Seattle Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Seattle and the surrounding area. This guide includes national and regional acts playing at local venues. Use the drop-down to view concerts scheduled in other cities and states. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in the Seattle area! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the "View Tickets" link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Seattle concert calendar:

04/19/19Home Free Vocal BandMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
04/19/19Swervedriver & FailureEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/19/19We-Funk Pre-FunkJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
04/19/19AnomalieNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Thor, Leathurbitch, Greyhawk & SolicitorThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Tech N9neShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/19/19Sammy JThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Mike LoveCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Lil Pump & Lil SkiesWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Blac RabbitSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
04/19/19Sage FrancisBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/20/19Jessie James DeckerThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/20/19LovelythebandThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/20/19Nicky JamWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/20/19Ex HexCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/20/19The Budos BandNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/20/19Hot Buttered RumNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
04/20/19Bumpin' UgliesHigh Dive - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/20/19Wreckage Seattle: Pegboard NerdsShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
04/20/19Girls Love RocketsLouie G's PizzaTacoma, WA 
04/20/19Randy OxfordJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
04/21/19HorrendousThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/21/19Leikeli47Crocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/22/19LP - Laura PergolizziShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
04/22/19Haley ReinhartCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/23/19Enterprise Earth & Lorna ShoreThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/23/19MovementsNeumosSeattle, WA 
04/23/19Howling GiantThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/23/19KalmahEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/24/19Scotty McCreeryAuburn Performing Arts CenterAuburn, WAView Tickets
04/24/19WallowsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/24/19DMXEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/24/19Leilani WolfgrammJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
04/25/19The 1975Wamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/25/19Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/25/19AJ MitchellVera ProjectSeattle, WA 
04/25/19Old Time RelijunSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
04/25/19Uada & WormwitchThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
04/25/19Texas Hippie Coalition CD ReleaseEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/26/19King PrincessThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/26/19SlushiiWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
04/26/19The 69 EyesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/26/19Ben KwellerBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/26/19Massy FergusonCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
04/26/19The FlooziesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/27/19A New World: Intimate Music From Final FantasyBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WA 
04/27/19Rufus Du SolWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/27/19Turnover, Turnstile & ReptaliensThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
04/27/19Ages and AgesBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/27/19A New World: Intimate Music From Final FantasyBenaroya Hall - Nordstrom Recital HallSeattle, WA 
04/27/19IntegrityEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/27/19KuinkaJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
04/27/19Mexico DiversoPantages Theatre - TacomaTacoma, WA 
04/27/19EmancipatorCrocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/27/19Trevor Gordon HallFawcett Hall at Alma MaterTacoma, WA 
04/27/19Northsbest FestShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
04/28/19SoMoNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/28/19LizzoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
04/28/19EkoluNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
04/28/19We ThreeThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
04/28/19Brent CowlesBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
04/28/19Juice Wrld & Ski Mask The Slump GodWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
04/28/19Los TemerariosMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
04/29/19SWMRSEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
04/30/19Arlo GuthrieMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
04/30/19Nick WaterhouseCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/01/19Peter Bjorn and JohnCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/01/19Epik HighShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/01/19Thank You ScientistEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/02/19Walker HayesThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/02/19PerturbatorNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/02/19Rival SonsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/02/19Dead Winter CarpentersNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
05/02/19I Prevail, Issues & Justin StoneShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/02/19Dan ManganColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/03/19BayonneBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
05/03/19Boombox CartelShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/03/19George Thorogood and The DestroyersSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WAView Tickets
05/03/19MaoliJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
05/03/19Clay CityEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/03/19IonnaleeThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/04/19Alec BenjaminNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/04/19Wild BelleCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/04/19Chris KingBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
05/05/19Henry JamisonBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
05/05/19Snow Tha ProductThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/06/19The Bouncing SoulsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/06/19Silent Movie Mondays: A Man There Was/Terje Vigen (1917)Paramount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/07/19Bad SunsThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/07/19LA DisputeEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/07/19Passion PitShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/07/19NargizMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
05/07/19St. LuciaNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/08/19Dance Gavin DanceThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/08/19LeonThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/08/19The Japanese HouseNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/08/19Beach HouseMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
05/08/19The Dimmer Twins & Patterson HoodMcMenamins Elks TempleTacoma, WA 
05/09/19Jai WolfShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/09/19ArchspireEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/09/19Good Co & SwingrowersThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/09/19Beach HouseMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
05/10/19Celtic WomanParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Manila KillaNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Pounder & GygaxThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Betty WhoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Eliot LippMcMenamins Elks TempleTacoma, WA 
05/10/19Matt MaesonBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Lavender CountryLucky Liquor TavernSeattle, WA 
05/10/19Queens of Pop Dance PartySunset TavernSeattle, WA 
05/11/19My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult & Curse MackeyCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/11/19Mac DeMarcoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/11/19Jeremy EnigkChop SueySeattle, WA 
05/11/19Stephen MalkmusColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/11/19Bun BNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
05/11/19Animals as LeadersEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/11/19Bruno MajorNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/11/19Coco MontoyaJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
05/11/19Jake MillerFawcett Hall at Alma MaterTacoma, WAView Tickets
05/11/19Betty WhoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/11/19Flight to MarsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/12/19Tom OdellThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/12/19Mac DeMarcoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/12/19Omar ApolloNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/12/19Family of the Year & LydiaCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/13/19Ani DiFrancoThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/13/19Mac DeMarcoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/14/19Kevin MorbyThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/14/19The Tea PartyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/15/19Snow PatrolShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/15/19CombichristEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/15/19Pete Christlieb & Linda Small QuintrntMcMenamins Elks TempleTacoma, WA 
05/15/19TR/STNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/16/19Chaos ChaosChop SueySeattle, WA 
05/16/19Local NativesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/16/19HieroglyphicsNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/17/19Robin TrowerMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
05/17/19American Football - BandThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/17/19Bea MillerCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/17/19Local NativesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/17/19The SupersuckersJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
05/17/19AbbacadabraSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WA 
05/17/19Keith SweatEmerald Queen CasinoTacoma, WAView Tickets
05/17/19KutlessPantages Theatre - TacomaTacoma, WA 
05/17/19BlackbearShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/17/19KXNG CrookedLouie G's PizzaTacoma, WA 
05/18/19Picture This - BandColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/18/19Thomas Rhett & Dustin LynchTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
05/18/19The FaintCrocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/18/19HatebreedShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/18/19The FrightsChop SueySeattle, WA 
05/18/19KuinkaNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/18/19King Dude, Kate Clover & Maggot HeartThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/18/19Blitzen TrapperMcMenamins Elks TempleTacoma, WA 
05/19/19Art GarfunkelMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
05/19/19Falling In ReverseThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/19/19Foxing & Now, NowNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/20/19Elle KingThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/20/19SylarCrocodile CafeSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/20/19Jorja Smith & Kali UchisWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
05/20/19Neil YoungParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/20/19Insane Clown PosseEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/21/19Neil YoungParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/21/19Jenny LewisMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
05/21/19Johnny OrlandoNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/21/19Dark Funeral & BelphegorEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/21/19Combo ChimbitaBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
05/21/19Run River NorthSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
05/22/19The StrumbellasThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/22/19JuanesMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
05/23/19JoJo SiwaMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/23/19The SpecialsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/23/19Tedeschi Trucks BandParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/23/19Jaeden LukeColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/23/19Chelsea GrinEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/23/19Tango Alpha TangoCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/24/19Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae & Runaway JuneTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
05/24/19Tedeschi Trucks BandParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/24/19Higher BrothersThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
05/24/19The True LovesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/24/19Austin Jenckes Album Release ShowSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WA 
05/24/19Real EstateFawcett Hall at Alma MaterTacoma, WA 
05/24/19Earth & Helms AleeNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/25/19Pancho BarrazaParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/25/19SkeletonwitchCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/25/19G SidhuThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/25/19The Twilight SadFawcett Hall at Alma MaterTacoma, WA 
05/25/19DeathMcMenamins Elks TempleTacoma, WA 
05/25/19The Black ChevysBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
05/26/19The Twilight SadCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
05/26/19Rhett MillerFawcett Hall at Alma MaterTacoma, WA 
05/28/19IdlesNeumosSeattle, WA 
05/28/19Snarky PuppyParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/28/19Ocean AlleySunset TavernSeattle, WA 
05/28/19NAVShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/28/19August AlsinaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/28/19SonRealColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/29/19Thou - Band, Panopticon & Slasher DaveThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/29/19Jurassic Park In Concert - Film with Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
05/29/19J.I.D.Showbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
05/30/19BongzillaThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/30/19Jurassic Park In Concert - Film with Live OrchestraBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
05/30/19Brandi CarlileThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/30/19Adam Calhoun & Demun JonesEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/31/19Indian & Year of the CobraThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
05/31/19Rainbow Kitten SurpriseParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/31/19The Record CompanyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
05/31/19Church of MiseryEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
05/31/19Frankie BonesJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
05/31/19Pure Bathing CultureColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
05/31/19PharcydeNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
06/01/19New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa & Naughty by NatureTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
06/01/19Joe Russo's Almost DeadMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/01/19Marianas TrenchEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/01/19Bongripper & Oxygen DestroyerThe Highline - SeattleSeattle, WA 
06/01/19Little FeatMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
06/01/19Black MarbleCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/02/19RiversideCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/02/19Billie EilishMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/02/19CJ RamoneThe Funhouse at El CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/03/19Tim BakerColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/04/19ParachuteThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/04/19ArizonaThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/04/19P.O.D.El CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/04/19Brotha Lynch HungCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/05/19Imogen HeapMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
06/05/19Citizen & Knuckle PuckThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/06/19Long Beach Dub All-StarsNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
06/06/19Diane CoffeeBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
06/07/19Train, Goo Goo Dolls & Allen StoneWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
06/07/19Amanda PalmerParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/07/19JohnnyswimShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/07/19KraniumNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
06/07/19Bear's DenNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/07/19The ChromaticsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/08/19Flipper & David YowEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/08/19Duke EversCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/08/19ChromeoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/09/19Flotsam And JetsamEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/09/19KazkaThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/09/19OperatorsNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/09/19The Bash: Rancid, Pennywise & Suicidal TendenciesLeMay - America's Car MuseumTacoma, WA 
06/09/19Cowboy JunkiesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/10/19The CultMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
06/10/19Cowboy JunkiesThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/11/19Sticky FingersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/11/19Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit & Father John MistyMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/11/19Connan MockasinCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/11/19GloryhammerEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/12/19SoakBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
06/12/19Nick MurphyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/12/19BuckcherryEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/13/19Rob ThomasChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
06/13/19TTNG: This Town Needs GunsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/14/19Washington Brewers Festival - FridayMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WA 
06/15/19Washington Brewers Festival - SaturdayMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WA 
06/15/19Patty GriffinThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/15/19The Mystery LightsBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
06/15/19Poison IdeaJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
06/15/19YungbludNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/16/19Indigo GirlsWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/16/19Kishi BashiWashington Hall - SeattleSeattle, WA 
06/16/19Duff McKagan & Shooter JenningsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/16/19Washington Brewers Festival - SundayMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WA 
06/18/19Empire of the SunThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/19/19Empire of the SunThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/19/19Third Eye Blind & Jimmy Eat WorldWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/19/19Aly & AJThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/20/19Empire of the SunThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/20/19The Comet is ComingBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
06/20/19Anderson .PaakWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/20/19AnberlinThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/21/19LanyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/21/19Judas Priest & Uriah HeepShoware CenterKent, WA 
06/21/19Blue OctoberThe ShowboxSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/21/19Ziggy Marley & Michael Franti And SpearheadChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
06/21/19Wu-Tang ClanWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/21/19La Santa CeceliaThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/21/19Cherry Poppin' DaddiesCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/21/19Finn AndrewsColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/21/19Creedence Clearwater RevisitedSnoqualmie Casino-BallroomSnoqualmie, WAView Tickets
06/22/19David GrayMcCaw HallSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/22/19LanyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/22/19Ziggy Marley & Michael Franti And SpearheadChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
06/22/19Coheed and Cambria & MastodonMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/22/19RooneySunset TavernSeattle, WA 
06/22/19Bill CallahanThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
06/22/19Three Dog NightEmerald Queen CasinoTacoma, WAView Tickets
06/23/19Sublime with RomeMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/23/19Josh RitterMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
06/23/19Olden YolkSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
06/24/19Jim JamesThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/25/19Jamestown RevivalNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/25/19PupThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/25/19Machine Gun KellyShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/26/19The Gladiators Ft. Droop LionEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
06/26/19ShlohmoNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/27/19Jacob CollierThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
06/27/19Howard JonesMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
06/27/19Jay ElectronicaNectar LoungeSeattle, WA 
06/27/19Mystery SkullsNeumosSeattle, WA 
06/28/19Jeff Lynne's Electric Light OrchestraTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
06/28/19Whiskey MyersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
06/28/19Lyle LovettChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
06/28/19Shawn SmithCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
06/29/19Santana & The Doobie BrothersWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
06/29/19RebelutionMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
06/30/19DidoShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
06/30/19Greensky BluegrassWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/01/19DanggSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
07/03/19PentatonixTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
07/03/19Feed MeThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
07/03/19Chase AtlanticThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/05/19RiotEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
07/06/19Trombone Shorty & Orleans AvenueBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/07/19Khalid & ClairoTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
07/09/19JawboxThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
07/09/19The StrutsShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/11/19Greyson ChanceNeumosSeattle, WA 
07/12/19Queen & Adam LambertTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
07/13/19Rodrigo Y GabrielaChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
07/13/19August Burns RedShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/14/19Slightly StoopidMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
07/16/19Jon BellionWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/17/19SlashParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/17/19We Were Promised JetpacksNeumosSeattle, WA 
07/18/19The RaconteursWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/19/19Capitol Hill Block Party - 3 Day PassCapitol Hill Block PartySeattle, WA 
07/19/19Chicago - The BandChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
07/19/19Capitol Hill Block Party - FridayCapitol Hill Block PartySeattle, WA 
07/19/19Chris CohenSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
07/20/19Appice Brothers - Drum WarsEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
07/20/19Mystic BravesSunset TavernSeattle, WA 
07/20/19Capitol Hill Block Party - SaturdayCapitol Hill Block PartySeattle, WA 
07/20/19Chicago - The BandChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
07/21/19Capitol Hill Block Party - SundayCapitol Hill Block PartySeattle, WA 
07/21/19Cody JohnsonWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/21/19Bowling For Soup & Reel Big FishThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
07/23/19Beast Coast: Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Kirk Knight & Nyck CautionWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/23/19Disrupt Festival: The Used, Thrice, Circa Survive, Sum 41 & AtreyuWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
07/24/19SuicideboysWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/25/19Michael McDonald & Chaka KhanChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
07/25/19The MekonsTractor TavernSeattle, WA 
07/26/19ShinedownShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
07/26/19A.A. BondySunset TavernSeattle, WA 
07/27/19Lynyrd SkynyrdWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
07/27/19Born Of OsirisEl CorazonSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/27/19Norah JonesChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
07/29/19Broken Social SceneThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/30/19Walk Off The EarthMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
07/30/19Broken Social SceneThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/30/19The Psychedelic FursShowbox SoDoSeattle, WAView Tickets
07/30/19Pain In The Grass: Slipknot, Volbeat, Gojira & BehemothWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WA 
07/31/19Stef ChuraBarboza at NeumosSeattle, WA 
08/02/19Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night SweatsMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/02/19Pain In The Grass: Disturbed, In This Moment & Fever 333White River AmphitheatreAuburn, WA 
08/03/19Christian NodalMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
08/03/19Pain In The Grass: Rob Zombie & Marilyn MansonWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WA 
08/04/19John PrineWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WAView Tickets
08/04/19Young The Giant & Fitz and The TantrumsMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/07/19Counting CrowsChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
08/07/19The B-52sWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WAView Tickets
08/08/19The DrumsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
08/08/19George Clinton & Parliament FunkadelicShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
08/09/19Gipsy KingsChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
08/10/19PilfersEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
08/10/19Elvis Costello & BlondieChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
08/11/19Lord Huron, Shakey Graves & Julia JacklinMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WA 
08/14/19O.A.R. & American AuthorsMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
08/15/19PrettymuchParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
08/15/19Taj Mahal, Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys of AlabamaWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WA 
08/16/19Herbie Hancock & Kamasi WashingtonMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WA 
08/18/19JoJo SiwaMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/18/19King Gizzard and The Lizard WizardParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
08/18/19311 & The Dirty HeadsWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
08/20/19Lionel RichieMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/20/19Demons and WizardsShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
08/21/19IrationMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/21/19ZZ Top & Cheap TrickChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
08/23/19Amos LeeChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
08/24/19Josh GrobanChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
08/24/19The Blasters & Jesse DaytonMcMenamins Elks TempleTacoma, WA 
08/25/19Josh GrobanChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
08/25/19The BlastersSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA 
08/25/19The Wood Brothers & Colter WallWoodland Park ZooSeattle, WA 
08/28/19The VarukersJazzbones Nightclub And RestaurantTacoma, WA 
08/29/19The NationalMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
08/30/19Bumbershoot Festival - FridaySeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
08/30/19Bumbershoot Festival - 3 Day PassSeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
08/30/19Steve Miller Band & Marty StuartChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
08/31/19Bumbershoot Festival - SaturdaySeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
08/31/19Steve Miller Band & Marty StuartChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/01/19Bumbershoot Festival - SundaySeattle CenterSeattle, WA 
09/03/19Bryan FerryMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
09/03/19Black Flag & The LinecuttersThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
09/04/19The Mountain GoatsThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
09/04/19Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts & Elle KingTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/05/19Iron MaidenTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/05/19The Mountain GoatsNeumosSeattle, WA 
09/06/19Pink MartiniChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WA 
09/07/19Death Cab For CutieMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
09/07/19Chris IsaakChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/08/19Death Cab For CutieMarymoor AmphitheatreRedmond, WAView Tickets
09/09/19SqueezeThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
09/11/19Gary Clark Jr.Chateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/12/19Diana KrallChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/12/19MalumaWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
09/12/19Warbringer & EnforcerEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
09/13/19Hot Tuna Electric & David Bromberg QuintetMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
09/13/19Australian Pink Floyd ShowChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/13/19Keith HarkinColumbia City TheatreSeattle, WA 
09/14/19Mark KnopflerChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/14/19Maggie RogersWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
09/15/19Mark KnopflerChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/17/19Elton JohnTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/18/19Elton JohnTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/18/19Hot ChipThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
09/19/19Ghost - The BandWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
09/19/19Hot ChipThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
09/20/19MillencolinNeumosSeattle, WA 
09/20/19Earth, Wind and FireChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/21/19Earth, Wind and FireChateau Ste Michelle WineryWoodinville, WAView Tickets
09/22/19Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle & Three Days GraceWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
09/24/19Glen HansardMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
09/25/19Nitzer EbbNeumosSeattle, WA 
09/27/19Vampire WeekendWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
09/27/19Marco Antonio SolisWhite River AmphitheatreAuburn, WAView Tickets
09/27/19Pepe AguilarTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
09/29/19Dave Mason & Steve CropperThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
09/30/19AJRParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/01/19Eluveitie & KorpiklaaniEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/02/19KamelotThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/02/19Dodie ClarkShowbox SoDoSeattle, WA 
10/05/19Carbon LeafCrocodile CafeSeattle, WA 
10/05/19Bars and MelodyEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/06/19Delain & AmorphisEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/06/19Keb MoMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
10/07/19Thee Oh SeesNeumosSeattle, WA 
10/08/19MarinaParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
10/09/19Peter FramptonParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/10/19Steve HackettMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
10/11/19Jonsi Birgisson & Alex SomersParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
10/15/19StereolabThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/16/19Joshua Radin & The WeepiesMcMenamins Elks TempleTacoma, WA 
10/19/19The WhoT-Mobile ParkSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/19/19Gloria Trevi & Karol GShoware CenterKent, WAView Tickets
10/19/19HozierWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WA 
10/19/19Andrew BirdParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WA 
10/22/19Lukas GrahamMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WAView Tickets
10/22/19Sara BareillesWamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/23/19Judah and The LionParamount Theatre - SeattleSeattle, WAView Tickets
10/25/19WhitneyThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
10/25/19Built To SpillThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/26/19D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)El CorazonSeattle, WA 
10/26/19Built To SpillThe ShowboxSeattle, WA 
10/26/19Big ThiefMoore Theatre - WASeattle, WA 
10/27/19Noah KahanNeumosSeattle, WAView Tickets
11/02/19Luke CombsTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
11/05/19Peter Hook And The LightThe Neptune TheatreSeattle, WA 
11/21/19NileEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
11/23/19The Black Keys, Modest Mouse & Shannon and the ClamsTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
12/03/19The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of SummerTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
12/11/19Mary Chapin Carpenter & Shawn ColvinBenaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation AuditoriumSeattle, WA 
12/14/19Pineapple ThiefNeumosSeattle, WA 
12/14/19Static XEl CorazonSeattle, WA 
12/19/19Deadmau5Wamu Theater At CenturyLink Field Event CenterSeattle, WAView Tickets
04/15/20Celine DionTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
07/11/20Ozzy Osbourne & MegadethTacoma DomeTacoma, WAView Tickets
12/31/69The Rolling StonesCenturyLink FieldSeattle, WAView Tickets

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