Seattle Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Seattle and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-down to view concerts scheduled in other cities and states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Seattle area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Seattle concert calendar:

02/22/19Kris KristoffersonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/22/19Seattle Symphony Orchestra: Jeffrey Schindler - Amadeus - Film With Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Maribou StateNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Teenage FanclubThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Saves the DayThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/22/19OmEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/22/19HaywyreCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Dead MeadowThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/23/19Seattle Symphony Orchestra: Jeffrey Schindler - Amadeus - Film With Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/23/19David AugustNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/23/19Sharon Van EttenThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/23/19JojiCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/23/19ZomboyTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
02/23/19CoinThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/23/19Men I TrustBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/23/19Tas CruJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
02/23/19The Gotobeds & DustyThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/24/19Bone Thugs N HarmonyThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/25/19PoltersleepChop SueySeattle, WA 
02/26/19Decibel Magazine Tour: Cannibal Corpse & Morbid AngelThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/26/19War PuppyChop SueySeattle, WA 
02/27/19BeirutParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/27/19Royal TruxThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/27/19Magic GiantCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/27/19Lords of AcidShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/27/19Justin NozukaChop SueySeattle, WA 
02/27/19Smoking PopesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/28/19Joe JacksonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/28/19The CoathangersNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/28/19Trippie ReddShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/28/19Wolf ParadeFawcett Hall at Alma MaterTacoma, WA 
02/28/19Dirty DirtyChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/01/19RobynParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/01/19BrasstracksNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/01/19Cosmic GateThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/01/19BaynkBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/01/19ReignwolfSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
03/02/19AtmosphereShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/02/19Joshua RadinThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/02/19Yung GravyThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/02/19Spear of DestinyEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/02/19NW Metal FestWashington Hall - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/02/19Sons Of SilverThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/02/19Bailen - BandBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/04/19Ladysmith Black MambazoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/04/19Steaksauce MustacheEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/04/19Max FrostChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/05/19Empress OfCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/05/19Billy Idol & Steve StevensMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
03/06/19Julia HolterNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/06/19You Me at SixChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/06/19VHS CollectionBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/07/19Action BronsonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/07/19Moon HoochThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/07/19Cherry GlazerrNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/07/19Temple CanyonBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/08/19JungleThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/08/19Donavon FrankenreiterCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/08/19MatomaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/08/19Charlotte LawrenceChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/08/19Single MothersThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/09/19Mandolin OrangeMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
03/09/19NonameThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/09/19Bryce VineNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/09/19Umphrey's McGeeShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/09/19Jukebox The GhostThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/09/19AvoidEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/10/19Conan GrayCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/10/19NonameThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/10/19James BlakeMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
03/10/19SunmiShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
03/11/19Mike StudNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/12/19Tiffany YoungCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/12/19Cradle of FilthEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/12/19Adia VictoriaBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/13/19Nick Mason's Saucerful of SecretsParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/13/19Rivers of NihilEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/14/19I Draw SlowTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
03/14/19Tori KellyParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/14/19And The KidsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/14/19Jackson Taylor & The SinnersThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/15/19Andrew McMahon in the WildernessMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
03/15/19Dar WilliamsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/15/19Burt Bacharach & Seattle Symphony OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
03/15/19Hot Java Cool JazzParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/15/19Chase RiceShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/15/19Coven - BandThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/15/19Mike DoughtyCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/16/19Sarah BrightmanParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/19Metric & ZoeMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
03/16/19TwiddleNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/16/19Within Temptation & In FlamesShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/19Animal Liberation OrchestraCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/16/19MijaBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/16/19The Isley BrothersEmerald Queen CasinoTacoma, WAView Tickets
03/16/19The PaperboysJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
03/17/19Sasha SloanCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/17/19Dayme ArocenaRialto Theatre - TacomaTacoma, WA 
03/17/19Better Oblivion Community CenterThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/18/19Uncle Acid and The DeadbeatsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/18/19Amyl and The SniffersBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/19/19Cypress Hill & Hollywood UndeadShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/19/19Matt NathansonNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/19/19Baroness & DeafheavenThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/19/19The BrowningEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/20/19The Cat EmpireThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/20/19MetalachiJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
03/20/19Dave Mason & Steve CropperThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/20/19Low - BandNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/20/19FoalsParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/20/19Ben Ottewell & Ian BallColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/20/19Jay CritchCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/20/19FaraoBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/21/19State ChampsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/21/19Fatoumata DiawaraThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/21/19Ella VosChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/21/19Blaqk AudioCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/21/19UnderlierEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/22/1912th PlanetThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/22/19GalacticThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/22/19The Black QueenChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/22/19Bad BunnyTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
03/22/19Trey SongzShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
03/22/19Maren MorrisShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/22/19Puma BlueBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/23/19Don FelderAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/23/19MetalachiEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/23/19Boney M & Liz MitchellParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/23/19Space JesusNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/23/19Citizen CopeThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/23/19Maren MorrisShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/23/19Methyl EthelBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/24/19One Ok RockShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/24/19Nina NesbittColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/24/19Donna MissalNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/24/19Citizen CopeThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/24/19Wet & Kilo KishThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/24/19Bright Light Social HourCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/24/19Viagra BoysBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/25/19Alice Phoebe LouBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/25/19Vince StaplesShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/25/19Kodak BlackWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/26/19Mt. JoyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/26/19Cass McCombsChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/26/19Veil of MayaEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/26/19Catfish and the BottlemenShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/26/19Hand HabitsSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
03/26/19Built To SpillColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/27/19Built To SpillColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/28/19Brothers OsborneShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/28/19BombinoCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/28/19The Veer UnionEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/29/19Quinn XCIIShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/29/19Com TruiseNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/29/19Children of BodomEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/30/19ArkellsChop SueySeattle, WAView Tickets
03/30/19Donovan Woods & The OppositionClock-Out LoungeSeattle, WA 
03/30/19Blue Oyster CultEmerald Queen CasinoTacoma, WA 
03/30/19Foreign AirBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/31/19Uli Jon RothEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/31/19John PizzarelliRialto Theatre - TacomaTacoma, WA 
03/31/19CopelandNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/31/19PliniCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/31/19Brett YoungShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/01/19Acid Mothers TempleSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
04/01/19BroodsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/02/19Jose Gonzalez & The String TheoryParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/02/19Zakir HussainMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
04/02/19John 5Crocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/02/19Durand Jones and The IndicationsNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/02/19Tommy GenesisHigh Dive - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/03/19Queensryche & Fates WarningThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/03/19Ry XBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
04/03/19SpiritualizedMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
04/03/19Lil TracyCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/03/19We Came As Romans & Crown the EmpireEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/04/19Hippie SabotageParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/04/19MortiisEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/04/19Against The CurrentChop SueySeattle, WA 
04/04/19SminoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/04/19SlothrustCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/05/19Jack & JackThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/05/19GrandsonCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/05/19The RubensBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/06/19Bob MouldNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/06/19FKJThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/06/19Michael BubleTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
04/06/19Dermot KennedyParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/06/19The MovielifeSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
04/06/19Gareth EmeryWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
04/06/19The Driver EraCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/07/19Johnny MathisParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/07/19Monterey Jazz Festival: Cecile McLorin SalvantMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
04/07/19FKJThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/07/19Altar de Fey, Cruz de Navajas & Line of FlightThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/07/19Julia MichaelsNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/08/19Lennon StellaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/09/19Dilly DallyCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/10/19PerfumeParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/10/19MissioNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/10/19The InterruptersThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/10/19GunnaShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/11/19Switchfoot, Colony House & Tyson MotsenbockerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/11/19Dan and Shay & Chris LaneParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/11/19ChayanneWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/11/19Avey TareNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/12/19Switchfoot, Colony House & Tyson MotsenbockerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/12/19Dan and ShayParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/12/19GirlpoolNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/13/19Kansas - The BandParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/13/19HypocrisyEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/13/19AnvilJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
04/14/19Mr. KittyThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/14/19The MurlocsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/14/19Earl SweatshirtThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/15/191919, Medusa Stare & NostalgistThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/15/19Ten FeBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/16/19Maggie RogersShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/16/19Ben RectorMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
04/16/19Eric B. & RakimThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/17/19White DenimNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/17/19Mr. EaziThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/17/19Alice MertonCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/18/19Why Don't WeWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/18/19Shy GirlsNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Home Free Vocal BandMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
04/19/19Thor, Leathurbitch, Greyhawk & SolicitorThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Swervedriver & FailureEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/20/19Jessie James DeckerThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/20/19LovelythebandThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/20/19Ex HexCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/20/19Nicky JamWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/21/19HorrendousThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/21/19Leikeli47Crocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/22/19LP - Laura PergolizziShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
04/23/19MovementsNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/23/19Enterprise Earth & Lorna ShoreThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/24/19WallowsNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/24/19DMXEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/24/19Scotty McCreeryAuburn Performing Arts CenterAuburn, WAView Tickets
04/24/19Leilani WolfgrammJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
04/25/19The 1975Wamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/25/19Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/25/19AJ MitchellVera ProjectSeattle, WA 
04/25/19Old Time RelijunSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
04/26/19King PrincessThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/26/19SlushiiWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
04/26/19The 69 EyesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/27/19A New World: Intimate Music From Final FantasyBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WA 
04/27/19A New World: Intimate Music From Final FantasyBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WA 
04/27/19Rufus Du SolWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/27/19Turnover, Turnstile & ReptaliensThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/27/19IntegrityEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/27/19Ages and AgesBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/28/19SoMoNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/28/19LizzoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
04/28/19We ThreeThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/29/19SWMRSEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/30/19Arlo GuthrieMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
04/30/19Nick WaterhouseCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/01/19Peter Bjorn and JohnCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/01/19Thank You ScientistEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/02/19Walker HayesThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/02/19Rival SonsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/02/19PerturbatorNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/03/19BayonneBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
05/03/19George Thorogood and The DestroyersSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WAView Tickets
05/03/19Boombox CartelShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/04/19Alec BenjaminNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/04/19Wild BelleCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/06/19The Bouncing SoulsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/07/19Bad SunsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/07/19NargizMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
05/07/19LA DisputeEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/07/19Passion PitShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/08/19Dance Gavin DanceThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/08/19LeonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/08/19The Japanese HouseNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/09/19Jai WolfShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/09/19ArchspireEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Celtic WomanParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Manila KillaNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Betty WhoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/11/19My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult & Curse MackeyCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/11/19Mac DemarcoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/11/19Stephen MalkmusColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/11/19Jake MillerFawcett Hall at Alma MaterTacoma, WAView Tickets
05/11/19Jeremy EnigkChop SueySeattle, WA 
05/12/19Tom OdellThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/12/19Mac DemarcoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/12/19Omar ApolloNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/14/19Kevin MorbyThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/14/19The Tea PartyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/15/19Snow PatrolShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/16/19Local NativesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/17/19Robin TrowerMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
05/17/19American Football - BandShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/17/19Local NativesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/18/19Thomas Rhett & Dustin LynchTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
05/18/19Picture This - BandColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/18/19The FaintCrocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/18/19HatebreedShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/19/19Art GarfunkelMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
05/19/19Falling In ReverseThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/20/19Elle KingThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/20/19SylarCrocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/20/19Neil YoungParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/20/19Jorja Smith & Kali UchisWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
05/21/19Jenny LewisMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
05/21/19Neil YoungParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/21/19Dark Funeral & BelphegorEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/22/19The Rolling StonesCenturyLink FieldSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/22/19The StrumbellasThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/23/19JoJo SiwaMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/23/19Tedeschi Trucks BandParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/23/19The SpecialsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/24/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JuneTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
05/24/19Tedeschi Trucks BandParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/25/19Pancho BarrazaParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/26/19The Twilight SadCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/28/19IdlesNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/28/19Snarky PuppyParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/28/19Ocean AlleySunset TavernSeattle, WA 
05/29/19Jurassic Park In Concert - Film with Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
05/29/19Thou - Band, Panopticon & Slasher DaveThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/29/19J.I.D.The ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/30/19Jurassic Park In Concert - Film with Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
05/30/19BongzillaThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/31/19Indian & Year of the CobraThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/31/19The Record CompanyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/31/19Rainbow Kitten SurpriseParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/01/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NatureTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
06/01/19Joe Russo's Almost DeadMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/01/19Marianas TrenchEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/01/19Bongripper & Oxygen DestroyerThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
06/02/19RiversideCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/02/19Billie EilishMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/04/19ParachuteThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/05/19Imogen HeapMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
06/06/19Long Beach Dub All-StarsNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
06/07/19Train, Goo Goo Dolls & Allen StoneWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
06/07/19Amanda PalmerParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/07/19JohnnyswimShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/07/19Bear's DenNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/09/19Flotsam and JetsamEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/09/19KazkaThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/11/19Sticky FingersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/11/19Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit & Father John MistyMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/19/19Third Eye Blind & Jimmy Eat WorldWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/21/19LanyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/21/19Judas Priest & Uriah HeepShoware CenterKent, WA 
06/21/19Ziggy Marley & Michael Franti and SpearheadChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
06/22/19David GrayMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/22/19LanyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/22/19Ziggy Marley & Michael Franti and SpearheadChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
06/22/19Coheed and Cambria & MastodonMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/23/19Josh RitterMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
06/23/19Sublime with RomeMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/25/19PupThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/26/19The Gladiators Ft. Droop LionEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/27/19Jacob CollierThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/28/19Jeff Lynne's Electric Light OrchestraTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
06/28/19Whiskey MyersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/29/19Santana & The Doobie BrothersWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
06/29/19RebelutionMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/30/19DidoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
07/03/19PentatonixTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
07/05/19RiotEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
07/09/19JawboxThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
07/12/19Queen & Adam LambertTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
07/13/19Ozzy Osbourne & MegadethTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
07/16/19Jon BellionWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/17/19SlashShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/19/19Capitol Hill Block Party - 3 Day PassCapitol Hill Block PartySeattle, WA 
07/20/19Appice Brothers - Drum WarsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
07/26/19ShinedownShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
07/27/19Lynyrd SkynyrdWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
07/30/19Walk Off The EarthMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
08/03/19Christian NodalMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
08/04/19John PrineWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WAView Tickets
08/08/19George Clinton & Parliament FunkadelicShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
08/11/19Lord Huron, Shakey Graves & Julia JacklinMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WA 
08/14/19The Piano GuysMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/14/19O.A.R. & American AuthorsMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
08/15/19PrettymuchParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
08/18/19JoJo SiwaMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/18/19King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
08/21/19IrationMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/24/19Josh GrobanChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
08/25/19Josh GrobanChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
08/30/19Bumbershoot Festival - 3 Day PassSeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
08/30/19Bumbershoot Festival - FridaySeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
08/31/19Bumbershoot Festival - SaturdaySeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
09/01/19Bumbershoot Festival - SundaySeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
09/03/19Bryan FerryMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
09/04/19The Mountain GoatsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
09/04/19Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts & Elle KingTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/05/19Iron MaidenTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/05/19The Mountain GoatsNeumosSeattle, WA 
09/13/19Hot Tuna Electric & David Bromberg QuintetMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
09/14/19Mark KnopflerChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/15/19Mark KnopflerChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/17/19Elton JohnTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/18/19Elton JohnTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/27/19Vampire WeekendWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/02/19KamelotThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/02/19Dodie ClarkShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
10/05/19Carbon LeafCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
10/06/19Delain & AmorphisEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/08/19MarinaParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
10/10/19Steve HackettMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
10/19/19The WhoT-Mobile ParkSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/19/19Gloria TreviShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
10/22/19Lukas GrahamMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
10/26/19DriEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/05/19Peter Hook And The LightThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/03/19The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of SummerTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets

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