Seattle Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Seattle and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-downs to view concerts scheduled from all 50 states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Seattle area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Seattle concert calendar:

12/15/18Kurt VileMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/15/18MalaaShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
12/15/18Minus The BearThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/15/18CultsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
12/15/18Freddie GibbsNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/15/18Kottonmouth KingsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/15/18ValeeChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/16/18Allen StoneThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/16/18Minus The BearThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/16/18The English BeatBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WA 
12/16/18Myles KennedyMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/16/18CultsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
12/16/18Preoccupations & ProtomartyrCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/17/18Allen StoneThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/18/18BernhoftTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
12/18/18John GrantColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
12/18/18AmineShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/18/18John LegendWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
12/18/18Winds Of PlagueEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/19/18Taylar Elizza BethChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/21/18RooseveltNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/21/18San HoloShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/21/18Travis ThompsonThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/21/18I See StarsCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/22/18San HoloShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/22/18OokayThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/27/18CrackerCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
12/28/18Thievery CorporationThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/28/18ZekeEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/29/18Railroad EarthThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/29/18The Polish AmbassadorThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/29/18Heather EdgleyChop SueySeattle, WA 
12/31/18Straight No ChaserMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
12/31/18Thunderpussy & Red FangThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
12/31/18Cold CaveEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/03/19Bear AxeChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/04/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/05/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/05/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/05/19Young DolphThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/05/19Wyatt Olney & The WreckageEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/06/19Sound of Music Sing Along5th Avenue TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/06/19Mick JenkinsNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/08/19Calm Down PartyChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/09/19Greta Van FleetParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/10/19Greta Van FleetParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/12/19KongosThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/12/19Young Fresh FellowsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/12/19BoomboxCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/12/19Still WoozyBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
01/12/19Corb LundTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
01/13/19NAOThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/15/19ThursdayCrocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/15/19WinnerParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
01/16/19Jacob BanksThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/16/19ThursdayCrocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/17/19BasChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/17/19EnsiferumEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/17/19Yonder Mountain String BandThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/17/19Michael NesmithThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/18/19LancoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/18/19YGWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
01/18/19OpiuoNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/19/19SlapShotEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/19/19Louden SwainChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/19/19Big Head Todd and The MonstersThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
01/19/19Toro Y MoiThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/19/19Tomorrows Bad SeedsNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
01/20/19Colter WallThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/20/19Lost KingsNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/20/19Peter MurphyMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/20/19Josh TurnerSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WAView Tickets
01/20/19Toro Y MoiThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/21/19VaensChop SueySeattle, WA 
01/22/19Wild ChildNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/23/19Mother MotherNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/23/19Ace FrehleyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/24/19BaysideCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/24/19Blaze Ya Dead HomieEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
01/24/19Andre NickatinaThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/25/19CursiveCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
01/25/19The KnocksThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/25/19MadeinTYONeumosSeattle, WA 
01/26/19Olafur ArnaldsMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/26/19TritonalShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
01/26/19The Infamous StringdustersThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/26/19DorothyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/26/19Emily KingNeumosSeattle, WA 
01/27/19SilversteinThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
01/28/19Snail MailThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/29/19The Lemon TwigsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
01/29/19MO - Karen Marie OrstedShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
01/29/19Chrome SparksNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/01/19YuridiaMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/01/19U.S. BombsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/01/19LP - Laura PergolizziShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/01/19Corrosion of ConformityBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/02/19InterpolMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/02/19JJ GreyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/02/19OzomatliCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/02/19Alan WalkerShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/02/19AJ MitchellVera ProjectSeattle, WA 
02/03/19Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family BandThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/04/19GnashNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/04/19The Amity Affliction & Senses FailThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/06/19Reverend Horton HeatTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
02/06/19Hippo CampusThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/06/19ASAP RockyShoware CenterKent, WA 
02/07/19Hippo CampusThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/07/19Dark Star OrchestraThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/08/19Cowboy JunkiesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/08/19King TuffNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/08/19The AcesCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/09/19Cowboy JunkiesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/09/19TurkuazNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/09/19Hippie SabotageParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/09/19Boombox CartelShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/09/19Post Animal & Ron GalloChop SueySeattle, WA 
02/09/19Dirt Nasty & Mickey AvalonCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/09/19Le ButcherettesSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
02/12/19Blackberry SmokeThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/12/19Celtic NightsAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
02/13/19Jesse McCartneyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/13/19Johnny MathisParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/13/19The Nels Cline 4Columbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/14/19Lauren DaigleParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/14/19Ella MaiShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/14/19Aurora & TalosThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/14/19The Three TremorsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/16/19GryffinShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
02/16/19GusterThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/16/19Alex Cameron & Roy MolloyBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
02/17/19The ToastersThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/17/19Boogie TThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/19/19Kacey Musgraves & Soccer MommyParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/19/19The ChieftainsBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/19/19Tonight AliveEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/20/19Set It OffEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/21/19PoppyThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/21/19Danko JonesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
02/21/19CavetownCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/21/19Drew Holcomb & Ellie HolcombThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Kris KristoffersonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/22/19Seattle Symphony Orchestra: Jeffrey Schindler - Amadeus - Film With Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Maribou StateNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Teenage FanclubThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/22/19Saves the DayThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/23/19Seattle Symphony Orchestra: Jeffrey Schindler - Amadeus - Film With Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
02/23/19David AugustNeumosSeattle, WA 
02/23/19Sharon Van EttenThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
02/23/19JojiCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/23/19WaxahatcheeSaint Mark's Episcopal CathedralSeattle, WA 
02/23/19CoinThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/24/19Lukas GrahamMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/26/19Decibel Magazine Tour: Cannibal Corpse & Morbid AngelThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/27/19BeirutParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
02/27/19Royal TruxThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
02/27/19Magic GiantCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
02/28/19Joe JacksonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
02/28/19The CoathangersNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/01/19RobynParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/01/19BrasstracksNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/02/19AtmosphereShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/02/19Joshua RadinThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/02/19Yung GravyThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/02/19Spear Of DestinyEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/06/19Julia HolterNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/06/19You Me at SixChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/06/19VHS CollectionBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
03/07/19Action BronsonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/07/19Sid SriramSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
03/08/19JungleThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/08/19Donavon FrankenreiterCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/09/19Mandolin OrangeMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/09/19NonameThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/09/19Bryce VineNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/10/19Conan GrayCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/10/19NonameThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/12/19Tiffany YoungCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
03/12/19Cradle of FilthEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/13/19Nick Mason's Sauceful of SecretsParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/14/19I Draw SlowTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
03/15/19Andrew McMahon in the WildernessMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/15/19Dar WilliamsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/16/19Sarah BrightmanParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/16/19Metric & ZoeMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/16/19TwiddleNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/18/19Uncle Acid and The DeadbeatsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/19/19Cypress Hill & Hollywood UndeadShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/19/19Matt NathansonNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/20/19The Cat EmpireThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/20/19Dave Mason & Steve CropperThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/20/19Low - BandNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/21/19State ChampsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
03/22/1912th PlanetThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/22/19GalacticThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/22/19The Black QueenChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/23/19Don FelderAdmiral TheatreBremerton, WA 
03/23/19MetalachiEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
03/23/19Boney M & Liz MitchellParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
03/23/19Space JesusNeumosSeattle, WA 
03/24/19One Ok RockShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/24/19Nina NesbittColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/26/19Mt. JoyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
03/26/19Cass McCombsChop SueySeattle, WA 
03/28/19Brothers OsborneShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/29/19Quinn XCIIShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
03/30/19ArkellsChop SueySeattle, WAView Tickets
03/31/19Uli Jon RothEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/01/19Acid Mothers TempleSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
04/02/19Jose Gonzalez & The String TheoryParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/02/19Zakir HussainMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/02/19John 5Crocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/03/19James BayParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/03/19Queensryche & Fates WarningThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/05/19Jack & JackThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/06/19Bob MouldNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/06/19FKJThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/10/19PerfumeParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/11/19Switchfoot, Colony House & Tyson MotsenbockerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/11/19Dan and Shay & Chris LaneParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/12/19Switchfoot, Colony House & Tyson MotsenbockerThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/12/19Dan and ShayParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/13/19Kansas - The BandParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/13/19HypocrisyEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/16/19Maggie RogersShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/17/19White DenimNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/18/19Why Don't WeWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/19/19Home Free Vocal BandMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/25/19The 1975Wamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/25/19Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/30/19Arlo GuthrieMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/02/19Walker HayesThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/12/19Tom OdellThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/14/19Kevin MorbyThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/15/19Snow PatrolShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/17/19Robin TrowerMoore TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/19/19Art GarfunkelMoore TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/22/19The Rolling StonesCenturyLink FieldSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/23/19JoJo SiwaMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/25/19Pancho BarrazaParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/28/19IdlesNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/28/19Snarky PuppyParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
06/01/19Joe Russo's Almost DeadMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/07/19Train, Goo Goo Dolls & Allen StoneWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
06/09/19Flotsam and JetsamEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/21/19LanyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/21/19Judas PriestShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
06/22/19David GrayMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/22/19LanyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/30/19DidoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
07/05/19RiotEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
07/16/19Jon BellionWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/19/19Capitol Hill Block Party - 3 Day PassCapitol Hill Block PartySeattle, WA 
09/14/19Mark KnopflerChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/15/19Mark KnopflerChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
10/02/19KamelotThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/06/19Delain & AmorphisEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/05/19Peter Hook And The LightThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 

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