Wild PowwersNeumosSeattle, WA 
10/26/18Bright Light Bright LightBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
10/26/18The MeteorsThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/26/18The InternetShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/26/18Demun JonesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/26/18Guilty PleasuresNeumosSeattle, WA 
10/27/18Ty SegallNeumosSeattle, WA 
10/27/18SOB x RBEThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/27/1888 Degrees & Rising Tour: Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape & Higher BrothersShoware CenterKent, WA 
10/27/18For King and CountryMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/27/18HellogoodbyeChop SueySeattle, WA 
10/27/18The MeteorsThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/27/18IngestedEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/27/18CeraadiColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/27/18Peach PitBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
10/28/18Simple MindsMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/28/18The Joy FormidableNeumosSeattle, WA 
10/28/18Great Lake SwimmersTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
10/28/18Roo PanesColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/29/18Molly NilssonBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
10/29/18TriviumShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/29/18Public Image LtdThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/29/18The Magic NumbersTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
10/30/18FidlarShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
10/30/18Tall HeightsTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
10/30/18Years & YearsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/30/18Molly BurchSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
10/30/18Death From Above 1979NeumosSeattle, WA 
10/31/18MitskiShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
10/31/18PassengerThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/31/18Billy StringsTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
10/31/18Joyce ManorThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/31/18After The BurialClub Sur - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/31/18The SadiesSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
10/31/18PsychostickEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/31/18The True LovesNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/01/18The Milk Carton KidsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/01/18Wild NothingNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/01/18OzunaWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/01/18Tokyo Police ClubBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
11/01/18BirdtalkerTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
11/01/18WatskyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/01/18Healthy Junkies & Dreadful ChildrenThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/01/18ScarlxrdCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/01/18Lil BThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/01/18Smokey RobinsonSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WAView Tickets
11/01/18The Dirtball (From Kottonmouth Kings)The Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/02/18Greensky Bluegrass & Lil SmokiesThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/02/18City of the SunBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
11/02/18SojaShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/02/18TAUKNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
11/02/18Los Campesinos!NeumosSeattle, WA 
11/02/18Plain White TísEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/02/18Los Angeles AzulesParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/02/18David CrosbyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/03/18Goo Goo DollsParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/03/18Tyler ChildersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/03/18Greensky Bluegrass & Lil SmokiesThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/03/18Dance With The DeadEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/03/18Lucky ChopsCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/03/18The Story So FarShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/03/18BrockhamptonWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/03/18Un & Megaton LeviathanThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/04/18Joan BaezBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/04/18ThriceShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/04/18Of MontrealNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/04/183OH!3 & Emo NiteThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/04/18NoodlesChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/05/18Celtic ThunderParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/05/18ReignwolfThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/05/18Cloud NothingsNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/05/18PhangsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/06/18Eric Hutchinson & The BelieversNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/06/18The Black Lips & IceageThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/06/18Mark GuilianaTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
11/06/18Local HCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/06/18Sure Sure & WilderadoChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/06/18The Dirty NilThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/06/18Tank and The Bangas & Big FreediaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/06/18StryperEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/06/18Mac AyresBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
11/06/18DaleyNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
11/06/18Playboi CartiShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/07/1898 DegreesAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
11/07/18Troye SivanParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/07/18The Menzingers & Daddy IssuesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/07/18BeartoothShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/07/18This Will Destroy YouNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/07/18Crowd LuChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/07/18MeWithoutYouCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/07/18Atriarch & StatiqbloomThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/08/18The English Beat, The Selecter & Ranking RogerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/08/18Lily AllenThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/08/18The Devil Makes ThreeShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/08/18CherubCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/08/18Dead Horses & Benjamin JaffeeSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
11/08/18CAAMPNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/08/18Harry HudsonChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/08/18The Dead BoysEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/09/18Clan Of XymoxEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/09/18RubblebucketNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/09/18Sir Sly & JoywaveThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/09/18The Wind & The WaveColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/09/18TroyboiShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/09/18The ContortionistCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/09/18King DudeThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/09/18Riot TenThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/09/18OshunVera ProjectSeattle, WA 
11/10/18Lil XanShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/10/18Legendary Ladies of MotownMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/10/18Kip MooreParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/10/18Frankie CosmosThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/10/18Flatland CavalryTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
11/10/18Fu ManchuEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/10/18Big DataChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/10/18Sadistic Intent & Drawn and QuarteredThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/10/18Milo GreeneCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/10/18Crooked ColoursNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/11/18Mystery Science Theater 3000Moore TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/11/18Mystery Science Theater 3000Moore TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/11/18LuceroThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/11/18The Paper KitesNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/11/18Circa SurviveShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/11/18Jake ShearsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/11/18Oliver FrancisChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/11/18The WrecksEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/11/18GhostemaneCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/12/18Why? Plays AlopeciaNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/12/18Claudio Simonetti's GoblinEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/12/18Sunny SweeneySunset TavernSeattle, WA 
11/12/18King Lil G & RittzThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/12/18Ego Likeness & Abbey DeathThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/13/18KorpiklaaniEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/13/18DaughtersThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/13/18G HerboThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/13/18Jared PriceChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/14/18Rufus WainwrightMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/14/18Ross From FriendsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
11/14/18Guided by VoicesCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/14/18Cro Mags & EyehategodEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/15/18Dermot KennedyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/15/18Petit BiscuitShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/15/18MasegoNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/15/18RussShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
11/15/18Black ViolinParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/16/18Young FathersThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/16/18Blitzen TrapperCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/16/18NewsboysShoware CenterKent, WA 
11/16/18Warren Miller's Face of WinterMcCaw HallSeattle, WA 
11/16/18KhruangbinMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/16/18Brandon LentzEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/16/18Ulthar & HissingThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/17/18Blues TravelerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/17/18Cat PowerThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/17/18Dear RougeThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/17/18WavvesChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/17/18Warren Miller's Face of WinterMcCaw HallSeattle, WA 
11/17/18Paul Van DykShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/17/18Sweet WaterNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/18/18Egor KreedThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/18/18Good CharlotteShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/18/18Noisem & Blame GodThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/19/18Jorja SmithShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/19/18Michael FrantiMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/20/18KodalineThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/20/18BehemothThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/20/18UnderoathShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/20/18HakenCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/20/18Estas TonneBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WA 
11/20/18Just JuiceEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/21/18PhosphorescentThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/21/18Fister - Band & IlsaThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/21/18Robert DeLongCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/21/18Municipal Waste & High On FireThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/23/18ShallouCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/23/18Pedro The LionNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/23/18Versace - Migos Tribute NightChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/24/18The Tallest Man on EarthThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/24/18G JonesShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/24/18Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers & Lucy DacusMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/24/18PolyrhythmicsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
11/25/18Ryan BinghamThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/26/18Unearth, Fit For An Autopsy & The Agony SceneEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/27/18Palaye RoyaleEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/27/18Squirrel Nut ZippersCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/28/18A.C.EShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/28/18The Old 97'sThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/28/18DawinNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/29/18Neko CaseParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
11/29/18The Dig, Hustle & DroneSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
11/29/18Echo and the BunnymenMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/29/18Eve 6Crocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
11/29/18Kweku CollinsNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/29/18WhitechapelThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/29/18Dom KennedyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/29/18Filthy FemcorpsChop SueySeattle, WA 
11/30/18Zeds DeadWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/30/18Pale WavesNeumosSeattle, WA 
11/30/18OwenBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
11/30/18Casting CrownsMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/30/186LACKShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
11/30/18Chris Robinson BrotherhoodThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/01/18Mavis StaplesMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/01/18Jim BrickmanBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/01/18Jim BrickmanBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/01/18Novo AmorBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
12/01/18Said the SkyNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/01/18Louis The ChildWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
12/01/18Uniform & The BodyChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/01/18Dead Fucking Last & Noi!seThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
12/01/18Arnel PinedaSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WA 
12/01/18The Head and The HeartThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/02/18Alec BenjaminCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/02/18CrushMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/03/18Elvis CostelloParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/03/18PinbackThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/03/18The Number 12 Looks Like YouEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/03/18Gucci Mane, Carnage & SmokepurppWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
12/03/18P-LoChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/04/18DoyleEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/04/18Koo Koo Kanga RooChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/04/18SuunsSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
12/05/18JMSNCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/05/18Tommy Emmanuel & Jerry DouglasMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/05/18Bomba EstereoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
12/05/18Bon IverParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/05/18Warwound & PlightThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
12/05/18Little StevenSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WA 
12/05/18YOBNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/05/18AnuheaThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/06/18Andy ShaufColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/06/18Whitey MorganNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/06/18Citizens!Chop SueySeattle, WA 
12/06/18Bon IverParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/06/18100.7 The Wolf's Hometown Holiday: Luke Combs, Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini, Brothers Osborne & JoShoware CenterKent, WA 
12/07/18VNV NationThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/07/18Zepparella - All Female Tribute To Led ZeppelinTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
12/07/18Zepparella - All Female Tribute To Led ZeppelinTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
12/07/18AtreyuEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/07/18Rosanne CashMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/07/18PJ MortonCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/07/18Morta Skuld & PetrificationThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
12/08/18VersusEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/08/18The White PandaCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/08/18Shakey GravesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/09/18The Soft MoonNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/09/18Shakey GravesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/11/18Celtic WomanBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
12/11/18Fucked UpCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/11/18Saving AbelEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/11/18Deck The Hall Ball: Death Cab for Cutie, Bastille, Young The Giant, Billie Eilish & Jenn ChampionWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
12/12/18HaertsColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/12/18Brother AliChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/12/18nothing,nowhere.NeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/12/18Dave EastEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/13/18The SlackersEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/13/18Polo & PanCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/13/18Mark O'Connor BandMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/14/18Tenacious DMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/14/18Dweezil ZappaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/14/18Minus The BearThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/14/18Keys N KratesNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/14/18Trophy Eyes & SeawayEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/15/18Kurt VileMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/15/18MalaaShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
12/15/18Minus The BearThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/15/18CultsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
12/15/18Freddie GibbsNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/15/18Kottonmouth KingsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/16/18Allen StoneThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/16/18Minus The BearThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/16/18The English BeatBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WA 
12/16/18Myles KennedyMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/16/18CultsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
12/16/18Preoccupations & ProtomartyrCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/17/18Allen StoneThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/18/18BernhoftTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
12/18/18John GrantColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/18/18AmineShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/18/18John LegendWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
12/18/18Winds Of PlagueEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/20/18YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay & YBN CordaeThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/21/18RooseveltNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/21/18San HoloShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/21/18Travis ThompsonThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/27/18CrackerCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/28/18Thievery CorporationThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/29/18Railroad EarthThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/31/18Straight No ChaserMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/31/18Thunderpussy & Red FangThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/31/18Cold CaveEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/04/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/05/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/05/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/06/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/09/19Greta Van FleetParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/10/19Greta Van FleetParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/11/19Kris KristoffersonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/12/19KongosThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/13/19NAOThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/16/19Jacob BanksThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/17/19BasChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/17/19EnsiferumEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/18/19LancoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/19/19SlapShotEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/19/19Louden SwainChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/19/19Big Head Todd and The MonstersThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/20/19Colter WallThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/20/19Lost KingsNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/24/19BaysideCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/25/19CursiveCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/25/19The KnocksThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/26/19Olafur ArnaldsMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/26/19Vaudeville EtiquetteKirkland Performance TheaterKirkland, WA 
01/26/19TritonalShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
01/28/19Snail MailThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/29/19The Lemon TwigsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/29/19MO - Karen Marie OrstedShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/01/19YuridiaMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/01/19U.S. BombsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/02/19InterpolMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/02/19JJ GreyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/06/19Reverend Horton HeatTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
02/06/19Hippo CampusThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/07/19Hippo CampusThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/08/19Cowboy JunkiesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/09/19Cowboy JunkiesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/09/19TurkuazNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/13/19Jesse McCartneyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/13/19Johnny MathisParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/14/19Lauren DaigleParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/19/19Kacey Musgraves & Soccer MommyParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/19/19The ChieftainsBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/21/19PoppyThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/21/19Danko JonesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/21/19CavetownCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/21/19Drew Holcomb & Ellie HolcombThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Seattle Symphony Orchestra: Jeffrey Schindler - Amadeus - Film With Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Maribou StateNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Teenage FanclubThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Saves the DayThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/23/19Seattle Symphony Orchestra: Jeffrey Schindler - Amadeus - Film With Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/23/19David AugustNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/23/19Sharon Van EttenThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/24/19Lukas GrahamMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/28/19Joe JacksonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/02/19AtmosphereShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/06/19Julia HolterNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/08/19JungleThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/09/19Mandolin OrangeMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/14/19I Draw SlowTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
03/15/19Andrew McMahon in the WildernessMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/19Sarah BrightmanParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/19Metric & ZoeMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/19/19Cypress Hill & Hollywood UndeadShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/19/19Matt NathansonNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/20/19Cat EmpireThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/20/19Dave Mason & Steve CropperThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/20/19Low - BandNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/23/19Don FelderAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/23/19MetalachiEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/26/19Mt. JoyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/02/19Jose Gonzalez & The String TheoryParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/03/19James BayParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/13/19Kansas - The BandParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/18/19Why Don't WeWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/25/19The 1975Wamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/12/19Tom OdellThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/09/19Flotsam and JetsamEl CorazonSeattle, WA 

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